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Psoriasis is more likely to be associated with metabolic syndrome than atopic dermatitis

Many data suggest that psoriasis is associated with cardiovascular disease, and atopic dermatitis (AD) is associated with many risk factors, especially obesity. As for whether this is the actual situation, there is still controversy. [details]

Incidence of cardiovascular events in patients with psoriatic arthritis

Psoriasis is an immune-mediated skin disease, which affects 2% ~ 3% of the global population. Psoriatic arthritis (PSA) is an inflammatory arthritis, which puzzles 14% ~ 30% of psoriatic patients, and can lead to serious joint injury and disability. Recently, it has been reported that the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with psoriasis is increased. [details]

The initial identification of psoriasis starts from these three steps

Psoriasis is generally divided into psoriasis types such as vulgaris type, joint type, pustule type and erythroderma type. The initial symptoms are mainly characterized by papules, maculopapular rashes, scales, films, spots and so on. [details]

The details of psoriasis should be paid attention to

The aggravation of skin lesions on the skin surface of patients with psoriasis indicates that the patient's condition is aggravated. For patients, it is important to choose effective methods to control their condition. The skin surface of patients with aggravation of skin lesions becomes more fragile and more vulnerable to external injury and stimulation. Patients with psoriasis are advised to choose when treating psoriasis. [details]

What are the early symptoms of patients with psoriasis?

There is no new lesion in stationary psoriasis, which is often circular or semi circular. The scales on a few rashes are thick and sometimes accumulate like oysters. Skin lesions can occur symmetrically in any part of the body. [details]

Causes and symptoms of psoriasis in life

Clinically, the typical symptoms of psoriasis are also film phenomenon. In the early stage of psoriasis, the scales are easy to be scraped off. After scraping off the scales, a light red translucent shiny film is exposed, which is called "film phenomenon". [details]

What are the rules of symptom relief in patients with psoriasis?

Change of course of disease: for patients with psoriasis, the regression order of skin lesions in most patients is from progressive phase to stationary phase. The length of stationary phase varies from person to person, from stationary phase to regression phase, clinical recovery and recovery. [details]

Which symptoms indicate that psoriasis is about to occur

Psoriasis is acute, chronic and tends to relapse. Many environmental factors such as temperature, season and moderation are closely related to psoriasis. [details]

What harm does psoriasis do to the eyes?

Because the onset site of psoriasis is not fixed, it may occur in any part of the human body, and the eyelid is also one of the possible sites. However, different from the symptoms of other parts, the symptoms of psoriasis in the eyelid are usually less obvious, there are almost no skin lesions, and the scales will be very thin, This requires the patient's friends to pay more attention to one side, which hurts their eyes. [details]

Patients with psoriasis should not be greedy for urgent use of fatal folk prescriptions

Psoriasis patients with family history account for 30% - 50% of the total number of psoriasis patients, which is internationally recognized data; In terms of the domestic genetic proportion, the national epidemiological survey report on psoriasis shows that 32% have a family genetic history, and their genetic mode is autosomal dominant inheritance, with an penetrance rate of 20% [details]

Beware of the harm that psoriasis will bring to the heart

Red and swollen skin, silver scales, dry and itchy skin, your immune system is wantonly destroying your skin. Psoriasis is a chronic disease that can be controlled but can not be cured. However, not only the skin, psoriasis can also harm heart health, you know? [details]

Explain the hazards of different types of psoriasis in detail

If psoriasis is not treated correctly or not treated for a long time, it will lead to changes in psoriasis diseases, evolve into various types of psoriasis and gradually aggravate. [details]

Do you make the root cause of psoriasis

Drug factors, many patients have diseases caused by drug stimulation, such as interferon. If you take it for a long time, it will aggravate your condition. Some patients are affected by chemical factors. Usually, if you dye and perm your hair for a long time, use inferior chemicals. The irritation to the skin is great and easy to cause this disease. [details]

What is the reason that summer psoriasis symptom alleviates

There is strong and long sunlight exposure in summer, people have more outdoor activities, and the exposed parts of the skin are exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long time. The ultraviolet in the sunlight can effectively inhibit and reduce the growth and division of epidermal cells, reduce scales, significantly reduce symptoms, and the skin on the surface of patients with psoriasis will recover better. [details]

What are the causes of psoriasis in adult patients?

According to the etiological theory of psoriasis, psoriasis symptoms often occur in many adult patients who have a history of acute tonsillitis, otitis media and upper respiratory tract infection before the onset. Some patients aggravate the condition of psoriasis after infection and fever. [details]

Do you know what causes psoriasis?

Pollution and humidity: workers who are highly polluting workers such as mines, metals and so on are incidence rate of psoriasis. Long time in humid environment is also one of the main factors inducing diseases. We can do well in prevention of psoriasis. [details]

Red skin psoriasis should pay attention to cleanliness in cleaning care

The cleaning of red skin psoriasis must be in place, that is, clean the common parts that are easy to breed bacteria and easy to be infected, so as to prevent the spread or aggravation of the disease. At the same time, pay attention to physiological nursing and psychological nursing in nursing. [details]

Bactericidal effect of ultraviolet light on red skin psoriasis treated by black light

How to treat psoriasis of black light erythroderma type? It is to use black light, namely ultraviolet light, to treat psoriasis, and use the principles of black light irradiation sterilization or inhibition of DNA replication to treat the disease, but this method can only be auxiliary, which should be complementary to other drug treatment and daily care. [details]

Red skin psoriasis folk prescription in the treatment of diet antipruritic folk prescription

This paper mainly introduces the main folk prescriptions for psoriasis with erythroderma, including diet and applying anti itching and anti redness to the affected area. However, it should be noted that folk prescriptions should not be used indiscriminately. It is best to ask the doctor whether they are harmful to the human body before deciding whether to try. [details]

Red skin silver chips are very harmful. Does it have an impact on the service life

Red skin psoriasis is a disease that slowly invades human skin. Will this disease threaten the life of patients? In other words, will the life span of red skin psoriasis be shortened? In general, as long as we actively cooperate with the treatment, the impact on patients and even their life span will not be great. [details]

Only know prescription drugs for psoriasis? Try these foods

Put 30g of raw Sophora japonica flower and poria cocos into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water and boil for half an hour, remove the residue, take out the juice, add 60g of Japonica Rice and cook into porridge, add an appropriate amount of red granulated sugar and mix well before eating. Take such food once a day for 10 days as a course of treatment. This porridge has the functions of clearing heat and cooling blood, dispelling wind and relieving itching. [details]

Don't you know that the child has psoriasis? Look at the early symptoms

Psoriasis in children mostly occurs in the head, followed by limbs and back. Psoriasis can appear in any part of the body. In clinical observation, some patients also appear in secret parts such as glans. Most patients in the head think it is the increase of dandruff, which can not be treated correctly in time, resulting in generalized body. [details]

Still thinking about how to treat psoriasis? It's time to think about how to prevent it

Pustular psoriasis often occurs in the alternating seasons of winter and spring. The climate characteristics of this season are very suitable for the development of psoriasis. Therefore, daily prevention should pay attention to seasonal changes, pay attention to the changes of their own environment, avoid leaving themselves in a humid and cold environment, and pay attention to keeping the environment dry and ventilated. [details]

Can pustule psoriasis eat eggs? What can't you eat

What does pustule psoriasis eat good for your body? It is recommended to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as fresh green leafy vegetables such as apples, pears, bananas and oranges, tofu, balsam pear and other light diets. [details]

How much do you know about the drug treatment of arthritis psoriasis

Arthritis psoriasis accounts for about 2% of psoriasis patients. It often occurs in women. It often appears after a long time of psoriasis vulgaris, and arthritis symptoms may also be the first symptom. Let's learn about the drug treatment of arthritis psoriasis. [details]

Five points for attention in the treatment of joint psoriasis

How to treat joint psoriasis? Psoriasis is a common disease. Because there are many symptoms of the disease, patients should choose the best treatment method to treat the disease according to their own symptoms, and pay more attention to the prevention of the disease in their daily life. [details]

Four ways to treat joint psoriasis

What is the treatment of joint psoriasis? Psoriasis is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease. Psoriasis patients often seek treatment with the requirements of radical cure, but at present, the treatment of the disease can only improve clinical symptoms and prolong the remission period, and can not prevent recurrence. [details]

Can joint psoriasis be cured today

Can joint psoriasis be cured? Because the early symptoms of many arthritis psoriasis are not obvious, they have reached the late stage when they are found. At this time, not only the condition of patients with arthritis psoriasis is gradually aggravating, but also it is very unfavorable for treatment. [details]

Can psoriasis vulgaris get pregnant? You'll see

Can psoriasis vulgaris be pregnant? Within 3 ~ 6 months after the pregnancy of psoriasis patients, the phenomenon of skin lesions remission or aggravation often occurs during this period, while after the delivery of psoriasis patients, the skin lesions can also show no change, remission and aggravation. [details]

Focus on the signs of improvement of psoriasis vulgaris

What are the signs of improvement of psoriasis vulgaris? Generally, after treatment, the thickness of the rash gradually becomes thinner. The improvement period of psoriasis is actually the regression period of psoriasis. At this time, the old rash of psoriasis patients continues to subside. [details]

Five suggestions for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris

How to alleviate psoriasis vulgaris? Psoriasis, commonly known as psoriasis, is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. It has a long course of disease and tends to relapse easily. Some cases can hardly heal for life. The disease mainly occurs in young adults, which has a great impact on the physical health and mental status of patients. [details]

Popular science time to what is psoriasis vulgaris

What is psoriasis vulgaris? Generally speaking, there is a deep relationship between systemic punctate psoriasis and genetic factors. Patients will have pruritus and punctate bleeding after scratching. [details]

Psoriasis patients must pay attention to eat less food

Such as beef, wolf meat, donkey meat, camel meat, mutton, dog meat, chicken and duck meat, pigeon meat, bird meat and their soup, as well as all kinds of seafood such as all kinds of fish (including turtle), crab and shrimp. It is recommended to eat lean pig meat, eggs and milk. [details]

Psoriasis patients must pay attention to eat less food

Such as beef, wolf meat, donkey meat, camel meat, mutton, dog meat, chicken and duck meat, pigeon meat, bird meat and their soup, as well as all kinds of seafood such as all kinds of fish (including turtle), crab and shrimp. It is recommended to eat lean pig meat, eggs and milk. [details]

So can psoriasis patients drink?

A considerable number of patients said that their condition worsened after drinking. During the outpatient service, some patients introduced themselves to drink alcohol, especially yellow rice wine or wine, and the skin lesions increased rapidly in the following days. Especially in the case of excessive drinking, the recurrence or spread of psoriasis is more likely to occur. [details]

Experts introduce the dietary health care of patients with psoriasis

Propolis is a good health food. It can prevent and regulate many diseases. Therefore, patients can eat more propolis to enhance their immunity. Improving immunity is also a way to alleviate the disease. [details]

Who is prone to psoriasis? How to prevent psoriasis

Experts pointed out that the onset of psoriasis is related to a variety of factors. Generally speaking, people with depression and anxiety are more likely to suffer from psoriasis. In addition, introverted and self-centered people can easily lead to low body immunity and psoriasis. [details]

These people are prone to psoriasis, how to prevent it?

Experts pointed out that the onset of psoriasis is related to a variety of factors. Generally speaking, people with depression and anxiety are more likely to suffer from psoriasis. In addition, introverted and self-centered people can easily lead to low body immunity and psoriasis. [details]

How to prevent the malignant transformation of psoriasis

Once suffering from psoriasis, we must go to a regular hospital for treatment, actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment with an optimistic attitude, and must not use drugs without permission. In the early stage of the disease, many patients only want to get quick results and privately use a large number of hormone drugs, resulting in the continuous repetition of the disease, and finally move towards the road of aggravating the disease. [details]

Is the recurrence of psoriasis preventable?

Local infection focus is an important cause of psoriasis, such as tonsillitis and tracheitis complicated by cold. Repeated inflammation of tonsils can easily lead to psoriasis. At this time, surgical resection of tonsils can be considered, especially in adolescent patients, which can shorten the course of psoriasis and prevent its recurrence. [details]

Heard that reasonable drinking water is conducive to the treatment of psoriasis?

When boiled water enters the human body, it can immediately play the metabolic function, regulate body temperature and transport nutrients. American scientists have found that cold boiled water cooled naturally after boiling is most likely to penetrate the cell membrane, promote metabolism, enhance immune function and improve the body's disease resistance. People who are used to drinking boiled water have high deoxygenase activity and less lactic acid accumulation in muscles, which is not easy to produce fatigue. Water is helpful for patients with psoriasis. [details]

On the treatment of psoriasis from the perspective of health preservation of traditional Chinese Medicine

On the basis of summarizing the previous experience, modern doctors have deepened their understanding and combined with clinical practice to enrich and develop the etiology and pathogenesis of psoriasis, which can be roughly summarized as four theories: blood heat theory, blood dryness theory, Blood Stasis Theory and blood deficiency theory [4]. In addition, there are the theory of toxin excess, yin deficiency, blood stasis and heat, and so on. [details]

Reasonable drinking water is beneficial to the treatment of patients with psoriasis

Psoriasis experts said that water is the source of our human life, and boiled water is the most familiar drinking water, which is indispensable for everyone in daily life. Experts pointed out that patients with psoriasis should drink more boiled water. Drinking more boiled water is very good for their health, and water is not or missing, which is popular among the people, Water is the cheapest and most powerful medicine. Therefore, patients with psoriasis should drink more boiled water. [details]

Does exercise really contribute to the treatment of psoriasis

Exercise can promote blood circulation and excretion. There are two ways to excrete metabolites from the skin. One is excretion from the body through blood circulation and urine from the kidney; The other is metabolized by sweat glands. [details]

What are the main points and methods of diagnosing psoriasis

Skin biopsy. Psoriasis (psoriasis) in the epidermis, the skin living cell examination of patients with psoriasis can get what kind of topical drugs are suitable for the type of skin lesions of patients with psoriasis. [details]

The diagnosis of psoriasis must be classified

Erythrodermic psoriasis - the initial stage of the disease is the flushing of the affected area, and then the flushing expands rapidly. Finally, the flushing seems to merge with the skin and infiltrate into the skin of the affected area; [details]

How to diagnose psoriasis symptoms? What are the specific manifestations

Observe the skin on the body. For example, there are some chronic wet sores on the skin for unknown reasons, most of which are the pathogenesis of acute wet sores such as skin flushing, papules, blisters, erosion and exudation. These lesions are mainly hypertrophic and rough, accompanied by rashes, blisters, erosion and exudation. The boundary is not clear. The lesions are mostly on the flexor side of the limbs. [details]

What should be done to check and care for psoriasis

Liver is not only the most important organ of the human body, but also an important organ for metabolism and detoxification. Experts pointed out that the quality of liver function directly affects the immune function of patients and the choice of drugs for treatment [details]