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It's hard for a man to do these things without a good pregnancy

Sperm are afraid of heat. Sauna, steam room and hot water bath will increase the temperature of male scrotum, resulting in a high temperature state of testis for a long time. When the testicular temperature is higher than 40 ° C for a long time, sperm motility will be greatly reduced. [details]

11 knowledge points of HPV positive test in pregnancy preparation

Low risk HPV can cause genital warts and does not cause cancer; Only high-risk HPV persistent infection can cause cancer. However, even if high-risk HPV continues to be infected, only a small proportion may become cervical cancer or precancerous lesions, and the vast majority are safe. [details]

Preparation before pregnancy husband and wife make six points of preparation

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, iron deficiency anemia and calcium deficiency are easy to occur. It is too late to supplement after pregnancy, especially for women with poor nutrition. Therefore, before pregnancy, you should eat more fish, milk, cheese, seaweed, beef, pork, eggs, beans, green and yellow vegetables, and store rich iron and calcium in your body to avoid iron and calcium deficiency after pregnancy. [details]

When are you going to get pregnant and have a boy

Choose the same room time according to the ovulation period: Generally speaking, from 3 days before ovulation to 1 day after ovulation every month is the period when expectant mothers are most likely to conceive, so it is called the easy pregnancy stage in medicine. If the father to be and mother to be seize this opportunity, they can successfully conceive. [details]

False ovulation makes you waste your real energy

Unruptured follicular luteinization syndrome refers to the mature but not ruptured follicles, the in situ luteinization of oocytes without excretion, the formation of corpus luteum and the secretion of progesterone, and a series of changes similar to ovulation cycle in somatic effector organs. [details]

Why is there a scientific basis for preparing pregnancy three months in advance

Three months is also a cycle for cells to metabolize harmful substances in the body. Any drugs, toxic substances, adverse factors, etc. that affect germ cells should be completely eliminated and disappeared in the body and reconstituted in nearly 3 months. For example: quit smoking, drink, get pregnant after 3 months, etc. [details]

How old is the interval between two children? It's best to make a mistake and suffer

Today, with more and more families with two children, these problems still seem to have no solution - after all, this family form is a little strange to our generation of post-80s and post-90s who are used to being the only child. Two children are not so simple as 1 + 1 = 2, and there are many factors affecting mothers to have a second child. [details]

Do you know what you should pay attention to during pregnancy

Generally speaking, the length of pregnancy preparation is three months. In these three months, we have many matters to pay attention to. Don't smoke, drink or eat spicy food. These are commonplace for many times. Remember to do a pre pregnancy examination before you start trying. [details]

Let the baby win at the starting line, starting from prenatal education

With the popularity of prenatal education, more and more expectant parents are actively involved in this campaign. Some even start prenatal education from the moment they know they are pregnant, but in fact, prenatal education is not the sooner the better, but has time requirements. [details]

The accuracy of Down's child screening during pregnancy is not high, and she is always worried

The Tang screening we do in 15-20 weeks is called middle Tang, while the screening we do in 11-13 weeks is called early Tang. The difference between early Tang and middle Tang lies in different time and different accuracy. The accuracy of early Tang is about 85-90% and that of middle Tang is 65-75%. [details]

Pregnant women are very prone to miscarriage during this period

Tobacco and alcohol will bring adverse effects to the fetus, and neither should be tried. If you keep pets such as cats, dogs or birds at home, you should avoid contact as far as possible to avoid infection with hemoplasmosis. It's best to give these pets to others or temporarily foster them in a friend's house. [details]

Recipes for the first month of pregnancy

Raw materials: 4 eggs, 60g pork, 3 arrowheads, 150g green vegetables, 3G soybean oil, 0.6g soy sauce, 1.2g refined salt, 3G Lake powder, 30g lard (cooked), 3G shrimp, 150g high soup and 3G green onion. [details]

The emergence of these three signs indicates that the road of pregnancy is impassable

The initial process of pregnancy is during the female ovulation period. After the same sex, the male sperm enters the female body and combines with the egg to form a fertilized egg. Then the fertilized egg swims back to the uterus and is implanted on the endometrium to develop into the initial embryo. The fallopian tube is the love nest where sperm and eggs combine and the channel for the return of fertilized eggs. To put it bluntly, the fallopian tube is the real road to life. [details]

The difference between infertility and infertility

However, it is not limited to the female side. Infertility generally occurs in about 1 out of 10 couples, of which the female factor accounts for about 45%, the male factor accounts for about 25%, the male and female factors account for about 22%, and the unknown reason accounts for about 8%. Therefore, infertile or infertile couples should both go to the hospital for examination to find out the cause for treatment. [details]

Combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine to treat infertility step by step!

In recent years, the average age in Taipei has increased to 38-40 years old. Although it seems that there is only a gap of 3-5 years old, there is a great difference between the treatment level and the physiological changes of women. [details]

The difference between "infertility" and "infertility"

Infertility is infertility, which means that the husband and wife have a normal 2 years (at present, it is mostly set as 1 year abroad) and are not pregnant. Infertility is infertility, which refers to those who can get pregnant but can not get a surviving baby due to abortion for various reasons. Therefore, infertility and infertility are not the same thing. [details]

Pregnant why can gastric acid overmuch acid water again and again

The emergence of progesterone can relax various muscles of the digestive system. Inevitably, intestinal peristalsis will become much slower than usual. At this time, without additional intervention, gastric acid will increase accordingly. [details]

13 foods beneficial to pregnancy pregnant mothers need to know

In natural foods, the energy required by brain neurons is the highest in honey. If pregnant women drink a cup of honey water before going to bed, it has the effect of calming the nerves, which can alleviate the discomfort of dreaminess, easy to wake up, poor sleep and improve the quality of sleep. In addition, when pregnant women drink water during the day, if several drops of honey are put into the water, it can effectively prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. [details]

Pregnant eat what baby smart six brain tonic food

Women eat jujube properly, which is conducive to tonifying blood. However, jujube is also rich in folic acid, which is needed for fetal brain development. Take folic acid properly during pregnancy to make your baby smarter. Expectant mothers can use jujube stew, which is sour, sweet and delicious. While eating jujube, they also supplement vitamins, which is also the nutrition needed by the fetus. [details]

What fruit does pregnant woman eat in winter? 6 kinds of fruits are preferred

It's too cold to eat fruit in winter? Try avocado. It can make salads and hot dishes. Avocado is rich in natural folate, which plays an important role in fetal development, and eating avocado is also conducive to preventing constipation and reducing cholesterol during pregnancy. [details]

Is it normal to feel uncomfortable walking in 28 weeks of pregnancy?

In the third trimester of pregnancy, when the mother to be rests at night, sometimes she will have lower abdominal pain due to false uterine contraction, which usually lasts only a few seconds and the interval is as long as several hours. Without falling feeling, the symptoms can be relieved during the day. If the expectant mother suddenly feels persistent pain in the lower abdomen, it may be premature delivery or threatened rupture of the uterus. Should be timely to the hospital, must not delay time. [details]

No matter how cold the weather is, pregnant mothers should not keep warm in these three ways

In winter, the family will take the pregnant woman as the key protection object. In order to avoid freezing her and the fetus in her stomach, the electric heating fan and air conditioner will be turned on early. Some pregnant mothers are really afraid of the cold. They turn on the air conditioner immediately when it is cold and stay at home. [details]

Why can't pregnant women hold other people's children?

At that time, looking at her carrying big and small bags, I took over her children. As a result, the next day, my husband said with a depressed face that my colleague's child had diarrhea. Everything complained that my husband didn't tell her I was pregnant. Otherwise, people wouldn't let me hold her child. [details]

Early pregnancy vomiting reaction is really related to fetal sex

There is a saying that "pregnancy vomiting is the self-protection behavior of the fetus", which reminds "you are pregnant" so that you can pay special attention and be careful. Secondly, it is also a very important point. It allows pregnant mothers to vomit bad and harmful food at any time to avoid hurting the fetus. [details]

There is a risk of miscarriage if this part cannot be pressed during pregnancy

In this case, on the premise of paying attention to calcium supplement, many women also like to ask their families to help massage to alleviate low back pain. Strictly speaking, it is not recommended to relieve physical fatigue in this way during pregnancy, especially Hegu Point on your hand. [details]

Do you always feel stomachache in the early stage of pregnancy? Don't think it's a normal reaction

When I was pregnant, I always felt stomachache and began to think it was a normal reaction after pregnancy, but because it was my first child, I didn't dare to be careless, so I went to the hospital for examination. At that time, she was just three months pregnant. The doctor said that the fetal development was good, but the placenta was a little low, but it was not serious. [details]

In addition to blood pressure, blood sugar causes dizziness during pregnancy

When pregnant for 6 ~ 8 weeks, the circulating blood volume of pregnant women will begin to increase, and reach the peak at 32 ~ 34 weeks, and will be maintained until delivery. In this process, the increase of plasma will be more than that of red blood cells, so pregnant women are prone to physiological anemia, which also causes dizziness. [details]

Why should caesarean section lie flat for 6 hours without natural delivery

When the pregnant woman is pushed to the ward after the operation, she will put a sandbag at the wound. This sandbag can effectively promote the healing of the wound, reduce the amount of bleeding, and promote the contraction of the uterine mouth. Under normal circumstances, the sandbag should be placed at the wound for four hours, so you can only lie on your back. Sleeping on your side will pull the wound. [details]

Why is abortion general anesthesia

The so-called general anesthesia is generally not used for pregnant women undergoing caesarean section, but there should be some exceptions. General anesthesia is to enter the body through inhalation or vein, inhibit the maternal nerve center, make the maternal lose consciousness, sleep soundly, and the child will be born. The maternal will not wake up until the drug is completely metabolized. [details]

Why is abortion general anesthesia

The so-called general anesthesia is generally not used for pregnant women undergoing caesarean section, but there should be some exceptions. General anesthesia is to enter the body through inhalation or vein, inhibit the maternal nerve center, make the maternal lose consciousness, sleep soundly, and the child will be born. The maternal will not wake up until the drug is completely metabolized. [details]

10 suggestions for pregnant women. Pregnant women should collect them quickly

After 9 months of pregnancy, the mood becomes tense, expectant, but anxious. In the third trimester, I occasionally feel abdominal pain. Some people don't feel it at first. Only when they touch their stomach with their hands can they feel uterine contraction. When you are 9 months pregnant, you must learn to distinguish between true and false contractions. Don't be cheated by false contractions! [details]

The treatment of confinement is for the sake of maternity

Postpartum confinement, in my sister's opinion, the most important thing is not to pay attention to this and that, but to do this, that is, the husband should accompany his daughter-in-law. Mothers who can enjoy this "treatment" are really happy. [details]

Is confinement really just a maternal thing

I won't press the table here for a long time. I believe you have heard a lot of it. Today I want to talk about another question. I don't know if you have this idea. You always feel empty after giving birth to a child. [details]

Confinement don't pay attention to the baby, maternal is the protagonist

In the whole process of pregnancy, if the greatest credit is selected, it must be the uterus. When Dabao was born, other mothers were working hard, and my attention unconsciously focused on my huge belly. When Dabao was born smoothly, my belly shriveled at a speed visible to the naked eye. [details]

The second of the three precautions for postpartum recovery is ignored

If the baby sucks more, the milk secreted by the mother will increase in feedback, and milk secretion needs to consume a lot of energy and drive fat combustion, so as to reduce fat accumulation and help reduce weight. [details]

Introduction to feeding and nursing of preterm infants

Breast milk: for premature infants with a birth weight of 2000g and no high-risk factors of malnutrition, breast milk is still the first choice after discharge. Pay attention to the mother's diet and balanced nutrition. [details]

How should premature infants be cared for?

For premature infants, the general gestational age and weight are not within the normal range. Therefore, nutrition also needs to be strengthened in feeding. After the baby tolerates breastfeeding, breast milk fortifiers containing vitamins, proteins and minerals can be added to breast milk to feed the child. [details]

How can we make breast milk more nutritious and rich

Breast milk is the safest and most nutritious ration for infants and young children. It can be called golden liquid. Its nutritional value can not be replaced by any other formula milk powder. The reason why breast milk has great nutritional value is that the nutrition of breast milk is balanced according to the needs of infants. [details]

My breasts don't swell. Is my milk secretion reduced

The trial production was smooth and the trial food was satisfactory. So the factory (breast) and the customer (baby) officially signed a long-term cooperation. At the command of the factory director (brain), the breast drives at full power to produce milk. At the same time, the factory director asked other departments to support, so a large amount of blood and lymph flowed to the breast. The first time you feel your breasts swell or even harden (physiological swelling). [details]

Are you right about the preparation of formula?

The newly bought bottle and pacifier should be disinfected in boiling water for at least 5 minutes, and then thoroughly cleaned with hot water before they can be used by the baby. Moreover, before each use in the future, wash the used milk bottle in hot water. Clean each corner and relevant parts of the milk bottle with a small brush, and put it up after using a dry bottle rack or completely drying. [details]

Is it necessary to give the baby formula after the age of 1?

Most children can eat the same meals with their families after they reach the age of one, and the main source of nutrition depends more on three meals a day, while milk (including breast milk, formula milk and milk) is only added as a daily nutritional supplement. [details]

Newborn these phenomena novice parents don't make a fuss

The birth of a new life is a great joy for the whole family, but some novice parents are very panicked about some "abnormal" phenomena of newborns due to lack of experience. In fact, parents don't have to worry so much, because some abnormal phenomena of newborns are completely normal. Look at the normal physiological phenomena of newborns. [details]

Is the belly button cut by a midwife?

When the fetus is in the mother, it needs to obtain the nutrients for growth and development in the mother through the umbilical cord, and the umbilical cord is the only channel between the mother and the fetus. At birth, the baby is still connected with its mother by an umbilical cord; After delivery, the fetus can breathe by itself, and the blood is supplied by the beating heart, and the umbilical cord loses its function. [details]

Key points of ability development and parenting of babies aged 2-3 months

Adhering to breastfeeding is very important to the baby's health all his life; If the breast milk is insufficient, the formula can be added for mixed feeding. It is necessary to ensure the safety of the formula, and the supplementary feeding method (i.e. breast milk first each time, if it is not enough, add formula), or the substitute feeding method (i.e. breast milk is not eaten this time, and it is completely replaced by formula). [details]

The baby cries on time every night, which may be intestinal spasm

If the baby suddenly starts crying without warning, and crying is particularly severe, his face is red and his body is stiff, he can't coax him. At the same time, the crying cycle has the following rules, which is likely to be intestinal spasm. [details]

How to prevent neonatal flatulence?

The feeding posture should be correct, and remember to pat after eating the milk. Hold the baby upright, let the baby's head rest on the adult's shoulder, and then gently pat the baby's back with your hand until you burp. If there is no burping, let the baby lie on his side for a while. [details]

0-1-year-old baby care strategy, I want to see it after reading it

Two weeks after birth, the baby began to supplement. Breast fed babies start to supplement the preventive amount of vitamin d400iu / D, which can reach the age of 2 years. (after the age of 2, children spend a lot of time outdoors. There is plenty of sunshine and no haze in the local area, so they don't have to make up any more.) [details]

How should the baby of 3 months have nose excrement clean?

No matter which method is used, the cleaning action must be gentle. As long as it's gentle, it won't hurt the baby. Usually, when there is a little bit of nose shit, I use the second method. Unless my breathing is not smooth because of nose shit, or there are other uncomfortable situations, I will adopt the first method, that is, stick out the nose shit with a cotton swab. [details]

Causes of unstable sleep in nine month old baby's sleep time

Sleep too much during the day, resulting in poor sleep at night and always wake up. Properly adjust the child's sleep during the day. Don't let your child sleep too much during the day, and don't let your child get too excited during the day. In both cases, children don't sleep well at night. Appropriately let the child take a nap for 1-2 hours during the day to see if it can be improved. [details]

Children accidentally choke on food. First aid methods should be mastered

As a result, the pig hoof bought a pile of peanuts, melon seeds, nuts, longan, jelly snacks and so on. The moment I saw these things, I really realized what is called "Qi and blood". What kind of brain circuit makes this man buy so many "dangerous food"? [details]

Babies who often drink water are smarter. These four kinds of water can't be drunk

Steamer water is leftover water such as steamed bread. The nitrite concentration of steamer water used repeatedly is very high. Children often drink this water, or boil porridge with this water for children to eat, which will cause nitrite poisoning; Scale often enters the human body with water, and can also cause diseases of children's digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic systems. [details]

The baby has poor appetite and yellow hair. Parents should actively find reasons

The mother thought that the baby might inherit her own height, so she didn't care if she was happy and short. I reminded her whether the child was short of zinc and suggested that she check it. As a result, I went to the hospital for a blood test. It was really. Later, the doctor prescribed zinc supplements. After eating for two months, he was obviously happy, his appetite became better, his spirit became stronger, and his hair was not so yellow. [details]

The baby does not accept the bottle. You can do this outside the selected bottle

What if the mother has to go to work after maternity leave and doesn't eat a bottle? The milk directly from the mother's breast has the best temperature and taste. It is also what the baby has been eating. Suddenly, it is replaced with stored and heated breast milk, which is naturally more than a little worse. [details]

Don't force the baby to turn over the benefits of the baby sleeping on his stomach

Sleeping on your baby's stomach is also more beneficial to your baby's neural development. In addition, sleeping on your stomach can also exercise the muscle tension of all parts of your baby's body, which is also very beneficial to your baby's physical development. The most important thing is that the baby likes this posture, which can make the baby more comfortable without too many constraints. [details]

Pay attention to these practical details when choosing clothes for newborns

The cotton padded clothes made by the elderly at home, although not fashionable, are cheaper than those in the pregnant and infant store as a whole, but they are made of cotton and warm. The materials also pay attention to pure cotton. It is softer than the coarse cloth of more than ten or twenty years ago. It is still tailored. It is more suitable for babies. [details]

It is very harmful to use a bottle for your baby at the age of 2

Long time use of milk bottles is the main reason for this situation. When the baby sucks the pacifier, the upper jaw and tongue will be squeezed due to the force of the mouth, and the upper and lower rows of teeth cannot be aligned, resulting in incorrect occlusion of the baby's upper and lower teeth and uneven teeth. [details]

The children who are less valued by their parents are more promising?

Parents don't have to feel ashamed, because it is this sense of helplessness that is not valued that provides children with the motivation for self-improvement and self-reliance. Since childhood, they know that they can only rely on themselves and won't rely too much on their parents. Their independent ability is far higher than that of ordinary children of the same age, and they can become talents more quickly after entering the society. [details]

The flu is serious this winter. Use these tricks for your baby

The flu is serious this winter. Is there any way to prevent it in advance? Or if you already have the flu, is there a way to promote recovery? Really. These are the techniques I used for Lele nursing at home, which can be shared with you. [details]

Judge whether the baby is dressed enough and touch it

Always put socks on your baby's feet. The size of socks should be just right. Don't choose tight socks for fear of being pulled off by your baby. The lining of socks is made of pure cotton, which can absorb the sweat from running and keep the feet dry and fresh. [details]

Baby nosebleed is because of getting angry. How to stop nosebleed

When it comes to the last "leukemia", some mothers may be frightened. They will think that my baby often has nosebleed. Will there be a problem? Let's say here that whether the child has leukemia symptoms does not lie in whether the child often has nosebleed. [details]

Blocking milk hot compress or cold compress 90% of mothers use the wrong method

Some mothers may form cheese like "white spots" due to greasy diet, resulting in blockage of the breast duct and failure of normal discharge of milk; Some mothers secrete too much milk and have no time to discharge the mammary duct; There are also milk knots when mothers are in a bad mood and under too much pressure. [details]

Watching TV was afraid to affect baobaobao's father, but he did it

In parenting, many families are under the "dictatorship" of Bao ma. Bao dad doesn't even have the basic right to speak. For a long time, Bao dad simply gives up. Therefore, Baoma should learn to show weakness actively and ask Baoda's opinions on parenting, so as to improve Baoda's sense of participation step by step and help enhance the relationship between father and son. Why don't you do it? [details]

The more children scold, the more stupid they become. Think clearly before you teach them a lesson

When a child is born, you will find that pregnancy is so easy compared with raising a child. Many people regard the birth of a child as a "fruit" and think that the smooth birth of a child after pregnancy is even the completion of a life task. But this is the beginning of raising a child. It is more difficult than learning from the West on this road. [details]

What should the old man do when parents educate their children?

It happens in almost every family, from dressing and eating to studying in exams. Due to the inconsistent views of parents on the education of the elderly, children don't know what to do and who to listen to, which affects their mental health. [details]

What's more terrible than widowed parenting is fake corpse parenting

Specifically, it means that the father is often absent in family education, but occasionally accuses the child and mother of something he doesn't like. But without understanding the causes and consequences, this arbitrary accusation will do more harm to children and mothers. [details]

This nutritious food is known as liquid gold. Don't squeeze it out

Influenced by traditional ideas, the older generation in many places believe that since the colostrum is translucent, it must mean that it is dirty and nutritious, so they advocate that the new mother should squeeze out the colostrum when feeding. In fact, colostrum is not only not dirty, but also rich in nutrition, and has the reputation of "liquid gold". [details]

There may be several reasons why children don't eat well

When children learn to eat by themselves, because they are not proficient in spoon technology, many children learn to eat by hand first. Some parents, especially the elderly, can't accept it. Hands and face are very dirty. If you don't say it, even clothes will unfortunately drip grease, which will bring great trouble to cleaning. [details]

Come and see if you have drunk fake yogurt for your baby

Yogurt is one of the dairy products that babies love to eat, with high nutrition and easy digestion. Many mothers are easy to choose fake yogurt. For example, yogurt and refreshing yogurt are not yogurt. They can only be called "lactic acid beverage" at most. Their nutritional value is far less than yogurt, and it is not recommended to give them to children. [details]

These three kinds of food are easy to accumulate poison. Eating more is harming him

A friend secretly told me that margarine was used in many sandwich biscuits on the market. Margarine is a hydrogenated vegetable oil rich in trans fatty acids. It is not only difficult to digest, but also easy to make people fat. Children's eating also affects their growth and development. [details]

These 7 kinds of cold and cough medicines for children are useless and may be harmful

Amantadine is thought to be able to prevent and treat influenza caused by influenza A virus. However, in recent years, influenza virus A has been shown to have a common resistance to amantadine, and the United States no longer recommends amantadine to prevent influenza caused by influenza A virus. [details]

How are the 5-year-old children infected with adenovirus for serum now

What kind of disease is adenovirus? Can the O-type blood serum cured by adenovirus be cured? This morning, the children's Hospital of Zhejiang University held a press conference to answer these questions, "there is no such recommendation in the treatment guidelines all over the world." [details]

Mom, these three behaviors are quietly making the child stupid

Remember, the responsibility of parents is not to pave the way for their children, but to help their children grow up. To allow children to try and respect their efforts is to let children have the courage and confidence to face the ups and downs of life after leaving their parents' shelter. [details]

They say probiotics are good. Why do children have no effect after taking them

Coincidentally, in terms of * degree index, probiotics have gradually increased since 2011. By 2016, the heat of probiotics index has exceeded the hot words of traditional nutrients such as protein powder, DHA and calcium. Here, Baba may be confused - probiotics are so hot, it must be because the products are effective and can bring vital changes to dolls. But [details]

How to prevent and deal with baby illness during the high incidence of influenza

According to the 2016 evidence-based guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of acute fever of unknown etiology in Chinese children aged 0 to 5, we found that acetaminophen and ibuprofen are two components that can be used to reduce fever in children. The common acetaminophen is Tylenol, while ibuprofen is Merrill Lynch. [details]

Winter is an anti human season. It is difficult for children to get up in cold weather

If there is a dimmable desk lamp at home, parents can gradually turn on the desk lamp, and then turn it on and walk away quietly. The light will awaken the child's visual system, transmit signals to the subconscious, wake up the brain and activate the limbs, and the child will get up naturally. [details]

Judge whether the child is cold. Touch this part to know

Over dressing children often happens to children raised by middle-aged and elderly women, such as grandma or aunt. Generally, middle-aged and elderly women are cold, afraid of cold and wear more clothes. Therefore, they also feel that their children are cold and always add clothes to their children. [details]

Children cry not only because of their mother's excessive love

With the increase of the type and amount of food the child eats, the irritation of the excreted urine and stool to the buttocks also increases. At this time, pay attention to moderately clean the baby's little ass. Some Baoma often destroy the natural cortical protective film on children's skin because they don't clean their little ass in time or use improper cleaning liquid during cleaning, resulting in organic bacteria. [details]

What's page? A parenting style worth learning

What the hell is page? It's a cartoon about piglets four lives. The pink pig girl Peppa in the skirt (about 4 years old) love the dinosaur's brother George (about 2 years old), the mother computer MummyPig who works at home computer, and a bit of a confused father DaddyPig. [details]

Don't bring these ideas of educating children into 2019

When rewarding a child, you should reward the child's process and behavior, not the result of things. When the child completes the housework independently, you can reward the child for seriously completing the housework; When the child's academic performance has made progress, you can reward the child's attitude and process of serious learning. [details]

How to get rid of the child's bad habit of procrastination

How to help children get rid of the bad habit of procrastination and develop good behavior habits? First of all, we should understand why children procrastinate and parents should watch and urge. Maybe he is not interested in what he does, maybe because he has strong dependence on his parents, or maybe because he lacks the concept of time management, etc. [details]

Don't let willfulness become a habit. Should children manage or should they manage

Children aged 3 to 5 already know a lot of truth. When positive education alone can not work, appropriate punishment is also an effective means of education. For example, if a child is willful and doesn't eat well, you don't have to spend more time. Instead, you take away the food after dinner time. Don't worry about starving children. Not eating one or two meals won't affect their growth and development. [details]