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Skin disease patients should know these six or seven things

Some itchy skin diseases, such as neurodermatitis, seasonal dermatitis and chronic eczema, often thicken the skin lesions due to patients' continuous scratching, which in turn aggravates the itching feeling, forming a vicious circle of "more scratching, more itching and more scratching", so that the skin diseases will not heal for a long time [details]

Cholinergic urticaria can infect, need to pay attention to these 4 points

The allergic reaction caused by cholinergic urticaria will make the skin surface feel prickly and itchy. It can also make red wind masses with a diameter of about 2mm appear on the skin surface of the proximal limbs and the body. [details]

Psoriasis vulgaris is not terrible. What's terrible is to do so

Daily care and life care during and after rehabilitation are also related to the condition changes of psoriasis vulgaris. Many patients do not properly care for the affected parts during treatment, and use irritating bath products or vigorously rub the skin during cleaning, which may lead to the aggravation of psoriasis vulgaris [details]

What causes psoriasis? Analysis of symptoms, treatment and medication

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease with a long course of disease and easy to relapse. Some cases can hardly heal for life. The disease mainly occurs in young adults, which has a great impact on the physical health and mental status of patients. [details]

There are wonderful ways to treat chilblain. Be careful of these misunderstandings

After entering the winter, the amount of human activity is relatively reduced, and the blood circulation and metabolism slow down. In particular, the peripheral circulation parts such as the back of the hand, toes and auricles are prone to blood stasis, causing local tissue necrosis and frostbite. [details]

Is the skin bruised in the early stage of liver cancer? What ghost is purpura

In medicine, we call subcutaneous hemorrhage purpura, also known as purpura. It is mainly skin mucosal bleeding that leads to purple and blue skin color. Inexplicable purpura may be a sign of some diseases. If purpura is not painful and itchy, the number is relatively large, the area is relatively large, and it often occurs, this may be a symptom of poor liver. [details]

Relationship between body itching, skin itching and liver in winter

In addition to liver diseases, diseases such as gallstones, allergies and autoimmune cholangitis can also lead to skin problems. Although they all cause skin problems, careful discrimination can find the differences, and the following skin problems are certainly or may be related to the liver. [details]

What are the symptoms of allergic dermatitis? Do you really know them

Like people have allergies. The skin also has the problem of outbreak when encountering a certain allergen, and this problem is the symptoms of allergic dermatitis that we will carefully understand today. We will carefully understand this skin disease through the symptoms of dermatitis. [details]

Urticaria is very common in children. Mothers should pay more attention

Although children's urticaria is a very common skin disease, mothers should also be very concerned. After all, children's skin is relatively tender. If they don't pay attention, it may have a great impact on children. [details]

Dry skin how to make up, moisturize and fix makeup

Winter is coming and the weather is getting drier and drier. I believe we all feel the skin itching caused by winter. For dry skin, such weather makes the skin more dry and difficult to put on makeup. What should dry skin do? [details]

Mixed skin makeup needs to be done in different regions

We all know that human skin has neutral skin, dry skin, mixed skin and sensitive skin, but one skin is often ignored, that is mixed skin. This replication has the characteristics of oily skin and dry skin. [details]

What is skin cancer? Remember early detection and early treatment

Everyone talks about cancer discoloration, which shows that cancer is still a difficult field in current medicine. There are many kinds of cancer. Today we will talk about one part, skin cancer. From the causes, characteristics, treatment and other aspects. [details]

How to treat seborrheic dermatitis? You'll know after reading these

Seborrheic dermatitis is a very common skin inflammation. Patients are usually caused by inadequate nursing work in terms of living habits. Today, Tian Tian will take you to see the harm of seborrheic dermatitis and how to treat seborrheic dermatitis. [details]

How to treat tinea capitis? These methods can help you

The main population of tinea capitis is children, and tinea capitis is highly infectious. Patients need to keep a distance from others during the illness, and see a doctor in time for treatment. Today I'll take you to understand how to treat tinea capitis. [details]

How does infantile urticaria stop itching? Sad parents

The diet should be easy to digest and light. When eating, pay attention to prevent the baby from eating food related to urticaria, so as to prevent the aggravation of urticaria symptoms, such as fish and shrimp, cod liver oil, eggs, etc. Eating fresh vegetables, fruits and carbohydrate foods rich in vitamins can supplement vitamin C and reduce allergic symptoms. [details]

What medicine does neurodermatitis use to look good? You'll know

Neurodermatitis is a common skin disease, which will bring itching and seriously affect the sleep quality and daily life of patients. How can neurodermatitis be cured and what drugs are effective for neurodermatitis? If you want to know, just look down. [details]

Skin diseases are high in autumn and winter, and urticaria should not be despised

Acute and chronic urticaria: acute urticaria is a localized edema reaction caused by the expansion of small blood vessels and increased permeability of skin and mucosa. In urticaria, the entire skin inflammatory system is activated. [details]

How much do you know about urticaria in winter?

Active treatment of original diseases, urticaria is not only an independent disease, but also a skin manifestation of some diseases. There are many diseases that can cause hives. In addition, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, menstrual disorders, and even potential tumors in the body may cause hives. [details]

There are many types of urticaria, and the corresponding symptoms are different

Urticaria symptoms vary with the type of urticaria. There are many types of urticaria, so the symptoms are also diverse. Understand the types and symptoms of urticaria and treat urticaria as soon as possible. [details]

How is urticaria caused? I'll teach you some tips to prevent it

Urticaria is mainly caused by allergic reactions caused by allergies. The most common inducing factor is food. Many patients often develop urticaria after eating fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, beef, strawberries, cocoa, tomatoes, garlic and other foods. [details]

Precautions for the treatment of erythroderma psoriasis

Erythroderma psoriasis patients are often accompanied by systemic symptoms such as fever and joint pain in the acute rash period, and there is a risk of inducing heart failure. During the illness period, the changes of the condition should be closely observed, and the discomfort symptoms should be checked and treated in time to prevent the occurrence of complications. [details]

Watch out for psoriasis in winter. It does great harm if it does not heal for a long time

There are North-South differences in psoriasis. Patients with psoriasis in the north are significantly more than those in the south, and psoriasis in the north will be improved or relieved after a period of time in the south. All these show that psoriasis is a disease affected by region. [details]

Psoriasis patient readme: please don't discriminate against me

I just hope to stand up one day. I don't want to be discriminated against. I don't want all patients like me to give up. I hope those patients who still suffer from psoriasis will stay away from psoriasis as soon as possible. [details]

How do people get psoriasis?

The etiology of psoriasis is very complex, and most of the factors are problems we often encounter. In the face of psoriasis, we can avoid the harm of psoriasis only by taking scientific protective measures! [details]

This season's luck and beriberi have stopped. Don't be deceived by the illusion

In the winter festival, fungi have entered the "hibernation period", and the symptoms of tinea manus and pedis have been significantly reduced. Many people ignore treatment because of this. Unexpectedly, this is actually a waste of a good time for treatment! The incidence rate of tinea pedis is high and infectious. It is the root of other ringworm diseases and is easy to relapse. First, attention should be paid to and strengthened nursing. [details]

Tinea manus and pedis is something you have to know

Tinea manus and pedis is caused by pathogenic filamentous fungal infection. Tinea pedis is more common than tinea manus and tends to be infectious. Its occurrence is related to close contact with the patient's hands and feet and supplies, such as slippers, bathtub, foot wiping cloth, etc. Tinea manus is often infected by the patient's own tinea pedis. [details]

Mycotic dermatosis tinea manus and pedis why so itchy

When the patient's foot itches, he grabs it with his hand or scalds it with hot water to obtain temporary comfort. As everyone knows, the itching of the skin will be more intense after these stimuli, forming a vicious circle of scratching and scratching. It may also lead to secondary bacterial infection due to the expansion of capillaries. [details]

Doing it well after winter is conducive to the recovery of psoriasis

Outdoor exercise can increase the chance of psoriasis patients to contact with ultraviolet rays, which is conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease, and exercise can increase the amount of sweating of patients, which is very beneficial to skin detoxification and skin moisturizing. At the same time, outdoor sports can also help psoriasis patients broaden their horizons and adjust their mood. [details]

Wart is an infectious disease! Targeted treatment of verruca plana

Wart is commonly known as "wart". It is a skin infectious disease caused by human papillomavirus infection. According to the shape and location of the rash, it can be divided into verruca vulgaris (including filamentous verruca and finger verruca), flat verruca, palmar verruca, plantar verruca, etc. [details]

Do you have any pimples on your body? It's probably flat wart

Some patients feel that the service of beauty salons is better, but removing flat warts is a medical behavior, and now the beauty market is chaotic, various methods are available, and the effect is difficult to determine. Therefore, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital and find dermatologists for diagnosis and treatment. [details]

Do special things instead of warts, scientifically dispel warts and rationally treat warts

Speaking of "wart" is a lump on the skin, which can occur individually or multiple times. It is caused by the virus invading skin cells. Contact with the virus of wart or touch the skin shed by wart will infect this virus. Each type of wart is caused by a special virus. [details]

Don't scratch flat warts. Be careful. The more you scratch, the more you scratch

Generally, there are no conscious symptoms or occasional slight itching. At the beginning of the disease, the lesions developed and increased rapidly. Young patients who understand the disease often scratch the affected area intentionally or unintentionally. As a result, they will find that there are more and more warts, even in beaded arrangement or dense patches along the scratches. [details]

Q & A is rosacea really drinking?

Having rosacea is not necessarily related to drinking. Some friends do not drink every day, but also have obvious symptoms. Because the nose is located in the center of the face, most people often fall on each other's nose when talking to others, so they are very upset. [details]

What is the cause of rosacea?

Mites usually parasitize on people's face, especially in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the nose. At the same time, they may also parasitize on cats, dogs and other animals. Therefore, if the animals are not cleaned properly, it may also cause the formation of rosacea. [details]

Teach you to deal with rosacea easily

Rosacea is formed on the basis of sebum overflow under the joint influence of internal and external factors, including facial vasomotor and neurotic disorders, long-term telangiectasia, gastrointestinal dysfunction, endocrine dysfunction and so on; [details]

Dry goods are coming! Daily maintenance method of wine trough nose

People who can wash their face must have good skin, not to mention the skin on their nose. Therefore, you should learn to wash your face, use clean water and suitable facial cleanser, especially don't use exfoliating frequently, otherwise you will hurt the skin at the tip of your nose. [details]

If you want to cure folliculitis, you know that symptoms are the key

Understanding the symptoms of folliculitis is the first and key step in our treatment of folliculitis. The treatment of folliculitis should be diagnosed according to different types of symptoms. Let's look at the symptoms of folliculitis. [details]

What is folliculitis? You must know these

Skin plays a very important role in our image and life. If you get skin diseases due to improper care, it must be very uncomfortable. Folliculitis is a kind of skin disease. What is folliculitis? First of all, we should understand it. [details]

What the hell is folliculitis? Pay attention

Modern medicine believes that the pathogen of folliculitis is Staphylococcus, which mainly occurs in immunocompromised or diabetic patients. It is caused by scratching, skin damage and pathogenic bacteria invading hair follicles. [details]

Is folliculitis contagious? You must know this

Folliculitis is mainly manifested as red papules, with slight pain and pruritus. Folliculitis not only affects beauty, but also affects life. Well, many people will worry about folliculitis infection? Let's take a look at whether folliculitis is infectious. [details]

What reason is grey nail recrudesce

Medical treatment is a common method for the treatment of onychomycosis, but the treatment effect of onychomycosis is often unsatisfactory due to insufficient drug dosage, short treatment time, incorrect diagnosis of onychomycosis or no basic diseases. [details]

Paronychia is swollen and painful badly. What should I do?

It can be partially soaked in potassium permanganate warm water, iodophor, hydrogen peroxide disinfection or fishstone ointment, which is more suitable for patients with slight redness, swelling and pain. Shoes should be loose and soft. Try not to wear socks and slippers. [details]

Daily discrimination and dietary guidelines for patients with paronychia!

From one side of the finger and toenail or the proximal end of the nail groove on both sides, redness, swelling and pain, followed by pus spots, granulation tissue can be seen after pus. When the infection spreads to the nail bed, local pus can make the whole finger and toenail float and fall off, which is easy to judge. [details]

How is onychomycosis transmitted

Onychomycosis and tinea cruris are transmitted. If the patient does not pay attention, scratching or minor trauma, his hand directly contacts the foot or tinea cruris with onychomycosis, causing fungal infection to the hand, causing onychomycosis. [details]

Can breastfeeding prevent infant eczema? How about daily care

Infantile eczema is generally caused by allergic constitution, or internal sensitization factors and external factors such as food and climate change, or excessive indoor temperature. To prevent infantile eczema, you should first avoid exposing your baby to these foods and environments that may cause allergies. [details]

Early winter protection combined with keeping away from hand eczema

For hand eczema, soap and detergent, minor trauma or stimulation can induce or aggravate the disease. Therefore, patients with hand eczema should pay attention to local cleanliness and dryness and avoid contact with irritants. [details]

What are the factors of eczema disease

Eczema is a common inflammatory skin disease in the superficial epidermis and dermis caused by a variety of internal and external factors. It is generally considered to be related to allergy. Its clinical manifestations are characterized by symmetry, exudation, pruritus, pleomorphism and recurrence. [details]

Small eczema is often repeated, and patients need to learn nursing

Patients with eczema should frequently cut their nails, avoid scratching and scalding with soap and hot water, underwear should be cotton, do not keep too warm, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, avoid excessive fatigue and mental tension, and ensure adequate sleep. [details]

Herpes simplex is very uncomfortable. Early treatment is very important

Herpes simplex is divided into type I (HSV-1) and type II (HSV-2). Herpes simplex belongs to viral infection. We should treat it as soon as possible whether it is virus type I or virus type II. Let's take a look at the treatment of herpes simplex. [details]

What about viral herpes? You'll know after reading these

As the name suggests, viral herpes is a skin disease caused by viral herpes virus. It is a disease that can not be underestimated. If we don't do our homework in advance and don't know how to treat in time when we get sick, the consequences of virus diffusion in the later stage will be unimaginable. [details]

An article teaches you a comprehensive understanding of herpes virus

Just like a cold, a cold virus, aids like human immunodeficiency virus, and other skin diseases like herpes, it also has a pathogenic virus, that is, herpes virus, and we are going to talk about this herpesvirus today. [details]

To cure genital herpes, you have to understand

Genital herpes is one of the common sexually transmitted diseases, which is mainly caused by sexual contact. Patients with genital herpes must be paid attention to, treated as soon as possible, completely cured, and avoid herpes recurrence. Let's learn about genital herpes. [details]

How does oily skin form oily skin

I don't know what kind of skin you are? In addition to neutral skin, friends with other skin types really have their own troubles. For oily skin, trouble is too much oil secretion, love acne, thick pores and so on. So, is there any way to improve it? [details]

Is red blood plateau red? Changing seasons is equal to changing faces

Avoid the environment and climate as much as possible. When it is cold and windy, scarves and masks are necessary. Take sunscreen measures to avoid sun exposure. Speaking of sunscreen, let me tell you a little secret. If you don't do a good job in sunscreen, it will be easy to grow spots! [details]

6 ways to solve skin relaxation and get you back to 18

Beauty is human nature. For external beauty, we usually pursue a perfect state of bone beauty and skin beauty. However, with the growth of age, everyone can not be exempted from the skin relaxation. How can we avoid it? [details]

How to do skin yellowing remember 7 suggestions

What reason is skin yellowing? This is a question from many people with yellowing skin. Ask yourself and break the casserole to the end. After consulting different people, the answer will be found out. In addition to knowing the reason for yellowing skin, you should also know how to improve it. Please read on. [details]

Talk to you about skin diseases and taboos

When Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, became the emperor, he stepped up to harm the founding heroes. Field marshal Xu Da suffered from "hair back" (back carbuncle, that is, several boils fused into a painful plaque), and he was most afraid to eat goose. Because the goose is the hair, it is easy to get angry and sore. Zhu Yuanzhang gave Xu fat goose with ulterior motives. Xu Daming knew his malice, but he didn't dare to disobey your order, so he had to eat it on the spot. [details]

Which foods are conducive to the recovery of scar patients?

Vitamin A can help cell differentiation, epithelial fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis, and vitamin A also has antioxidant effect, can whiten skin and play a dual role in scar repair. [details]

Autumn and winter dry climate psoriasis patients diet work and rest to do so

Psoriasis patients have no obvious symptoms before "getting angry", but after the onset, they are characterized by rapid heartbeat, dry and hot body, dry lips and restless mood. Serious mouth sores, sore throat and other symptoms will also affect the normal diet of the human body, bring inconvenience to the life and work of psoriasis patients, and even the recurrence of psoriasis. [details]

Nourishing stewed beans in winter are most suitable for patients with vitiligo

Soybean has the effect of reducing blood lipid. Soybean contains a large number of trace elements, which is also a very good food for patients with vitiligo. Soybean is rich in soybean lecithin, and the sterols in soybean lecithin can increase nerve function and vitality. Eating more soybeans will help patients with vitiligo recover. [details]

You must know to prevent solar dermatitis

As the name suggests, the culprit of solar dermatitis is the exposure of the sun. So, in the season of strong ultraviolet rays, how can we protect our skin from sunburn and prevent solar dermatitis? [details]

Summer dermatitis how to do, pay attention to prevention is the key

Summer comes, summer dermatitis is very common. Many people begin to worry about summer dermatitis and find themselves. First of all, we need to know what summer dermatitis is and how to prevent it. Let's learn more about it. [details]

Whitening spots is not difficult. 4 methods: spots fade day by day

Every night is a critical time for skin care. At this time, we must use light spot products for skin care, and apply more in places with serious spots. Then go to bed early at night, let the skin get enough rest, and repair the damaged spotted skin at night. Light spot products need to be used consistently, and they can't be given up in a day or two. [details]

Skin itching is not just lack of water. You have to do all this

Mild skin itching is often just because the skin itself lacks water, but there are many reasons for skin itching. We can't unilaterally ignore it and check the reasons. Over time, it may cause other more serious skin diseases. [details]

Skin and liver health are very tight, the importance of antioxidation

From 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., it is the golden time for hepatocyte self-healing. At this time, liver blood flow can be increased by 40%. Staying up late is the master of Qi and blood harmony. Poor Qi and blood can easily lead to dark and yellow skin and acne. You must go to bed early and go to bed before 11:00 p.m. [details]

Can you identify the changes of skin color after cupping

As we all know, cupping is a good way of health preservation, which is now sought after by more and more people. Many people believe that the can mark after cupping indicates that the poison gas is discharged, so the darker the color, the better. However, this is not the case. Let's learn skin color identification after cupping. [details]

How does oily skin improve moisturizing and cleaning

According to the degree of love for oil, human skin can be roughly divided into three types: dry skin, oily skin and neutral skin. Oily skin has brought troubles to many people in life because of its love of oil. So, how to improve oily skin? [details]

If fruit acid is reasonably used, it will be more beautiful than a first-line female star

Fruit acid can make skin youthful and ruddy. Fruit acid preparation can peel off the cuticle and dilate the superficial capillaries, overcome the disadvantages of dark color and lusterless after skin aging, make the skin ruddy, shiny and youthful, so it has the effect of rejuvenating the skin. [details]

Want to get rid of these bad habits first!

Excessive face washing will stimulate the skin to secrete oil, which is more likely to breed bacteria. This skin environment is more suitable for the growth and development of acne. In fact, no matter what season, cleaning your face once in the morning and evening is enough. [details]

Skin itching is related to five liver disease signals in the skin

When the liver is abnormal, it will lead to obstruction of the biliary tract. At this time, bilirubin will not be excreted smoothly, and bilirubin metabolism will also be abnormal, causing jaundice, usually yellow eyes, skin and urine. People with jaundice may also have systemic skin pruritus a few months before or a year after jaundice. [details]

Does long knowledge skin erythema have a relationship with hepatitis

If a person has liver disease, especially liver cirrhosis, there is a chance of spider nevus and liver palm. The appearance of liver palm is the large thenar line and small thenar line of the palm. Occasionally, red spots appear. They turn white after pressurization and turn red after relaxation. Clinically, most patients with liver cirrhosis will have liver palm, and nearly 50% of chronic patients may also have liver palm. [details]

Experts say: many things are positive in allergen test, which is of little significance!

Henoch Schonlein purpura, as the name suggests, many people think that this disease is inseparable from "allergy". Is this really the case? Experts say: many things are positive in allergen test, which is of little significance! [details]

Can winter wound restore slowly leave scar? How many of these wrong methods do you account for?

After cleaning the wound with hydrogen peroxide, dressing with red potion is a common mistake in wound treatment, because hydrogen peroxide is also toxic to some cells that promote wound healing. It will directly destroy the new granulation tissue of the wound and reduce the activity of white blood cells, so as to slow down the process of wound healing. [details]

Why do skin diseases occur repeatedly? Experts tell you what the problem is?

Skin diseases occur repeatedly, which is actually caused by incorrect habits. Recently, the weather is getting drier and drier. Dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases have also entered a high incidence. Here we remind you how to manage them in daily life! Effectively control symptoms. [details]

Is psoriasis "ringworm"? Skin experts help you get rid of treatment errors!

Psoriasis, commonly known as psoriasis, is a common skin disease, and many people are familiar with it. But is psoriasis "ringworm"? I'm afraid quite a few people don't know so well. Now, let's take a look at whether psoriasis and "ringworm" are the same thing through the explanation of Zhan Bujin, director of Dermatology Department of Dermatology Hospital. [details]

History of blood and tears in hormone dependent dermatitis

"It's been a year and a half since the hormone face was born. The skin is red, itchy, rash, acne and cheeks are red. There are slight red blood streaks" -- a sister from Jiangsu said when she first consulted us. [details]

Hair salon for freckles, women's level 10 disability! The shopkeeper refused to compensate!

According to the Zhoukou evening news, Geng originally opened a beauty salon. Later, seeing that others made money in treating freckles, he also started this business. Due to improper treatment, the consumer Shen was disabled at level 10. Recently, Shen took a petition to court. [details]

Case study: treatment of closed acne and pustule acne on the forehead

The same is true for closed mouth acne. Long term improper diet, staying up late, improper radiation cleaning and so on cause strong skin oil secretion, untimely discharge of pores leads to blockage, oil and garbage accumulate in hair follicles, and pimple like packets bulge on the skin surface. [details]

How to judge whether your skin is healthy?

The skin colors of all races are different. Asian yellow people, African blacks, European whites, etc. This is related to genes. For example, we Asians, if your skin is white without blood color, or can be tanned into buckwheat color, I don't think it's healthy. Under normal circumstances, the skin color of yellow people is yellow and white, and red is a healthy skin color. [details]

6 skin care common sense, you know?

No foam cleansing cream is generally mild, such as emulsion, gel or cream cleanser, which keeps some oil and fat components to protect skin while cleaning, and is more suitable for dry skin. [details]

Whitening Tips for getting rid of dark yellow skin in spring

The importance of moisturizing the skin cannot be overemphasized. Usually our easiest way is to use a moisturizing and refreshing moisturizing cream. Before purchasing a high-quality moisturizing cream, you need to understand the water and oil balance suitable for your skin, so as to effectively moisturize. [details]

Outing skin care strategy, learn it quickly!

There is no need to remind you of the importance of removing makeup, especially after applying cosmetics or sunscreen products, you must remove makeup, so as to help reduce the burden on the skin. Of course, the work of cleaning the skin should continue, so that the skin can absorb enough nutrients and get a good rest. [details]