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What precautions do patients with coronary heart disease have? Today, cardiothoracic surgery online experts give you tips!

Vasoconstriction and spasm caused by cold weather; At the same time, the secretion of catecholamine in the body increases and the sympathetic nerve is excited, resulting in accelerated heart rate and elevated blood pressure, which further causes vasoconstriction or spasm, resulting in lumen occlusion. After the plaque in the blood vessel is damaged, it will cause thrombosis to block the blood vessel, and then cause the attack of acute myocardial infarction. [details]

Myasthenia gravis recovered nearly 80% in three months

I feel strong, and then I always rely on eating ginseng to maintain my physical strength, but I have a lot of concerns. If I eat a lot of things, the disease will worsen in about half an hour. Maybe I'm a more sensitive patient. [details]

New suggestions for the classification of myasthenia gravis subgroups

Clinical classification is mainly based on the affected muscle group and severity. There are two systems: Osserman classification and MGFA classification. The former also refers to the natural history, thymoma and curative effect, while the latter is only based on the affected muscle group and severity. [details]

Complete the difficult resection of huge mediastinal tumor

On March 1, with the close cooperation of the anesthesia and operation Department and other departments, the operation team successfully completed the resection of this difficult and huge mediastinal tumor for 3 hours, which relieved Ms. Chen's disease. [details]

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of bronchiectasis? Nursing measures for COPD

Keep a certain temperature and humidity in the bedroom of patients with bronchiectasis. Relatives and others do not smoke in the bedroom of patients with bronchiectasis. Ventilation should be carried out regularly to keep the air in the living environment fresh. [details]

The first robotic operation was completed in the Department of cardiothoracic surgery of Xiangya third hospital

According to Professor Jin Longyu, the chief surgeon, the Da Vinci surgical robot can increase the doctor's field of vision, reduce hand tremor, and has a 3D field of vision, especially when operating in a limited and narrow space, which has significant advantages over endoscopy [details]

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of esophageal cancer? Strengthen nutritional support and other treatment

Patient Sun Mou, male, 67 years old, underwent esophagectomy for lower esophageal squamous cell carcinoma three months ago. Anastomotic stenosis occurred after operation, which affected the quality of life. On November 23, he underwent gastroscopic anastomotic stenosis expansion in the gastroscope room of our hospital. [details]

Nursing after cardiac bypass grafting

Experts stressed that after bypass surgery, patients must measure their pulse when they engage in sports for the first time. Sports should be carried out in strict accordance with the sports prescription, which is neither "conservative" nor "radical". At the same time, we should step by step and persevere. Be prepared before the activity to avoid the sudden start or stop of the movement. [details]

How long can you live after heart bypass surgery

Cardiac bypass surgery has the characteristics of less injury and easy operation. However, many patients are puzzled by the length of life after heart bypass. Not knowing how many years they will survive is a problem perplexing many patients undergoing heart bypass surgery. [details]

Coronary heart disease must see! Expert analysis of heart bypass surgery

As the name suggests, heart bypass surgery is to take the patient's own blood vessels or vascular substitutes to connect the distal end of the narrow coronary artery with the aorta, so that the blood can bypass the narrow part and reach the ischemic part, so as to improve the myocardial blood supply. [details]

There are 6 points for wound protection after cardiac bypass surgery

After cardiac bypass surgery, the chest wound healed about 6 weeks later and the sternum healed about 3 months later. At the same time, after the patient is discharged from the hospital, there may be discomfort of chest wound pain and sometimes local redness. In order to avoid chest wound infection and continuous pain, cardiac bypass patients should learn to care for the wound after discharge. [details]

Bronchopleural fistula

Bronchial fistula caused by chest trauma and bronchoscopy. It may be manifested as sudden dyspnea, decreased blood pressure, a large amount of pus and sputum, or even asphyxia, which may be life-threatening. If bronchial fistula occurs slowly, such as bronchial fistula caused by pulmonary tuberculosis, lung cancer and reflux esophagitis. [details]

What is pleurisy?

Strictly speaking, pleurisy and pleural effusion are not a disease, but pulmonary infection or diseases, such as complications of pneumonia, tuberculosis and systemic lupus erythematosus, and other diseases, such as congestive heart failure and chest trauma. [details]

Summary of tuberculous dry pleurisy

The effect of dry pleurisy on pulmonary function depends on the location, presence or absence of pleural adhesion and its degree. In the initial stage of inflammation, the tingling caused by the friction between visceral pleura and parietal pleura reduces tidal volume, increases respiratory rate and forms shallow breathing. [details]

What are the four pain characteristics of angina pectoris?

Many systemic diseases of the body can cause chest pain. Diseases limited to the chest include pleurisy, pericarditis, mediastinitis, esophagitis, coronary heart disease, myocardial lesions, chest tumors, etc. angina pectoris is one of the common symptoms of coronary heart disease. [details]

How should thymoma spread complicated with lymphoma do

Thymoma will have the symptoms of metastasis in the late stage, and lymph is one of the objects of metastasis. For the lymph metastasis in the late stage of thymoma, patients should be treated in time to prevent the recurrence and even aggravation of the disease. [details]

What are the nursing precautions for patients with thymoma

For thymoma, the main treatment method is surgical treatment. The earlier it is removed, the better. After all, the location of thymoma is relatively special. It is close to the heart. It is also dangerous not to treat it in time. Special attention should be paid to nursing patients after operation. Many patients' families want to know what are the nursing precautions for thymoma patients? [details]

How should we treat type a thymoma? What are the methods

Thymoma complicated with myasthenia gravis should be surgically removed as soon as possible. Preoperative application of hormones and anticholinesterase drugs is beneficial to control symptoms, improve the general situation and master the law of medication. [details]

How is thymoma examined? What is the examination method

In life, you may be familiar with breast cysts and breast cancer, but not much about thymoma. Experts pointed out that thymoma is actually similar to breast cancer, but this disease is a possible disease both sexes, especially young and middle-aged people, suffering from thymoma more. [details]

What surgical methods can be used to treat pectus excavatum

In the past, the conventional method for the treatment of pectus excavatum was to cut a window of about 10 cm longitudinally and horizontally in the anterior chest, remove the deformed ribs and then fix them with a steel needle. The operation is traumatic and bleeding, and the lung function is seriously affected in a short time due to the destruction of the thoracic integrity of the child, which will cause bronchial blockage and atelectasis, resulting in severe hypoxia. [details]

How much is the operation cost of pectus excavatum? What are the precautions

漏斗胸手术要多少钱,这个问题,每个医院都不同,还要根据患者病症严重程度。认定存在恒定的畸形,漏斗胸指数>0.2. Patients with cardiopulmonary dysfunction and heavy mental burden need surgery. [details]

Can pectus excavatum be cured by operation? Is the operation risk large

The development of each structure of each human body is not exactly the same. Many patients know the disease of chicken chest. The opposite of chicken chest is the funnel chest to be introduced in this paper. If the condition of pectus excavatum is serious, the compression on the organ will cause the change of organ structure. These conditions will endanger the patient's life and quality of life. [details]

What are the new treatment methods for pectus excavatum

Thoracoscopic assisted pectus excavatum correction: the method is to cut a small incision of 2cm at the midline of one side of the chest and axilla, peel and guide it into the chest with thoracoscopy, and then insert the self-made correction equipment into the opening on the opposite side and turn it over, so as to achieve the purpose of correction. [details]

Muscular atrophy refers to the reduction of the body's striated muscle volume

Under the microscope, adult male skeletal muscle fibers below 35um (normal 48-65um) and female skeletal muscle fibers below 28um (normal 33-53um) were diagnosed as muscular atrophy. Muscle atrophy should be distinguished from weight loss. The former is mostly a local phenomenon, and the site of muscle atrophy is accompanied by decreased muscle strength; The latter is a common phenomenon in the whole body, and the muscle strength is generally normal. [details]

What antibiotics and antipyretics should be used when myasthenia gravis is complicated with infection and fever?

Or fluconazole needle 0.2g a day, intravenous drip. If oral antifungal drugs are needed, fluconazole capsules can be used, 1 capsule at a time, once a day. Do not use amphotericin B intravenous drip, the crisis is great. [details]

What should patients with myasthenia gravis pay attention to?

Marriage and childbirth, this is to let nature take its course. In fact, most of the 2000 patients treated by us are in stable condition and can live, study and work like normal people. The author observed that more than 100 young women married and gave birth to children, and the health and development of mother and child were still good. [details]

Myasthenia gravis is not an incurable disease, and some patients can be cured clinically

④ Better. The clinical symptoms and signs were improved, the ability of self-care was improved, the dosage of drugs for the treatment of myasthenia gravis was reduced by more than one quarter, and there was no recurrence for more than one month. ⑤ Invalid. Clinical symptoms and signs did not improve or even worsen. [details]

The woman coughed to break five ribs?!

Middle aged and elderly citizens, especially postmenopausal women, are prone to osteoporosis with age and calcium loss. In case of chronic cough such as "super cough", it is likely to cause chest rib fracture due to excessive cough. If treatment is delayed, it is likely to induce pneumothorax, hemothorax, etc. [details]

Treatment of rib fracture

Due to the support of upper and lower ribs and intercostal muscles at both ends of the fracture, dislocation and little activity occur, and most of them can heal automatically. The main purpose of thoracic fixation is to reduce the movement of fracture end and reduce pain. The methods are: multi strip chest cloth fixation or elastic chest band fixation. [details]

If these manifestations occur, beware of rib fractures

Fracture patients are often accompanied by local edema, congestion, bleeding and muscle tissue damage. The body itself has the ability to resist and repair these, and the body's repair of tissue to remove blood stasis and detumescence mainly depends on various nutrients. [details]

The hospital claimed for external chest compression for patients with rib fracture

Extrathoracic cardiac compression is to press the sternum outside the body, press the heart back on the hard spine, squeeze the heart and discharge the blood. When the compression is relaxed, the thorax expands due to elastic retraction, the heart returns to its original state, and the venous blood is passively sucked back into the heart. [details]

Tuberculous exudative pleurisy with pleural effusion and chylothorax

Under the influence of factors such as direct destruction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis or / and compression of enlarged lymph nodes or / and structural abnormalities of lymph vessels themselves, the thoracic lymphatic vessels in the chylous fluid reflux pathway rupture, resulting in chylous fluid leaking into the pleural cavity and mixing with tuberculous pleural effusion. [details]

Application strategy of fat emulsion in conservative treatment of chylothorax

Studies have shown that oral medium chain triglycerides can not effectively reduce the reflux pressure of lymphatic system in patients with chylothorax (the author has no experience in using oral medium chain triglycerides to treat chylothorax, and only relevant literature conclusions are cited here). Therefore, intravenous fat emulsion may be more beneficial to the treatment of chylothorax. [details]

Treatment strategy of chylothorax aggravation (unilateral to bilateral) and even chyloabdomen after thoracic duct ligation

Chylous reflux disorder, but the problem does not lie in the thoracic duct (various reasons lead to abnormal function of lymphatic valve and abnormal structure of lymphatic wall, which eventually leads to abnormal expansion of lymphatic vessel, thinning of lymphatic wall and rupture). [details]

The past and present life of "chyle"

When chylous granules are transferred from thoracic duct into blood, their components will change rapidly. Lipoprotein lipase, which exists on the surface of capillary endothelial cells in adipose tissue, heart and muscle tissue, catalyzes the hydrolysis of triglycerides in chyle granules to glycerol and fat. [details]

Do you know the harm of pulmonary bullae?

Pulmonary bullae are still serious, which can lead to lower respiratory tract and lung infection. According to expert statistics, about half of them are induced by upper respiratory tract virus infection. Therefore, the immune function of respiratory tract is disturbed, and it is easy to secondary to lower respiratory tract and lung infection. [details]

The harm of pulmonary bullae pulmonary bullae are of course very serious

For the common lung disease pulmonary bullae, many people don't know much or even smell very little. So, what kind of disease is pulmonary bulla? Is pulmonary bulla serious? What harm will it do to the body? Let's have a look. [details]

What are the reasons for the formation of pulmonary bullae?

Bullae are usually secondary to inflammatory lesions of small bronchi, such as pneumonia, emphysema and tuberculosis. Due to inflammatory lesions and edema of bronchiolar mucosa, partial obstruction of lumen is caused, resulting in valve function. Air can enter the alveoli but is not easy to be discharged, resulting in increased pressure in the alveoli. [details]

Precautions for taking care of patients with pulmonary bullae

Pulmonary bullae are still unfamiliar to many people. So if there are patients with this disease at home, how should we take care of them? I'll explain it to you today. [details]

Long term unhealthy diet can induce esophageal cancer

Nitrite amine is a recognized strong carcinogen, which exists in pickled food, overnight food and moldy food. Therefore, eating these foods often can easily induce esophageal cancer, which is a common cause of esophageal cancer. [details]

Beware of hot and spicy wine is a helper for esophageal cancer

The mucosa will thicken while proliferating under thermal stimulation. The thickened mucosa will become more and more insensitive to thermal stimulation and spicy stimulation. In this way, people are more and more afraid of hot and spicy, so that they eat more hot and spicy, and the oral mucosa will become thicker and thicker, forming a vicious circle. [details]

What factors cause esophageal cancer?

Nitrosamines are recognized as carcinogens. A large amount of pickled and smoked foods containing nitrite, such as pickled vegetables, pickles, pickles, bacon, salted fish and sausage, will increase the risk of esophageal cancer. [details]

Prevention of esophageal cancer needs to pay attention to these points

Therefore, we should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and advocate drinking tea. Green tea can prevent cancer and is beneficial to cardiovascular disease. However, it is not recommended to drink too much. It is best to "taste" and drink a small amount and many times effectively. [details]

The most common cause of bronchiectasis is infection

Chest discomfort caused by bronchiectasis is not particularly common. Most patients with bronchiectasis still cough and expectoration. Severe and diffuse bronchiectasis will lead to decreased pulmonary function and asthma. In addition, bronchiectasis may stretch the blood vessels of the tube wall, resulting in hemangioma and massive bleeding after rupture. [details]

How much do you know about bronchiectasis?

Bronchiectasis often causes pneumonia and lung abscess due to pyogenic bacteria infection. When extensive fibrosis occurs in lung tissue, it can lead to increased pulmonary artery circulation resistance, pulmonary hypertension, chronic pulmonary heart disease, edema, aggravation of dyspnea and so on. [details]

What serious complications will bronchiectasis bring?

* * the retention of sputum in the body is caused by the expansion of the bronchus, and retention of sputum is a good culture medium, resulting in repeated infection. Therefore, the treatment should first remove the etiology, that is, postural drainage, and reduce the storage of sputum in the body. [details]

Hemoptysis caused by bronchiectasis young friends should pay attention

According to the doctor's experience, the incidence of vascular rupture caused by bronchiectasis mostly occurs in the elderly. But in recent years, the incidence rate of young adults is also increasing. [details]

Pulmonary sequestration

Pulmonary artery hypoplasia hinders the blood supply of some pulmonary tissues, and the branches of the aorta replace the pulmonary tissues in the pulmonary artery supply area. Because the oxygen content of the blood from the aorta is completely different from that from the pulmonary artery, the pulmonary function of this section of pulmonary tissue cannot be carried out, so it is hypoplastic and has no pulmonary function. [details]

The early symptoms of esophageal cancer are easy to be ignored!

Nitrosamine. These compounds and their precursors are widely distributed, can be formed in vivo and in vitro, and have strong carcinogenicity. The content of nitrite in diet, drinking water, pickled vegetables and even patients' saliva in high incidence areas is much higher than that in low incidence areas. [details]

The early symptoms of esophageal cancer are easy to be ignored!

Nitrosamine. These compounds and their precursors are widely distributed, can be formed in vivo and in vitro, and have strong carcinogenicity. The content of nitrite in diet, drinking water, pickled vegetables and even patients' saliva in high incidence areas is much higher than that in low incidence areas. [details]

What are the four aspects of dietary conditioning in patients with esophageal cancer

Patients with esophageal and cardiac cancer have a lack of appetite and insufficient nutritional intake. At the same time, the damage of surgery to the body makes the patient's physical condition better. Strengthening perioperative dietary management is helpful to improve the body's resistance and curative effect. [details]

Spontaneous pneumothorax has long been known

There are many predisposing factors for spontaneous pneumothorax. The recent incidence is often larger than the temperature difference with the weather. High risk groups cough and expectorate violently, increase lung pressure, rupture weak pulmonary bullae, and cause pneumothorax. Avoid exerting force and holding your breath in daily life, keep your stool unobstructed, and take effective measures if you have not solved your stool for more than 2 days. [details]

Digestive system tumors are closely related to these seven eating habits

Animal experiments have proved that tobacco smoke contains a variety of carcinogens specific to pancreatic organs. Secondly, nicotine in tobacco can promote the release of catecholamines in the body, resulting in a significant increase in blood cholesterol levels. In some ways, hyperlipidemia can induce pancreatic cancer. [details]

Do you know the early symptoms of esophageal cancer?

Local dryness or tightness in patients with esophageal cancer is a common symptom in the early stage of the disease. Some patients can be accompanied by belching, weight loss, fever and fatigue, which should be paid great attention. Early detection and early treatment can effectively prevent the proliferation of cancer cells and reduce the physical and mental injury of patients. [details]

How to choose deflation for primary spontaneous pneumothorax?

For many years, how to deal with primary spontaneous pneumothorax has been controversial, mainly due to the lack of high-quality evidence. Therefore, consensus guidelines differ in the definition of massive pneumothorax (requiring intervention) and recommended treatment. [details]