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Common clinical questions in asthma drug treatment

In the past 10 years, the prevalence of asthma in children and adults in mainland China has doubled, but the proportion of asthma patients who can receive standardized treatment is less than 5%, and only a few patients follow the asthma treatment plan and use peak flow meter to monitor the disease. It can be seen that the prevention and treatment of asthma in China has a long way to go. [details]

Asthma experts talk to you about cough and pneumonia

Pneumonia refers to the inflammation of the terminal airway, alveoli and pulmonary interstitium. It can be caused by pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, as well as physical and chemical factors such as radiation and inhaled foreign bodies. And will bring great harm to the patient's body. [details]

What drugs should be avoided in the treatment of drug-induced asthma?

Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and indomethacin may enhance the lipoxygenase pathway and produce a large number of leukotrienes to cause asthma due to the inhibition of arachidonic acid cyclooxygenase pathway. [details]

Alert to the four symptoms of exercise-induced asthma

Usually, exercise-induced asthma will show four symptoms: shortness of breath, no phlegm, dry cough, chest tightness and loud breathing sound. There may only be one condition, or several symptoms may appear together. [details]

What is sports asthma? What are the characteristics of sports asthma

Sports asthma is a typical asthma symptom that occurs 2-5 minutes after the cessation of vigorous exercise. It is characterized by chest tightness, shortness of breath and dyspnea. In severe cases, it can be accompanied by purple fiber, irritability, inability to lie flat and sweating. [details]

The prevention and treatment of exercise-induced asthma is not so simple as immobility

Exercise-induced asthma, also known as exercise-induced asthma, refers to acute and temporary airway obstruction after a certain amount of exercise. It is a special type of bronchial asthma. Patients will have symptoms such as chest tightness, wheezing, cough, shortness of breath and dyspnea. Some people will also feel sore throat and stomach pain. [details]

Do you want to exercise if you have sports asthma

Exercise-induced asthma is easy to attack after strenuous exercise, which is a special type of asthma. Exercise-induced asthma can not heal and attack repeatedly, which is easy to cause great mental and physical pain to patients [details]

Asthma prevents recurrent airway infection and inflammation

Blocking the airway: if the airway is blocked by a large amount of mucus, the most direct impact is to cause dyspnea, insufficient oxygen intake, unable to discharge carbon dioxide, and it is easy to form pulmonary diseases such as emphysema and bullae in the later stage. [details]

What causes bronchial asthma

After the occurrence of bronchial asthma, the patient's bronchus swells, which will also lead to dyspnea and threaten the patient's life. The causes of the disease are different, and the symptoms of patients are also different. Therefore, let's take a look at the etiology of bronchitis and asthma and help patients with targeted treatment. [details]

Essential causes and treatment of expectoration and asthma caused by bronchitis, asthma, COPD and other diseases

Inflammatory airway, common asthma, bronchiectasis, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, cor pulmonale, pneumoconiosis, silicosis and other diseases, although the causes are different, they will eventually lead to airway inflammation. Airway inflammation has two characteristics: edema and exudation [details]

What are the acute symptoms and other symptoms of bronchial asthma

In life, we often have the experience that when a variety of things appear and change at the same time, it is difficult for us to correctly identify so and so. Similarly, when the acute symptoms of bronchial asthma appear, because the occurrence time is relatively compact, it is difficult for patients' friends to distinguish, which is not convenient for the implementation of symptomatic treatment. [details]

Daily nursing care of children with allergic asthma

Allergic asthma is a stubborn disease. The symptoms of allergic asthma are generally sneezing, runny nose, cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other accompanying symptoms of other allergic symptoms, resulting in dizziness and headache. Long term recurrent attacks can be complicated with chronic bronchitis, obstructive emphysema, chronic pulmonary heart disease and pulmonary interstitial fibrosis. [details]

I'm not afraid of childhood asthma

Childhood asthma is different from the inflammation caused by general bacterial and viral infections, but an allergic disease. Only by making a clear diagnosis of childhood asthma can we carry out standardized treatment for children. However, more than one-third of the children were not diagnosed in time, such as treating asthma as pneumonia and allergic rhinitis as upper respiratory tract infection. [details]

What are the main factors causing childhood asthma

Asthma is more common in China in recent years. There are many patients with asthma in medical clinic. In recent years, asthma diseases gradually began to march into children, and many children have suffered from asthma diseases to varying degrees, which has attracted the attention of many parents. What are the pathogenic factors of children's asthma? [details]

What effect does radish have on infantile asthma

Its vitamin C content is higher than that of ordinary fruits, and it is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Radish also contains pentosan, hydrogenated pectin, adenine, arginine and other components. [details]

What are the inducements and prevention methods of allergic asthma

The sudden change of climate at the turn of seasons is also a cause of diseases. Asthma may be induced when air temperature, temperature, air pressure and / or ions in the air change. Cold winter and spring and autumn with frequent climate change are the high incidence seasons of asthma. [details]

Pathological etiology, common symptoms and conditioning suggestions of allergic asthma

Dry cough or a large amount of white foam sputum, and even cyanosis. However, it can be relieved after treatment by itself or with antiasthmatic drugs. Some patients can relapse after several hours of remission, and even lead to persistent asthma. [details]

Why do you suffer from allergic asthma? What are the main reasons

With the passage of time, positive things continue to flourish, while negative and bad things gradually reveal their harm. In recent years, the obvious increase in the number of patients with allergic asthma is a good example. [details]

What are the common symptoms of allergic asthma

Dyspnea is a common symptom of asthma, and other symptoms will vary according to different types of asthma. In the season with more pollen in spring, many patients will pay attention to the symptoms of allergic asthma, so that when there are slight manifestations in the spring outing, they can prevent and treat them in time to avoid further deterioration of asthma. [details]

What about the high incidence of respiratory diseases such as influenza and asthma after the cold solar term

Improve body immunity. Moderate physical exercise can improve the cold resistance of the body. For example, washing your face and nose with cold water in winter is the simplest way to help patients improve their cold resistance. Drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables to improve your comprehensive physique. [details]

What are the symptoms of Senile Asthma and what are the common complications

We should take special care of the elderly, young children and other vulnerable groups in society, but the disease does not have human thought and human warmth. Because the resistance of the elderly to asthma is generally low, the elderly have become the susceptible population of asthma, and recognizing the symptoms of the elderly asthma can effectively control and treat the disease. [details]

How to treat the nursing of Senile Asthma correctly

The elderly should eat more green leafy vegetables and orange vegetables in their daily diet. These vegetables are rich in carotene, which can be transformed into vitamin A in the body, so they play a certain role in resisting asthma. [details]

How does "old slow branch" spend the winter

Inhale deeply first, hold your breath properly, and then exhale slowly, so as to facilitate sputum excretion and improve lung function. At the same time, it is also recommended to take cold resistance exercise, wash hands, face, feet and nose with cold water. [details]

If you cough for a long time, please be alert to cough variant asthma

The incidence rate of children is high. Over 30% of children with dry cough have been found to be related to cough variant asthma. In adults, the age of onset of cough variant asthma is higher than that of typical asthma. About 13% of patients are older than 50 years old, and middle-aged women are more common. [details]

Does repeated cough turn into asthma

The clinical manifestations are recurrent wheezing, dyspnea, chest tightness or cough, which can be relieved by treatment or self relief, and its airway has high reactivity to irritants. [details]

What should we pay attention to during the treatment of variant asthma

As a kind of emotional animals, people will inevitably have panic and impatience when they encounter similar emergencies such as variant asthma attack. The existence of these emotions often makes patients take detours and spend more money in treatment, and the treatment can not achieve the expected effect, so the treatment of variant asthma needs to be cautious. [details]

What are the reasons for the complications of variant asthma

There are no two identical leaves in the world, nor are there things that are completely isolated and self-existent. Variant asthma, especially cough variant asthma, is usually accompanied by several complications, such as loss of appetite and cough. When treating these complications, we pay more attention to the prevention and treatment of the main causes of variant asthma complications. [details]

What is the relationship between asthma and cardiogenic asthma

The common features of asthma and cardiogenic asthma are dyspnea, chest tightness, cough and wheezing in the chest. When the condition is serious, patients with both diseases will have cyanosis, cold sweat and extreme mental tension. These similarities are also the main reason why the two diseases are easy to be confused. [details]

What are the classifications of asthma

Allergic asthma is also known as exogenous asthma, and it is more common in young people or children. Generally, it has an allergic constitution, or an allergic disease, as well as a family history of asthma, such as allergy to pollen and allergy to specific food. It is acute, the sound of asthma lasts for a short time, and it can be relieved if it is separated from the allergic environment. [details]

What is asthma? Is asthma contagious

Asthma is a chronic bronchial disease in which the patient's trachea is swollen due to inflammation, resulting in dyspnea. Dyspnea in asthmatic patients is usually intermittent and caused by the stimulation of some factors, especially late at night and dawn. Other symptoms include wheezing and coughing. [details]

You should know more about asthma

Asthma is a chronic airway inflammatory disease. This inflammation has nothing to do with infection, so there is no need to use antibiotics. Its pathogenesis is complex, mainly related to allergic reaction and abnormal immune regulation. [details]

What are the main diagnostic methods of occupational asthma

Firstly, the subjects to be observed in the diagnosis of occupational asthma: chest tightness, shortness of breath, cough, expectoration, paroxysmal asthma, audible wheezing in both lungs, but lack of specific laboratory indexes; Or those who only find specific laboratory index abnormalities in physical examination, but lack typical symptoms and signs of paroxysmal asthma clinically, are regarded as the observation objects of occupational asthma. [details]

Does asthma need genetic testing

Wheezing or asthma like dyspnea, audible wheezing sound in the lungs may occur when bronchial stenosis or associated infection is caused. However, according to the clinical history, especially inspiratory dyspnea, sputum cytology or bacteriology, chest X-ray, CT or MRI or bronchoscopy, the diagnosis can often be made. [details]

How to diagnose cardiogenic asthma? What are the diagnostic methods

X-ray examination showed increased shadows of the two hilar lungs and varying degrees of pulmonary congestion, such as lobar pulmonary vein dilatation, interlobar edema, kerleyb line or pulmonary edema (cloud shadow of the lung field). [details]

Should asthma be differentiated from bronchiectasis

About 1 / 5 ~ 1 / 3 of patients with bronchiectasis have increased secretion and blockage after bronchiectasis, resulting in asthma like respiratory distress and wheezing. At this time, we should pay attention to distinguish it from asthma. [details]

What are the symptoms of asthma

Shortness of breath after activity is the most common phenomenon of asthma. Shortness of breath usually occurs after activity. It is usually short of breath and can not continue, like wheezing without phlegm. This is the symptom of asthma. [details]

What are the main early symptoms of asthma

Asthma is a disease that often damages respiratory health. When infected with this disease, sudden dyspnea often appears. In severe cases, it will also be accompanied by shortness of breath, foaming at the mouth and other symptoms. [details]

How should the symptoms of asthma be treated

It is reported that the main manifestation of asthmatic patients is that it is difficult to exhale, and they have symptoms such as cough and expectoration. When checking their lungs, they can hear a whistle like sound called "wheezing". [details]

How should the symptom of bronchial asthma differentiate

Asthma, many patients do not know this disease very well, so they want to know how to distinguish the symptoms of bronchial asthma. Only when we know the symptoms of asthma can we get sick before the disease is serious, and then treat it. Therefore, understanding this problem is helpful for treatment. [details]

What are the common causes of asthma

The occurrence and attack of asthma are related to many respiratory tract infections. In asthmatic patients, there will be specific IgE of bacteria, viruses and mycoplasma. Once inhaled the corresponding antigen, it can stimulate asthma. After virus infection, it can directly damage respiratory epithelium and increase respiratory reactivity. [details]

Spring flowers bloom asthma season, let you know "the pain of being unable to breathe"

Asthma is not only the most common disease in spring, but also a recurrent disease. In order to avoid suffering from this difficult disease, here are some tips to prevent asthma. [details]

How many causes of asthma do you know

Environmental pollution is a problem that can not be underestimated. It can lead to many diseases, including asthma. For example, the gas we usually use and the oil fume produced during cooking may lead to asthma. [details]

What are the causes of asthma and how to prevent it

Inhalation is usually divided into specific and non-specific. In daily life, we must do some preventive work to avoid inhalation of inhalation that may cause asthma, which is a common cause of asthma. [details]

Why should chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cor pulmonale and asthma expel phlegm

Goblet cells in the human airway naturally produce mucus, moisten the airway, form the protection of the airway wall, and wrap the dust, impurities and harmful substances inhaled by the outside world. Sputum is formed in this way. [details]

How should asthma be treated? What should we pay attention to in life

In addition to aminophylline, glucocorticoids are also the most effective drugs to control asthma, and hormone inhalation therapy is the most effective method recommended for long-term anti infection treatment of asthma. Commonly used drugs include budesonide, fluticasone, mometasone and so on. [details]

It's a lie that asthma can be cured

According to the causes of asthma, asthma can be divided into bronchial asthma, allergic asthma, variant asthma, cardiogenic asthma and mixed asthma; It can be divided into childhood asthma and senile asthma. They all have their own clinical symptoms. [details]

Why is part of asthma still not controlled after a major breakthrough in asthma treatment

Many asthma patients lack the ability of self-management. They only go to the hospital for help when they get sick, and their condition is extremely serious at this time. Some patients rely too much on acute drugs, so that they suffer from disease for a long time. More patients do not accurately reflect their condition. Although the symptoms are very serious, they are suffering silently [details]

What are the hazards of asthma? There are so many hazards of asthma

One of the causes of asthma is that the upper respiratory tract is infected by virus. When the virus invades the upper respiratory tract and causes asthma, the immune function of the whole respiratory tract will be damaged, so the patients' lower respiratory tract and lungs are also vulnerable to infection. Therefore, the environment of asthmatic patients must be kept clean to prevent bacterial infection. [details]

What are the main hazards of variant asthma

In the premonitory stage, cough can be caused by airway allergic inflammatory stimulation, and expectoration can also occur. In the attack stage, the cough will be reduced instead of wheezing until the attack is near the end. [details]

Self management of patients with asthma

And exchange medication experience with patients' friends. After the church, Mr. Su Xinming answered the patient's questions in detail. After the meeting, a small pulmonary function test was prepared for the patients, and a peak flow meter was given free of charge. The meeting was successfully concluded, and the patients warmly looked forward to the next meeting of the suffering church. [details]

What are the hazards of asthma

Asthma is a common respiratory disease, which has a serious adverse effect on people's body and mind. Experts said that asthma is a chronic airway inflammation caused by various factors. Patients often show recurrent wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness or cough. [details]

To provide a new direction for the treatment of bronchial asthma

Common allergens include grain flour, flour, animal fur, wood, etc. High molecular weight sensitizers may sensitize patients and cause asthma attack through the same allergic mechanism as allergens. [details]

What should the maintenance treatment of asthma do

The first thing to know is that each patient's condition, physical condition and other basic conditions are different. The doctor will formulate the most appropriate treatment plan according to your specific situation. Abiding by the doctor's advice and regular follow-up to the hospital is the key to asthma treatment! [details]

I'd rather spend 30000 than say goodbye to asthma

I have asthma. I feel chest tightness and shortness of breath when walking and climbing stairs on weekdays. It will be even more uncomfortable at night. I even need two or three pillows to sleep. I almost have to sit and sleep. In a few days of trying Mi Wei M1, I felt it was particularly obvious that my chest was not so stuffy and very comfortable. [details]

What are the daily health care methods for patients with asthma

The main cause of allergy is dust mites, which grow in fur products or other soft items in the room, such as carpets, fur toys and mattresses. The number of mites in a mattress can be as many as 2 million. In the arrangement and cleaning of bedding: do not use down quilts and silk quilts, and do not use bedding made of animal fur. [details]

What is the diet and principle of bronchial asthma

Patients with bronchial asthma: the diet should be light and less irritating. It should not be too full, salty or sweet. Avoid cold, wine, spicy and other irritating foods. It is advisable to eat less heterosexual protein foods. Once it is found that a certain food can indeed induce the onset of bronchial asthma, it is advisable to avoid eating. It is advisable to eat more plant soybean proteins, such as beans and bean products. [details]

What good food does asthmatic eat? It's very important to choose

Asthmatic patients should eat more vegetables and fruits, such as radish and cabbage, which has the effect of clearing lung and resolving phlegm. Calcium containing foods can enhance the anti allergic ability of trachea, such as tofu, bone and so on. At the same time, drinking more hot water is also very important for asthmatic patients to dilute sputum. Avoid or eat less shrimp, crab, coriander, wheat, eggs, milk, meat, crucian carp and other foods that may cause asthma, abdominal distention and dyspnea. [details]

What are the daily nursing measures for children with bronchial asthma

There are many inducing factors of bronchial asthma. While relying on drug treatment, we should also maintain good living habits and nursing principles in daily life, which is also very important to alleviate asthma. [details]

The left lung is strangely "missing", but he is the murderer!

As long as the child has an unexplained sudden severe cough, parents must find out the cause in time. Some children have similar symptoms only after more than 10 days of choking cough, but they have caused serious lung infection at this time. [details]

Be alert to children's "atypical asthma" attack in spring

When it comes to asthma, many people know that asthma will occur. But not all asthma. Xie Danyu, chief pediatrician of Guangdong maternal and child health hospital, said that many patients could not control asthma because they did not receive timely and effective treatment, and the consequences were more serious. [details]

The chief culprit of 5-year-old children suffering from asthma is Yang LiuXu

There are corresponding allergens and irritants in each season, which may cause the onset of asthma. Every spring there is a period of catkins flying all over the sky. Although catkins themselves are not poisonous, their hair will be irritating, and they will carry a lot of dust and bacteria in the process of flying, which will bring strong stimulation to some people with allergic constitution. [details]

There are "asthmatic babies" at home to prevent air conditioning from causing trouble

For "asthmatic babies", it's best not to stay in the closed environment for a long time, but to breathe more fresh air outdoors; In and out of the air-conditioned room, strengthen protection to avoid the irritation of the respiratory tract caused by the cold air in the air-conditioned room. [details]