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Protein powder (Thomson Beijian)

Enhance immunity. More role
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Common name:
Thomson Beijian protein powder
Product No.:
Approval No.:
Gsjz g2014 0134 (inquired by the State Drug Administration)
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Product specification:
200g 600g 450g
BY-HEALTH co., ltd
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    Product name Protein powder (Thomson Beijian)
    Main raw materials Soy protein isolate, concentrated whey protein, soy phospholipid.
    Main role Enhance immunity.
    Suitable population unlimited
    Product specification 450g
    Usage and dosage Once a day, 10g each time, mixed with warm boiled water.
    manufacturing enterprise BY-HEALTH co., ltd
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    [trade name] Protein powder (Thomson Beijian)

    [packaging unit] pot

    [specification and model] 450g

    [manufacturer] BY-HEALTH co., ltd

    [approval No.] Gsjz g2014 0134

    [validity period] 24 months

    [product function] Enhance immunity.

    [usage] Once a day, 10g each time, mixed with warm boiled water.

    [precautions] This product cannot replace drugs.

    [taboo] Unsuitable population: Infants

    [main materials] Soy protein isolate, concentrated whey protein, soy phospholipid.

    [storage] Store in a cool and dry place.

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      Protein powder (Thomson Beijian)



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