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A little girl playing in a bunker infected with parasites is close to being blind

If Toxocara canis moves to the eye, it will cause intraocular inflammation, lead to vitreous opacity and even retinal detachment, and eventually eyeball atrophy and blindness, and the damage is irreversible. Therefore, it is important to find it early. Unfortunately, Lingling found it later, and the possibility of vision recovery is very low. Considering that the child is young and the operation is complex, it is finally recommended to take him to Shanghai for treatment to remove inflammation, repair the retina and prevent eyeball atrophy. [details]

Besides vision and contrast sensitivity, what else can be evaluated

Form perception is one of the visual functions of the eye. The form perception function has always been determined by visual acuity measurement. In fact, it is the central visual acuity of the macular fovea with the smallest two-point spacing within a certain distance, but the vision is very complex. For example, some eye diseases such as glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa, the visual field has been reduced, or even tubular, but its central visual acuity is good or normal, At this time, the contrast sensitivity decreases. [details]

It's the number one eyesight killer

Good eating habits are not only the guarantee of healthy body, but also the guarantee of healthy vision. Generally, the process of vision requires the participation of vitamin A, the conduction of optic nerve and the help of vitamin B. preventing presbyopia requires healthy blood vessels, and vitamin C and vitamin E contribute a lot to this [details]

In fact, most children with high myopia are dragged out by their parents

The ocular axis of patients with true myopia increased significantly than before. According to expert analysis, the degree of myopia increased by 300 degrees for every 1mm increase in the ocular axis in patients with myopia. Generally, myopia below 300 degrees is called low myopia, those between 300 and 600 degrees are called moderate myopia, and those above 600 degrees are called high myopia. The development of myopia in young children is characterized by fast growth, with an average growth of 50 ~ 150 degrees, until the age of 18! Some have an annual growth rate of more than 200 degrees! [details]

How much eye shit? The body is reporting these five diseases to you

These oils protect the eyes during the day. When people fall asleep, their eyes are closed all the time, and the oil is still secreted. In this way, the accumulated oil is mixed with dust and impurities in tears, so that they will wake up with eye excrement the next morning. [details]

Left eye jump money, right eye jump disaster? Looks like you were cheated

In this case, eyelid beating is mostly caused by eye inflammation or other lesions, but the discomfort is only limited around the eyelids and does not expand to other parts of the face. Such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, conjunctivitis, keratitis [details]

Lacrimal gland can have a variety of lesions, which should not be underestimated

Epithelial tumor of lacrimal gland, characterized by mass effect in lacrimal gland area, including pleomorphic adenoma of lacrimal gland (benign, or mixed tumor of lacrimal gland), adenoid cystic carcinoma of lacrimal gland (malignant), malignant transformation of pleomorphic adenoma of lacrimal gland (malignant), and adenocarcinoma of lacrimal gland (malignant). Among them, pleomorphic adenoma of lacrimal gland is the most common, followed by adenoid cystic carcinoma of lacrimal gland. [details]

It's not that easy to itch at the corners of your eyes. Don't ignore it

Corner of the eye itch is likely because the eyelashes grow inward, scratching the eyes or corners of the eyes and stimulating the conjunctiva. This will cause itching in the corners of the eyes and inner corners of the eyes. Therefore, we should repair eyelashes regularly and pay more attention when brushing eyelashes. [details]

Why do we encourage children to watch TV more than playing with mobile phones

Lead to premature myopia in children. When a child was born, his eyes were hyperopia. With the development of his eyes, he gradually became normal. When children play with mobile phones, because their arms are short and their mobile phones are held close, their eyes should be adjusted hard to see clearly, which is easy to lead to myopia. [details]

Amway strongly prevents children's myopia and learns this sport

The eyeball is always in high-speed movement and makes rapid feedback contact with the brain. The blood circulation is enhanced and the function of the eye meridian is improved, which will eliminate or reduce the fatigue of the eyes. [details]

Common misconceptions on prevention and treatment of myopia in ophthalmology

After mydriasis, because the drug has not completely disappeared, the pupil is enlarged, and the ciliary muscle is still paralyzed, the regulatory effect is suspended. Therefore, when children look at things, they will feel that the vision is a little blurred, or they will feel dazzling for slightly stronger light. These are normal phenomena. [details]

What is Blu ray? How do Blu ray glasses prevent Blu ray

Blue light is one of the top killers of lutein. Long term irradiation of the eyeball will lead to lutein deterioration and eventually damage to the macula of the eyeball. In addition, it will also cause visual fatigue, blurred vision and myopia [details]

These three bad habits are hurting children's eyes

If parents do not control their children's time of using mobile phones, it is easy to lead to the decline of children's vision during development. Therefore, it is recommended that children and adolescents use electronic products no more than 1 hour a day, and rest for 5-10 minutes every 30 minutes. [details]

Five things parents need to understand after children's myopia

In addition to congenital inheritance, 90% of teenagers' myopia is caused by acquired factors, of which more than half are caused by computers, mobile phones and television. IPad, smart phone and other screens are small and the images change quickly. When playing, you need to focus your eyes, which is more likely to fatigue, leading to myopia, especially for children. They are prone to myopia due to premature and excessive contact with electronic products. [details]

Wechat is used by everyone, but they don't know that three functions can protect eyes

The white screen is more irritating to the eyes, because green is less irritating to the eyes. Compared with the white background, it can more effectively reduce the damage to the eyes. So, often use wechat partners to change your chat background to green. [details]

Wearing contact lenses for a long time, the framework of corneal dyspnea is indispensable

For patients with myopia, contact lenses are definitely a great invention. Not to mention the aesthetic factors, just think about the fog on the frame glasses when you enter a heated room in a cold day. However, the problems caused by wearing contact lenses have been constant. [details]

Will the eyes be blind with swelling and pain? How terrible is glaucoma

Glaucoma is the second major blindness in the world and is irreversible. In short, glaucoma is the damage of the optic nerve caused by high intraocular pressure. Let's understand that there is a certain pressure in our eyeballs, which is maintained in a dynamic equilibrium state under normal circumstances. [details]

What kind of people are more likely to have glaucoma

High intraocular pressure people with myopia are easy to develop open-angle glaucoma. This is because the ocular wall hardness of high myopia is low, the intraocular pressure reading is often within the normal range, the color of optic disc is light, and early diagnosis is very difficult. Therefore, when the degree of high myopia is deepened, we should be alert to the occurrence of open-angle cyanosis; [details]

How do you know you have glaucoma to prevent glaucoma

Generally speaking, glaucoma can not be cured, but can be controlled. Once diagnosed, it needs regular and lifelong nursing, continuous observation and treatment to control intraocular pressure, so as to protect the optic nerve and prevent vision loss. [details]

How to find the precursors of glaucoma and beware of glaucoma attack

Primary angle closure glaucoma: often manifested as severe eye pain, headache, red eye, blurred vision, halo, and even nausea and vomiting; There is also a chronic angle closure glaucoma, the patient has no obvious pain. [details]

What is cornea and who can donate cornea

According to the needs, the donor cornea can be transplanted with the whole layer or only a few layers. In other words, the corresponding part of the donor cornea can be selected according to the required corneal part. [details]

You may be doing things that hurt the cornea

Secondly, because the cornea is distributed on the surface of the eye, it will cause eye pain, photophobia, decreased vision, and even insomnia in severe cases. Nowadays, many people do things that hurt the cornea. [details]

These may be the reasons for the decline of vision after glaucoma surgery

For a small number of patients, especially advanced patients or patients with normal intraocular pressure glaucoma, even if the intraocular pressure is properly controlled, the condition is still progressing, the optic nerve is constantly damaged and the vision continues to decline. In these patients, the factors of optic nerve injury may include insufficient blood supply and low intracranial pressure in addition to intraocular pressure. [details]

Tears, the lifeline of cornea

Cornea is not only the most front membrane of the eye, but also shoulders the responsibility of protecting the eye and making the eye see more clearly; At the same time, it is also a fragile organ. It is not connected with blood vessels. It can survive only by relying on the nutrients provided by aqueous humor and tears. It can also be understood that once there is a problem with tears, there will be a problem with the cornea. [details]

I use it every day, but I don't even know where the eye drops are

Blinking is a protective nerve reflex action, which can make tears evenly spread on the surface of cornea and conjunctiva to keep the eyes moist. When using your eyes for a long time, such as operating the computer, driving and reading, remind yourself not to be too focused, pay attention to rest and blink occasionally. [details]

How do we prevent the formation of dry eye in our life

At ordinary times, except when we sleep, our eyes have a rest. When we wake up, our eyes have been busy. Whether it's work or study, try to let our eyes rest and blink more. Don't stare at it for a long time, and don't stare at it in front of the computer and mobile phone. [details]

Dry eyes are not all due to lack of water in the eyes

There are many classification methods of dry eyes. At present, dry eyes are divided into five categories in China: excessive evaporation dry eyes; Water deficient dry eye; Mucin deficient dry eye; Dry eyes with abnormal tear flow; Mixed dry eye. The most common is the "evaporation type" dry eye. [details]

Who knows the pain of dry eyes

The surface of our eyes is constantly protected by a film formed by tears. It has a wetting effect, helps to heal eye injuries and prevent eye infection. Just like the "replenishment mask" on the skin, lock moisture, maintain moisture and prevent invasion. [details]

Strabismus will naturally improve with age without treatment?

Children with strabismus use one eye for a long time, and the other eye "doesn't work" for a long time. Naturally, their vision will decline or stop developing, and amblyopia will be formed. In the future, even with appropriate glasses, it is difficult to achieve normal vision. [details]

The diagnosis of strabismus

Cover the healthy eye. For those with large difference in anisometropia of both eyes or monocular hyperopia and poor vision, the cover healthy eye method can be used. The purpose is to let the squint look at things after wearing glasses and be stimulated by more light to promote the development of retina. [details]

Do you all know the relationship between weak strabismus

Amblyopia or the quality of vision has a great impact on strabismus, so from this perspective, both strabismus and amblyopia must first treat amblyopia, and then treat strabismus. Otherwise, strabismus may occur again in the process of treating strabismus first and then amblyopia. [details]

Why should congenital strabismus be treated like this

Non surgical treatment, not all strabismus need surgical treatment. If it is accommodative esotropia, it can be corrected as long as you wear appropriate hyperopia glasses or bifocals. If you have medium and high refractive abnormalities, you often need to wear glasses for correction. In addition, axis correction training can be used to help restore the monocular vision of both eyes and increase the fusion ability. [details]

So stay away from cataracts and let parents see themselves clearly

Many elderly people will lose their eyesight when they get old. If they miss the best time for treatment, it may lead to more serious consequences. Experts suggest that if their eyesight decreases, please go to a professional medical institution as soon as possible. [details]

Clinical manifestations of congenital cataract and acquired cataract

All kinds of reasons, such as aging, heredity, local nutritional disorders, abnormal immunity and metabolism, trauma, poisoning, radiation, etc., can cause lens metabolic disorder, lead to lens protein degeneration and turbidity, and lead to cataract. This disease can be divided into congenital and postnatal: [details]

Cataract is the primary cause of blindness and visual impairment

Normally, if the lens is clear, we can take a clear picture. But if the lens fogs, the picture will be blurred. Cataract is a kind of disease that the lens of the eye changes from transparent to turbid, which affects the entry of light into the eye, resulting in visual impairment and even blindness. [details]

Cataract surgery can correct presbyopia and astigmatism at the same time

There are many cataract patients who are worried that surgery should be "surgery", risky and inefficient, delay surgery or worry about surgical accidents because of their underlying diseases such as diabetes or hypertension. [details]

There are many blood filaments in the eyes, which is red eye disease. The ophthalmologist says not necessarily

Tobacco smoke can cause blood vessels in the eyes to constrict and reduce water on the surface of the eye. When the body feels dry and lack of blood flow, it will compensate by expanding blood vessels, and the eyes will turn red. [details]

Don't let the swimming pool become a disaster area with serious red eye disease in summer

Not all symptoms of red eye are red eye disease. It is not correct to attribute the disease to red eye disease in summer. Other ophthalmic diseases such as acute iridocyclitis, acute angle closure glaucoma, keratitis, conjunctival hemorrhage and so on will also have the symptoms of red eye. [details]

Treat allergic conjunctivitis as a red eye disease

Red eye disease is caused by infection with viruses or bacteria. The main symptoms are red eyes, conjunctival congestion, a lot of eye secretions, fear of light and tears. In severe cases, there will be swelling of preauricular lymph glands. Some viruses, in addition to acute conjunctivitis, will also produce fever and pharyngitis. [details]

Has the swimming pool become a disaster area with red eye disease now?

Red eye disease is highly infectious, and it may be transmitted from infants a few months old to the elderly aged 80 or 90, regardless of age and gender. Clinically, there are often cases in which one person gets sick and many people in the whole family are recruited. [details]

Uncover how to quickly eliminate periocular bruising caused by trauma?

You can't watch TV, watch mobile phones and play computer for a long time. It's bad for your eyes and easy to cause myopia. If you work for a long time, you need to relax your eyes, do eye exercises, or overlooking are good ways to alleviate your eyes. [details]

Causes and prevention of ocular trauma in children

Once the child has eyeball penetrating injury and eyeball rupture, it is strictly prohibited to wash the injured eye with water or apply any drugs. The injured eye should be covered with clean gauze and sent to the hospital for first aid immediately. Appease the children's mood on the way, let them not cry, and try not to turn their eyes to reduce the gushing of eye contents. [details]

Can ocular trauma be inherited? Examination after ocular trauma

For patients with ocular contusion, the ocular appendages and the anterior and posterior parts of the eyeball should be inspected in detail. For patients with ocular perforating injury, the size, location and depth of the wound should be carefully investigated, and whether there is prolapse of eyeball contents, eye movement disorder or retention of foreign bodies. If necessary, drawing and explanation should be made. [details]

What nursing work should be done well in the scope of eye injury

Eye trauma is mostly accidental injury, which affects visual function and eye shape. It is difficult for patients to accept at the moment, and most of them have anxiety and pessimism. Therefore, psychological nursing should be strengthened to stabilize the patient's mood and closely cooperate with the treatment. [details]

High myopia is so serious that many people don't know

Myopia is caused by the lengthening of the ocular axis. Due to the lengthening of the eye axis (which can be understood as the lengthening of the eyeball), the light entering the eye cannot focus on the retina, but falls in front of the retina and cannot show a clear image. After myopia, you need to wear a concave lens to move the focus back and fall back on the retina. The longer the eyeball, the higher the degree of concave lens required, that is, the higher the degree of myopia. [details]

Children are nearsighted, parents should go out of the wrong area of glasses

Children's refractive development is regular. The refractive development of the eyes is a dynamic process. There are 'signs' of myopia. If you do some examinations for children early and master the overall situation of eye development, you can take timely measures for some risk factors of myopia. [details]

How does myopic operation finish my astigmatism to do?

At present, the correction scope of myopia surgery is: myopia within 1200 degrees and astigmatism within 600 degrees. In other words, not everyone can have surgery. In addition, friends with different degrees have different requirements for corneal thickness. Generally, the higher the degree, the higher the requirements for corneal thickness. [details]

Why did the doctor match me with glasses with lower myopia

The three principles of matching glasses are "accurate, clear and comfortable". Therefore, when your eyes have no risk of amblyopia and the binocular stagger is less than 1.0d, doctors generally do not match enough degrees in order to alleviate eye fatigue. [details]

Be careful. The invisible bleeding is hidden in front of you

Most of the common bleeding is caused by eye inflammation, such as conjunctivitis, iritis, glaucoma and even trauma, and some life conditions such as alcoholism, cough, vomiting and so on can easily lead to bleeding, especially those with hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and other systemic diseases. [details]

What is the difference between color blindness and color weakness? How to treat color blindness

Color blindness refers to the inability to distinguish colors, of which the most common are red blindness and green blindness. People with red blindness lack sensitive red blood cells containing red pigment in the retina of their eyes and are not sensitive to red light. [details]

What is color blindness? Can color blindness drive?

The scientific term of "color blindness" should be "abnormal color vision". Congenital color vision abnormalities are divided into color weakness and color blindness according to their severity. The more common is green weakness, followed by red blindness, green blindness and red weakness. The proportion of real red and green color blindness is very small. [details]

Common genetic problems of color blindness how is color blindness inherited?

Now we realize that color blindness is a very common genetic problem, which can not be called a disease. In some specific cases, color blind people will adapt to the environment better than the general population. [details]

Strabismus has so much harm! Don't miss the golden treatment period of summer vacation

Strabismus, commonly known as "cockfighting eye", is an eye disease common in teenagers and children. Many parents believe that strabismus will disappear when children grow up. This view is actually wrong. Strabismus will not only cause harm to children's eyes, affect children's physical and mental health, but also affect children's vision development in the future. [details]

This eye disease focuses on teenagers. If you can't do it well, you have to do angular displacement. You must pay attention!

A Ming came from Henan Province. His eyesight dropped sharply in the past four or five years. One day, he suddenly found that his right eye was out of sight. After the family moved around a lot, they finally went to the eye center for treatment. After examination, Amin suffered from acute keratoconus in his right eye. Director Wu Huping urgently performed corneal transplantation for Amin's right eye, which saved his vision. [details]

Is red eye disease conjunctivitis? Will you be infected at a glance?

Red eye disease is also called acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, because its clinical manifestation is conjunctival congestion, so once the patient has the disease, the first impression of the patient is bilateral redness and swelling, and the name of red eye disease comes from it. [details]

Diabetic retinopathy, some people are okay, some people are blind, the reason is here!

The same is diabetic retinopathy, there is a strange phenomenon, some people are blind, some people are good, ophthalmology center ophthalmology department chief physician for you to reveal the treatment of diabetic retinopathy. [details]

Children's myopia should be treated as soon as possible

It is mainly based on the specific situation of each child to adopt individualized treatment schemes, including drugs, frame glasses, OK glasses, RGP glasses and other different methods. It is suggested to go to a regular eye hospital to clearly judge whether it is true myopia or false myopia. [details]

Do you know the methods of traditional Chinese medicine to treat red eye disease

In addition to choosing the right method, we should also treat red eye disease according to the correct method. After all, red eye disease is still infectious. Patients should use drugs under the guidance of doctors to avoid delaying the condition and increasing the chance of infecting others. [details]

These steps are necessary for the rational treatment of dry eye

According to the onset duration of dry eye, it can be divided into transient dry eye and chronic dry eye. The former shows transient eye symptoms and signs and quickly returns to normal, while the latter has persistent eye discomfort symptoms and signs, which is the most common clinical dry eye phenomenon. [details]

What is the prevention and treatment of health popular science dry eye

For the prevention of dry eyes, ophthalmologists suggest that for some computer users, do not sit in front of the computer for more than 2 hours. When looking at the screen, we must form the habit of blinking more, and wear anti blue light glasses to reduce the damage of harmful blue light to the eyes. [details]

What is lutein called eye gold

Lutein, also known as "eye gold", is the most important nutrient in human retina. Lutein is contained in the macular part (visual center) and crystalline body of the retina of the eye, especially in the macular part. [details]

What food to eat is good for eyesight? Vitamins are indispensable

Protein is the basis of vision development. The eye is one of the important organs of the body. The normal function of the eye and the renewal of tissue are inseparable from protein. If the protein is in a state of lack for a long time, it will cause the decline of eye function, vision and various eye diseases. Meat, seafood, milk, eggs and beans are rich in high-quality protein. [details]

Eating habits will damage our eyesight. What should we eat better

If you don't chew for a long time in your daily eating and living habits, the muscle strength of your face will gradually weaken, and the regulation function of lens will not work well. Therefore, encouraging children to eat hard food can strengthen children's jaw exercise. [details]

Relieve the dryness of the eyes. Is it really easy to apply a hot towel to the eyes

Prevent dry eye disease. People who face computers every day can prevent dry eye disease by applying hot towels to their eyes. Applying a hot towel to the eyes can increase the temperature of the eyes and help the absorption of artificial tears. If patients with dry eye can persevere, it will be very helpful to alleviate discomfort, and it also has a certain preventive effect for ordinary people. [details]

Middle aged people need to be alert to cataract when myopia deepens

Most people's myopia will stop deepening when they are in their 20s, but some people's myopia will suddenly deepen when they are in their 30s, and the deepening speed is very fast. For example, it will deepen more than 100 degrees every year. After examination, it is found that it is cataract that increases the density of eye lens, and the degree of myopia will rise accordingly. Therefore, myopia is closely related to cataract. [details]

There are tips for vision recovery. Crystal operation helps vision recovery

Eye rest is indispensable for the recovery of eyesight, because most people's myopia is caused by bad daily behavior. Therefore, whether you read a book or work or watch a computer, you should ensure that you have a proper rest during eye use. You should not use your eyes excessively and increase the risk of myopia. [details]

How to do eye exercises to prevent myopia and watch less TV

There are many ways to prevent myopia, and eye exercises are one of them. In fact, any measure that can help reduce eyestrain and relax eye adjustment can be tried. Of course, other ways can be explored, but they should be scientific, reasonable, beneficial and harmless. [details]

Myopia surgery is an indication and cannot be done once and for all

Myopia surgery only corrects diopter, which means that 300 degree myopia patients and 1000 degree myopia patients may achieve 1.0 vision after operation, but the risk probability of retinopathy is very different. The probability of complications such as retinal hole in the latter is significantly higher than that in the former. [details]

How much is myopic operation about? Can you offer a discount

Some myopic friends change new glasses every six months. I remember that the glasses I matched before myopic surgery were about 1500. How can I get 37500 in 50 years? This is not even in case of damage to the ball and additional expenses such as buying contact lenses. [details]

Teach parents to stay away from cataract surgery

Many elderly people will lose their eyesight when they get old. If they miss the best time for treatment, it may lead to more serious consequences. Experts suggest that if their eyesight decreases, please go to a professional medical institution as soon as possible. [details]

Can dry eye disease be treated surgically? What are the methods

With the increasing time of our life and study, many people need to use their eyes for a long time, which slowly led to the emergence of dry eye. Dry eye disease will make patients feel all kinds of discomfort, and will have an impact on their daily work and life. The treatment of dry eye disease is a matter of great concern to many patients. [details]