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9.1 billion sky high fine Changchun Changsheng vaccine event needs reflection

The 14 persons directly in charge and other persons directly responsible, including Gao Junfang, who were involved in the case, were given administrative punishment that they were not allowed to engage in drug production and trading activities according to law. If a crime is suspected, the judicial organ shall investigate the criminal responsibility according to law. [details]

9.1 billion yuan Changchun Changsheng fined

The decision on administrative punishment finds that the above acts violate the drug administration law of the people's Republic of China and its implementation regulations, as well as laws, regulations and rules such as the code for the quality management of drug production, the measures for the supervision and administration of drug production, and the measures for the Administration of batch issuance of biological products. [details]

The former president and vice president of the hospital were both checked! The truth behind it is

At the beginning of 2016, after liang Minglai was introduced to Wu by Ma Luhang, he gradually had frequent contacts with Wu, accepted his banquets for many times, received cash from Wu during his illness and hospitalization, and was entrusted to arrange Gou Jiangang to coordinate to contract the earthwork of the east hospital project of the Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine by Wu. [details]

The president of a public hospital, together with 73 doctors, defrauded 64 million yuan of insurance, and the president was sentenced to 10 years

Since the implementation of the medical insurance system, the coverage has been expanding and the total amount of funds has been increasing. However, driven by interests, some non designated units and idle people collude with designated units to collect medical insurance cards for cash out, barter drugs and abuse medical insurance treatment. Such incidents have been reported frequently in the newspapers in recent years. [details]

Children with ADHD may be caused by their parents? How to prevent in time?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common behavioral disorder in school-age children, commonly known as ADHD. It is a disease that occurs in childhood and shows symptoms such as hyperactivity, impulse and / or attention deficit. Generally speaking, they are inattentive, over excited and impulsive. [details]

Approaching customized babies: far reaching gene editing

All this shows that the real realization of infant genome customization needs the further development of gene editing science and further research by scientists. In any case, in 2019, those rich people will have the opportunity to improve the possibility of their offspring living a healthy and long life. [details]

What if halitosis is embarrassing? Remember these prevention tips

Clinically, 80% of patients with gastric ulcer have "Helicobacter pylori infection". This bacterial infection seriously threatens human health and has strong infectivity, carcinogenicity and concealment. Therefore, the World Health Organization specifically lists it as the first category of carcinogen. [details]

High incidence of mumps, classes have been suspended to master these tricks

Mumps is rampant in winter and spring, and people are the only source of infection. The main incidence rate was children under 15 years old, among whom 5~9 years old children had the highest incidence. Kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools are the main places of parotitis public health emergencies. [details]

Uterine prolapse or vaginal tumor, these similar gynecological diseases, how should doctors distinguish?

Uterine prolapse will bring great trouble to women's life. To prevent its recurrence, doctors should guide patients: pay attention to reasonable rest and avoid heavy physical labor; Prevent and treat diseases with increased abdominal pressure such as constipation and chronic cough, improve obstetric quality and avoid difficult vaginal delivery. [details]

"Blood routine" may indicate these diseases

White blood cells, which many friends know a little. Some people say that if white blood cells rise, it is bacterial infection? In fact, this understanding is not comprehensive. The interpretation of any test results must be combined with the actual situation of the patient, and sometimes with other tests or imaging examinations. [details]

Dialysis should also try to save renal function

In order to maintain dry weight, uremic hemodialysis patients often ultrafiltration dehydration too much and too fast per unit time during dialysis, but the body has no time to compensate, resulting in a sharp decrease in renal perfusion, a rapid decrease in urine volume or even no urine, which is one of the most important factors leading to the sharp loss of residual renal function. [details]

Blushing can also be cancer? I am so surprised

Experts pointed out that "neuroendocrine tumors are a group of highly heterogeneous tumors, which are not a single tumor we usually know, but the general name of a large class of tumors." neuroendocrine tumors can occur in many organs and tissues of the whole body, and gastrointestinal pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors are the most common, accounting for about two-thirds of all such tumors. [details]

Food safety should not be underestimated, healthy diet should keep in mind

Open the food package and check whether the food has its due sensory properties. It is not allowed to eat foods that are rotten, rancid, moldy, raw insects, dirty, mixed with foreign matters or other abnormal sensory properties. If protein foods are sticky, stained lipid foods have howling taste, carbohydrates have fermented smell or drinks have abnormal sediment, it is not allowed to eat. [details]

How much do you know about food safety

Bacterial food poisoning: refers to food poisoning caused by people eating food contaminated by bacteria or bacterial toxins. Common are Salmonella food poisoning, Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin food poisoning, Vibrio parahaemolyticus food poisoning, etc. [details]

Food safety should not be ignored

Wash raw melons and fruits. Fruits and vegetables in the growth process will not only be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasitic eggs, but also residual pesticides and pesticides. If they are not cleaned, they may not only catch diseases, but also cause pesticide poisoning [details]

Reflection on how to ensure family food safety in Xiangshui explosion

The exhaust gas is discharged irregularly at ordinary times. The smell is very pungent. There is no way to open the door. The pollution situation after the explosion was even more serious. The river next to it was polluted. We knew we couldn't drink it for a long time. [details]

What if a patient with acute drug poisoning comes?

Severe liver and kidney diseases; Severe lung disease; Delayed gastric emptying; Severe hypothyroidism or adrenocortical dysfunction; Take with alcohol or sedative hypnotics; Old people with weak constitution are most likely to be poisoned. Such patients often die of respiratory or circulatory failure, and sometimes accidental death. [details]

Women's pregnancy preparation starts with paying attention to ovaries

Pregnant women should pay more attention to their physical condition, especially older women. They should pay attention to their ovarian function from the beginning of pregnancy, and don't wait blindly. Ovarian function can be judged by blood drawing and B-ultrasound. Ovarian function decline, the ability to conceive will be greatly reduced, even if pregnant, the abortion rate is also very high. [details]

Medical practitioners in these areas do not need to be filed

In order to further implement the requirements of "release, management and service", accelerate the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei medical treatment, attract high-quality medical teams from Beijing and Hebei to serve in Tianjin and provide high-quality medical services for the people in Tianjin, after research, Tianjin Municipal Health Commission has decided to relax the registration of Beijing Hebei licensed doctors and nurses in Tianjin, and now puts forward the following work requirements [details]

Drinking brown sugar water in physiological period is useless and carcinogenic? But I drank it and it worked

90% of dysmenorrhea belong to primary dysmenorrhea. The biggest characteristic of primary dysmenorrhea is that although there is discomfort, there is no lesion in the reproductive organs themselves, which is a common symptom of female menstruation. In short, primary dysmenorrhea can be understood as a "symptom", not a real disease. [details]

2018 China (Gansu) traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Expo was held in Gansu

Guests at home and abroad unanimously adopted and issued the Longxi declaration. Participants expressed their willingness to integrate traditional medicine into their national health care system as an important resource, promote and encourage the educational practice, treatment means and training of practitioners of traditional medicine, formulate national policies, regulations and standards for the development of traditional medicine, and carry out exchanges and cooperation in traditional medicine. [details]

The seminar on deepening the reform of medical insurance payment methods and the capitation payment exchange forum were successfully held in Tianjin

The academic exchange of the conference was invited to Liang Jing, deputy director of Tianjin Third Hospital and director of Hai Hai Hua, general manager of the marine oil hospital. He made a wonderful report on the current situation of hepatitis C treatment under the background of the head pay policy and the report on the scheme of the diabetes based pay per person project. Scholars conducted interactive exchanges. [details]

National Health and Health Committee held a special press conference to introduce Internet plus medical health.

Internet plus Internet plus run away Internet plus medical education is highly valued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that we should promote "Internet + education", "Internet plus medical treatment" and "Internet plus culture", so that people can run errands and more data will be available to improve public service equalization, popularization and convenience. [details]

Two drinks a day were associated with a 63% increased risk of all-cause death in women

Sugary drinks (SSBs) refer to those with high calorie sweeteners, including all carbonated drinks, non carbonated soft drinks, fruit juice drinks and sports drinks. Sweet drinks are deeply loved by everyone, and the intake of these drinks also makes sweetener calories account for a large part of their total energy intake every day. [details]

The brain is still growing when people are old. The latest scientific research has found that brain neurons can continuously renew until the age of 90

The study also found that in the brain of patients with Alzheimer's disease, the regeneration of neurons was blocked by the disease, and the number of newborn neurons was significantly lower than that of healthy peers. This once again gives people the idea of treating nervous system diseases by stimulating neuronal regeneration. [details]

The director of the National Cancer Institute will be the acting director of FDA

Norman Sharpless, an oncologist born, was appointed director of the National Cancer Institute in June 2017. Since then, he has rapidly carried out modern research of the Institute, diversified clinical trials, and taken measures to improve the patient population that has not been cared for in the past, which is his landmark achievement. [details]

Driven by dual factors: 3D printing in the medical industry ushers in an inflection point

Among the buyers of 3D printers, research institutions, universities and hospitals account for a large proportion, but most of them are for research purposes rather than really applied to industrial production. Especially in hospitals, 3D printing is only a preliminary experimental exploration and has not been put into practical use. [details]

Children with congenital heart disease in 2277 poor villages in the province can have surgery free of charge

The incidence rate of congenital heart disease is about fifteen to two hundred thousand every year in China. The incidence of congenital heart disease in Guangdong has reached 1%. Congenital heart disease has become one of the congenital diseases with the highest mortality rate among preschool children. Early detection and early treatment are the key to the treatment of congenital heart disease. [details]

The purchase price is 1648 domestic biological analogues into medical insurance

According to the data of Intranet, in 2017, the sales of rituximab injection at the terminals of China's urban public hospitals, county-level public hospitals, urban community centers and township health centers (hereinafter referred to as China's public medical institutions) were nearly 3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.82%. [details]

Human endogenic nuclear reaction destroys cancer cells

According to Fu Shinian, deputy manager of China spallation neutron source project, boron neutron capture therapy is a safe and effective therapy. It is the best means to treat malignant brain tumors, melanoma and other cancers. It has no damage to normal human tissues, but it is more effective than conventional therapy. [details]

Why did your vision deteriorate during pregnancy? Experts teach you to deal with correctly!

After pregnancy, due to hormone changes, pregnant mothers will have a lot of changes, including eyes. In fact, these changes are also quietly changing. Some of these changes will even bring some specious "diseases" that perplex some pregnant mothers. So, how should pregnant mothers deal with some changes in their eyes during pregnancy? [details]

Do you have job burnout? Don't think it's far from you

Job burnout is more likely to occur in the early stage of work. The incidence of job burnout of employees under the age of 30 is higher than that of people over the age of 30. Secondly, rationalists, perfectionists and compulsive people are more likely to produce job burnout; [details]

Do you want to fight HPV? What's the price? There are answers to all your concerns

HPV (human papillomavirus) is a general term of a type of virus, which can be divided into high-risk type and low-risk type according to different carcinogenicity. High risk types can cause cervical cancer, mainly types 16 and 18, which is related to about 70% of cervical cancer worldwide; Low risk type mainly causes skin warts, genital condyloma or low-grade intraepithelial injury. [details]

The president of Gansu Modern hospital management system is fully responsible for four tasks

On the basis of formulating the hospital charter, public hospitals should improve the hospital decision-making mechanism. The hospital enjoys the autonomy of operation and management according to law and regulations, and carries out medical and health service activities within the scope of legal rights and obligations. The president is fully responsible for medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and administration. [details]

How to set up the doctor promotion assessment system

Medical progress depends on doctors' clinical medical practice and research. Of course, doctors should also be encouraged to do medical research. But not every doctor must do scientific research, let alone require every doctor to make innovative scientific research achievements. [details]

Vigorously train general practitioners and only hang up the number once for chronic diseases

Promote the cultivation of general practitioners, strengthen the job transfer training and re certification training of general practitioners, complete the training target of 500 general practitioners in the city within the year, and achieve the goal of 2.3 general practitioners per 10000 permanent residents by the end of this year [details]

Health Salon: Dean Duan Tao believes that many clinics will close down in the next two years

In Shanghai at the end of March, the first reader sharing Salon of health point was held as scheduled. On weekdays, readers are online "intimate" interaction. This time, they finally have the opportunity to "see the real face". Everyone has a good talk on the spot. The theme of this sharing salon is "the way of operation of women's and children's clinics", focusing on the current situation and difficulties of investment and operation of women's and children's clinics in recent two years. [details]

People's Daily: "the medical team that doesn't go" writes a hymn of China Rwanda friendship with traditional Chinese Medicine

The army, the captain of the 18th batch of Chinese medical team to Rwanda, has just completed an obstetric operation. She said: "obstetrics and gynecology is one of the most important departments in Masaka hospital. It delivers more than 5000 newborns every year and has more than 180 cesarean sections every month. However, the full-time doctors and nurses here are very limited, so now Chinese doctors have taken the lead in obstetrics and gynecology." [details]

Joint pain is not "exclusive" to the elderly. You should know these suggestions

The common vertebral problems of the elderly are compression fractures and lumbar degenerative changes caused by osteoporosis. Such patients are generally over 60 years old. Qiu Yiyan suggested that the elderly can bask in the sun and eat more vitamin D to reduce the loss of calcium in the body and make the bones stronger. [details]

Love free clinic delivers health and shows angel love in the snow

Gongyi Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine organized 18 medical and nursing personnel from internal medicine, orthopedics, ophthalmology and emergency department to form a medical volunteer service team and came to wudingpo village, Luzhuang town to provide free blood pressure measurement, blood glucose, B-ultrasound, ECG and disease consultation services for local people. [details]

An 82 year old man sends a thank-you note in a wheelchair to praise good medical care

On July 11, Grandpa Qu, who was already an octogenarian, sat in an electric wheelchair and sent a handwritten thank-you letter to Zou Yuli, the nurse in charge of the emergency department of the second people's Hospital of Gansu Province. Between the lines of the letter, it reveals the old man's gratitude to the medical staff in the emergency department, especially Zou Yuli. [details]

In the Internet age, new contradictions will appear in the doctor-patient relationship. Do you make it

Many patients who are familiar with the Internet often use the Internet to find out the knowledge, cases and diagnosis and treatment methods of related diseases in order to understand the condition and avoid misdiagnosis, excessive diagnosis and treatment, wrong medication and other problems before going to the hospital. These patients believe that taking such "homework" to the hospital to "see a doctor" can "have a bottom in their heart". [details]

Open millipore to treat intervertebral disc herniation 60 year old man gets rid of ten years of pain

However, it is a pity that many patients, like Uncle Zeng, only stay between traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy and traditional open surgery with large opening, slow recovery and high cost. They have not realized that cervical minimally invasive surgery has long become a new direction for the treatment of cervical diseases. [details]

Attention, doctor! Medical disputes and complaints will have laws to follow, and the medical risks will be easy to understand

The "exposure draft" requires that the main person in charge of medical institutions is the first person responsible for the complaint management of medical institutions. A medical institution at or above the second level shall establish a doctor-patient relationship office or a designated department to uniformly undertake the management of complaints. Other medical institutions shall be equipped with full-time (Part-time) personnel, and if conditions permit, they may also set up a complaint management department. [details]

12 ministries and commissions jointly issued documents on the re amplification of generic drug policies

Combined with the continuous documents issued by various ministries and commissions since the 4 + 7 centralized purchase, the medical reform work in 2019 or the next stage will focus on generic drug substitution, medical insurance cost control and rational drug use. 4 + 7 centralized purchase is a pilot, and the resulting price decline and price chain reaction will pave the way for the implementation of pay by disease and DRG. [details]

The National Health Commission issued a document to severely punish doctors for hanging certificates

Strengthen the supervision and inspection on the charging behavior of medical institutions, investigate and deal with the splitting of surgery or inspection items, failure to publicize the prices of drugs, medical materials and medical services as required, and failure to charge according to the items and pricing basis. [details]

Assessment indicators of hospitals issued by the National Health Commission

Information technology reservation, information technology payment, information technology reminder, self-service query service, information construction, big data utilization, use of intelligent technology and wearable devices, configuration of pharmacy automation equipment, etc. [details]

Tianjin vigorously promotes the reform of medical insurance fee collection and payment by disease

In order to scientifically and reasonably determine the standard of collection and payment by disease, not only ensure the quality and safety of medical services, but also reflect the labor value of medical personnel, and ensure that patients and medical insurance funds can bear it, Tianjin reformed the price formation mechanism of charging by disease, set the price by the original government department, and adjust the negotiated pricing for service buyers and service providers. [details]

Pharmacy opportunity comes, medical insurance welcomes major changes

Compared with the current policy, the document issued by Hunan Province has made a substantive breakthrough. The agreement medical and health institutions (including village clinics) and agreement retail pharmacies are also included in the reimbursement scope of NCMS. Although there are a series of constraints and application principles, it is worthy of being welcomed by pharmacies both in practical and symbolic significance. [details]

How to guide the sinking of high-quality medical resources in Wuzhen Internet hospital

Wuzhen Internet hospital is a pilot project of intelligent medical innovation founded in December 7, 2015 in Wuzhen's Internet innovation and development pilot area, which is the spirit of the "Internet plus" medical reform advocated by the Tongxiang Municipal People's government and the micro medicine responding Party Central Committee and the State Council. [details]

Tianjin has made every effort to promote the direct settlement of medical insurance in different places and achieved practical results

Build a remote medical treatment direct settlement system environment, complete the joint commissioning and testing of functional modules such as the addition of designated medical institutions, the registration and filing of insured persons, the amount of prepayment, admission registration, expense entry and discharge settlement, and promote the "seamless connection" of remote medical treatment online settlement. [details]