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Why are there more and more cancer diseases now

We know very well that there are more and more cancers in our life. Most of them are what we call diseases coming from the mouth. They are all diseases for people to eat. They are also closely related to our lifestyle and diet. So far, there is still no way to completely cure cancer, which has brought a lot of harm to many families. Let's take you to understand why there are more and more cancer diseases? [details]

Early symptoms of cancer 9 signals of cancer should be known in advance

Irregular vaginal bleeding or increased secretion in middle-aged or above women, or abnormal vaginal bleeding between female menstrual cycles, is the main signal of female cervical and ovarian tumors. [details]

Early symptoms of cancer pay attention to these signals

In some cancers, there are lumps in the corresponding parts. If you touch "hard pimples" in the neck, armpit, breast or other parts, the position is fixed, the texture is hard, and the edge is not clear, it may be painless, but it has not subsided for a period of time, so you need to check in time. [details]

How terrible is pancreatic cancer? Who is prone to pancreatic cancer?

The course of pancreatic cancer is very short, and the development and deterioration of the disease are very fast. Many pancreatic cancer patients feel uncomfortable when they feel sick, so early detection of pancreatic cancer means more survival opportunities. [details]

What is the difference between cyst and tumor

Cyst and tumor are two diseases with similar manifestations but completely different mechanisms. Many people think they are the same disease, which is wrong. Today we want to talk about the difference between cyst and tumor, so that we can have the ability to distinguish. [details]

Do you know the three ways of tumor metastasis

Tumor is a difficult disease to control, and tumor metastasis is also very fast. Today we are going to talk about the three ways of tumor metastasis. I hope this article will help you understand tumor metastasis. [details]

Tumor necrosis factor, what does this have to do with tumors

Tumor, I believe many people have heard of this disease, but tumor necrosis factor rarely appears in people's mouth. Today we want to talk about the role and complexity of tumor necrosis factor, hoping to help you understand tumor. [details]

Women need to know about the cause of breast cancer.

If breast cancer is serious, it will threaten the life of the patient, and bring great harm and harm to the patients. A clear understanding of the cause of breast cancer can prevent the occurrence of the disease. [details]

What does cancer patient eat to prevent cancer? Start with food

Asparagus is one of the popular vegetables in the world in recent years. It is rich in vitamins, rutin, nucleic acid and other ingredients. It has a certain effect on lymphoma, bladder cancer and skin cancer. [details]

How to prevent thyroid tumor? What are the prevention methods

Thyroid tumor is the most common thyroid malignant tumor. It is a malignant tumor derived from thyroid epithelial cells. Most thyroid cancers originate from follicular epithelial cells. Tumor prevention is the most common in life. Thyroid is a very important gland of vertebrates and an endocrine organ. In mammals, it is located below the thyroid cartilage of the human neck and on both sides of the trachea. [details]

Nursing care of pancreatic cancer is very important. What should we pay attention to in diet?

Everyone is afraid of pancreatic cancer. In the heart, it will cause fear. Because of this disease, the mortality rate is very high. It will make the patients worried. At ordinary times, the patients must be recuperated effectively, so as not to cause the disease to deteriorate. What are the precautions for the diet of pancreatic cancer? [details]

Lemon slices soaked in water can really prevent tumors. Did you drink it

Many people cut lemons into pieces and drink them in blisters without sugar. They drink them from morning to night. It is said to have the effect of anti-tumor and anti-tumor. Tumor prevention It is very critical for everyone. Tumor diseases are likely to endanger people's body and even life. Soaking lemon slices in water can really prevent tumors, which is the easiest detail in our life. Lemon can also be used for cooking. Especially when making fish, it is usually accompanied by a few pieces of lemon. Its main function is to increase appetite and remove fishy smell. [details]

Why not kill all the cancer cells

Most cancer patients die because of metastasis. If tumor cells stay in one place all their life, they are usually benign tumors. As long as it can be completely removed by surgery, it can be cured. [details]

What do cancer cells fear most and how can they stay away from tumors

The results showed that the incidence rate of lung cancer and colorectal cancer decreased by 68% and 38% respectively. At the same time, even for cancer patients, active exercise can inhibit our vitality and make us tired, weak and lazy to toss. [details]

How to reasonably use zoledronic acid for tumor bone metastasis

Zoledronic acid can inhibit osteoclast mediated bone resorption. It is the bisphosphonate drug with the strongest anti bone resorption ability at present. It has strong analgesic effect on bone metastatic pain of malignant tumor, long analgesic effect time and light adverse reactions. It has become one of the main drugs for the treatment of bone metastatic pain of malignant tumor. [details]

To understand the five understandings and misunderstandings of tumor markers

The early diagnosis of tumor needs to be combined with medical history, symptoms, signs, imaging examination (B-ultrasound, CT, X-ray, gastroscopy, enteroscopy) and other means to make a comprehensive analysis. The definite diagnosis needs to rely on pathological examination. [details]

What causes breast cancer? Do you know?

There are many causes of breast cancer in life. Irregular diet is an important cause of breast cancer. We need to remind you that the mortality rate of breast cancer is also very high, so patients' friends should be actively treated. In daily life, we should learn more about breast cancer knowledge. [details]

Let's take a look. These are the causes of breast cancer.

Nowadays, with the popularization of medical knowledge, many people believe that breast cancer is not new to many. Many women are surprised rather baffling that they have breast cancer. This is due to the lack of understanding of the causes of breast cancer. Let's look at the causes of breast cancer. [details]

How to judge breast cancer to see its early symptoms

Early breast tumors originate from glandular epithelium, and carcinoma in situ is difficult to find. There is also a rare case of breast cancer with occult breast cancer. Its breast lumps can not be found, but axillary metastases have occurred. Here are some of the early symptoms of breast cancer. [details]

Six major treatments for breast cancer help you overcome the disease.

Many women who are suffering from breast cancer will ask such a question: can breast cancer be cured? In fact, as long as it is found early and treated correctly in time, the possibility of cure is still very large. The following article will introduce six treatments for breast cancer. [details]

Uterine cancer is not a minor disease. Do you know how to treat it

At present, uterine cancer has become a health killer for many female friends, but the treatment method of this disease is not well known by many female friends, so it can not be treated correctly and timely, resulting in the deterioration of the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the treatment method of uterine cancer. [details]

Do you know how to check for uterine cancer

Uterine cancer is a very serious cancer, and also a very serious gynecological disease. It is because the incidence rate and mortality rate are very high. Many female friends feel special panic when they encounter such a disease. So how do they carry out the examination of uterine cancer? Let's get to know. [details]

You should know these three methods of uterine cancer examination

Uterine cancer is a disease that does great harm to women's physical and mental health. The disease has attracted extensive attention and great attention from the medical community many years ago. Now some cities and towns have some examinations for gynecological health care, so how to carry out uterine cancer examination? [details]

How to detect uterine cancer early

I believe all female friends understand the disease of uterine cancer, and everyone is particularly afraid of it. After all, the disease is a very serious malignant problem. What are the common methods of uterine cancer examination? Let's get to know. [details]

The top 10 symptoms of lung cancer should be examined as soon as possible

Whether the metastasis and recurrence of lung cancer can be avoided is related to the morning and evening of the patient's disease period, whether the treatment is reasonable and complete, whether the choice of postoperative adjuvant treatment scheme is reasonable, and whether the patient can follow the doctor's advice for regular review. [details]

Four measures to overcome the fear of recurrence and metastasis of lung cancer

There are chest, facial edema and redness, and the thick neck is accompanied by dyspnea, which may invade the superior vena cava. Clinically, it is called "superior vena cava syndrome". At this time, the condition is very critical, so we should pay close attention to treatment. [details]

Three most important targets for precision treatment of lung cancer in China

All drugs that enter the clinical guidelines have shown good results in clinical research. For example, the following is the therapeutic effect of secorer on ALK mutant lung cancer and ros1 mutant lung cancer. [details]

Is there no medicine for lung cancer when it meets bone metastasis

If there is only bone metastasis, no other organ metastasis, and / or accompanied by obvious bone pain in the whole body, radionuclide treatment can be selected. This treatment has special affinity for bone metastasis and will focus on the metastatic site, such as strontium 89. Generally, it has good tumor control and analgesic effect. [details]

Liver cancer is not a minor disease, and its treatment needs our attention

Hearing about liver cancer, many people are afraid, because it is equivalent to a terminal disease, and the cure rate is very low. However, if we treat it in time at the early stage of the disease, it is possible to achieve the effect of rehabilitation. What do we need to know about the treatment of liver cancer? Let's have a look. [details]

Don't be nervous if you have liver cancer. We should know how to treat it

Because of the unhealthy schedule and eating habits, the incidence rate of liver cancer has increased year by year. This disease will cause great harm to the patients. It has attracted widespread attention and attention from the medical profession many years ago. So what do we need to know about the treatment of liver cancer? [details]

Liver cancer has become a common health killer in daily life

Stale oils contain malondialdehyde, a chemical component, which can produce polymers and react with proteins and deoxyribonucleic acids in the human body, so as to change the structure of proteins, resulting in the loss of normal function of cells with mutated proteins and transformation to early cancer cells. [details]

1 minute physical examination method 5 manifestations to see if you have liver cancer

Pickles such as pickles, pickles and salted fish are refreshing and appetizing. Next, the weather is hot and the appetite is bad. Many people prefer to eat with pickles. However, pickles contain a large amount of nitrosamines. Experiments have proved that they are related to the occurrence of liver cancer. It is best not to eat or eat less. And remember, be sure to marinate thoroughly before eating. [details]

Experts explain diet problems during radiotherapy and chemotherapy for esophageal cancer

Experts said: radiotherapy and chemotherapy for esophageal cancer have certain side effects, because anticancer drugs not only kill cancer cells, but also cause certain damage to normal cells. In particular, there will be bone marrow hematopoietic system dysfunction, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia and so on, which are common side effects. [details]

What are the examination methods of esophageal cancer that need symptomatic treatment

The boundary between normal esophagus and adjacent organs is clear, and the thickness of esophageal wall is no more than 5mm. If the thickness of esophageal wall increases and the boundary with surrounding organs is blurred, it indicates the existence of esophageal lesions. This is the examination method of esophageal cancer. [details]

When eating, is esophageal pain necessarily esophageal cancer

The doctor said: esophageal cancer is not a small problem. If your body has these symptoms, you should pay enough attention and go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. No matter what kind of cancer, as long as you can find it early and treat it early, there will be a high cure rate. [details]

Experts remind us not to fall into misunderstanding in the treatment of esophageal cancer

Experts' warm tips: while receiving the clinical treatment of esophageal cancer, it is necessary to avoid these misunderstandings as much as possible, and treat esophageal cancer in a regular hospital in time, so that the condition can be effectively controlled. [details]

Something you have to know about nasopharyngeal carcinoma

What is nasopharyngeal carcinoma? Do you know the answer? You may or may not know, but whether you know it or not, I hope you can take a serious look at this article. Compared with the early symptoms of lung cancer, liver cancer and other cancers, the symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma will be more clearly visible. [details]

What is the treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

What method does nasopharyngeal carcinoma treat? How is it treated? Will it affect the body? In the following articles, we will introduce them one by one. I hope I can give you a warning after reading this article. Being responsible for your body is the highest respect for life. [details]

Love to eat salted fish, the risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma will increase seven times

Headache: about 70% of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma have headache symptoms at the time of diagnosis, which can be migraine, or pain at the top of the skull, behind the occipital or neck, which may be related to tumor tissue invading skull base bone, nerve and blood vessel compression or invasion. [details]

What is nasopharyngeal carcinoma and what symptoms will it have

We all turn pale at the smell of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, because it is equivalent to a terminal disease, and the cure rate is very low. However, if we treat it in time in the early stage of onset, it is possible to achieve the effect of rehabilitation. What are the symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma? Let's get to know. [details]

Many patients worry about how long they can live after colon cancer surgery

The survival time of every colon cancer patient is different, and this problem often involves various factors. It can be said that the most important influencing factor of how long colon cancer can live after operation is the treatment of colon cancer. [details]

What are the early symptoms of rectal cancer

If you don't pay more attention, it's difficult for patients to find themselves ill. Doctors point out that the early symptoms of rectal cancer are easy to be confused with the symptoms of other diseases. If you don't want to find yourself suffering from advanced rectal cancer at the time of final examination, you must find the symptoms of rectal cancer at the early stage. [details]

Surgical treatment of non minor diseases of rectal cancer is necessary

In modern society, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, some bad work and rest rules and diet lifestyle are becoming more and more common. Many friends suffer from cancer, of which rectal cancer is a very common one. Which rectal cancer surgery can effectively treat it? [details]

What are the symptoms of rectal cancer? Be careful to be misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids

Rectal cancer is easily misdiagnosed as internal hemorrhoid bleeding, polyp bleeding, bacillary dysentery, amebic dysentery, proctitis, etc. 70% of patients have received enteritis and hemorrhoids before being diagnosed with rectal cancer, and 40% of patients have undergone hemorrhoid surgery. These data are amazing. [details]

What are the early symptoms of lymphatic cancer? Pay attention to these three symptoms

The 3-year survival rate of American cancer patients treated with CLS was 72%, and that of those not used was 33%; The 5-year survival rate was 67%, and that of unused was 22%. Have achieved gratifying results. [details]

Do you know what kinds of cancer men are most likely to suffer from

Although the science and technology in the current medical field are relatively developed, people still can't completely cure the disease of cancer. Because the medical understanding of cancer is still insufficient, people can't handle the arrival of cancer diseases. Because male friends often smoke, they still have a high probability of suffering from cancer, The following small series will take you to know some of the most common cancers that men are most likely to suffer from. [details]

What are the main treatment methods of squamous cell carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma is a kind of cancer that many people don't know. Everyone will be caught off guard. Don't know what to do? Now cancer diseases are very common around us, but there are not many treatment methods in the medical community. There is still no radical cure for this cancer disease, such as squamous cell carcinoma. Even if we can treat it with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, there is still no radical cure. [details]

What are the key points to prevent gastric tumor

As a major digestive organ of the human body, people not only need to eat more targeted food with tumor prevention effect, but also maintain a healthy and good eating habit. The factors of gastric tumor formation are very complex, and some people may be related to genetic factors. However, there are still ways to avoid and prevent gastric tumors [details]

Can cervical cancer patients have moxibustion? Which part is suitable for moxibustion

Recently, moxibustion is also a treatment method that can treat many diseases. Appropriate moxibustion is very beneficial to human body. Moxibustion can dredge the meridians and dredge a person's veins. Is it also suitable for patients with cervical cancer to treat cancer with moxibustion? Moxibustion has a certain effect on the remission of the disease. The following small series will introduce in detail which part of moxibustion is suitable for cervical cancer patients. [details]

Those acupuncture points of moxibustion treat cervical cancer?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cervical cancer is closely related to Chong pulse, Ren pulse and Dai pulse. Chong pulse and Ren pulse all originate from the cell, which is a sea of blood. Chong Ren Qi deficiency can not control the meridians and blood, and Dai pulse restricts the meridians. Qi deficiency will cause water dampness and turbidity to flow down. However, the functions of Chong pulse, Ren pulse and Dai pulse are closely related to the liver, spleen and kidney. [details]

5 stories about cancer treatment (magical)

I forgot to make friends with Liu. When studying in Xingtai Party School in the 1980s, he shared the same dormitory with Zhang of a county agriculture and Forestry Bureau. Zhang yunqi's younger brother suffered from liver cancer and recovered from taking miscellaneous bone glue. Heyun prescription comes from a cured liver cancer patient and is a prescription handed down by an old doctor. [details]

Traditional Chinese medicine treats three kinds of natural foods that cancer cells are afraid of

The treatment of cancer by traditional Chinese medicine was recorded in the Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine more than 3000 years ago: "the tumor is attacked by the tumor", and the medical Saint Zhang Zhongjing used "xiajingxue Decoction" to treat pelvic masses. [details]

Several methods for the treatment of esophageal cancer, let's get to know it

Many people don't know that often eating too hot, spicy and other foods to stimulate esophageal mucosa, coupled with the role of other factors, people are easy to induce esophageal cancer. There are several methods to treat esophageal cancer. Let's interpret it in detail below. [details]

How about the effect of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine on cervical cancer

I believe we all know that cervical cancer is a frequent disease of female friends, which also endangers the physical and mental health of many female friends. After suffering from cervical cancer, early treatment is certainly better, but people are still very critical in choosing treatment methods. Reasonable treatment is also the best treatment to help cancer patients recover. Let's take a look at the effect of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine on cervical cancer? [details]

How much do you know about the treatment of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is a common malignant tumor of female genital organs. Ovarian cancer incidence rate is high, so it has been plaguing the vast majority of women. Ovarian cancer can happen at any age, the older the age, the higher the incidence. It is a disease that seriously threatens the life of women, and ovarian cancer can be treated. [details]

What are the early treatment methods of colorectal cancer

As we all know, most cancer diseases will be treated with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and almost all need surgical treatment to alleviate the patient's condition. Colorectal cancer is also a kind of malignant tumor in our life. We must pay attention to the occurrence of this disease. Most patients with colorectal cancer are already late symptoms when they are diagnosed. So what are the early treatment methods for patients with colorectal cancer? Let's have a detailed understanding of this knowledge. [details]

How do cancer patients recover? You can find the exact answer from here

In fact, the cause of tumor has not been identified yet. It is only known that it is the result of the joint action of environmental factors, lifestyle and genetic factors. Whether people get sick has nothing to do with human good and evil. It is not that good people do not get sick, nor that evil people must get sick. Human life has nothing to do with the good and evil of human nature. [details]

Behavioral regulation in cancer patients

Especially like sleep problems, sleep has a great impact on health, and the emergence of sleep disorders can often be solved not only by taking a Valium. Let the psychologist help you find out the real cause of insomnia and carry out targeted treatment. [details]

Yoga: the miraculous effect on prognosis of breast cancer patients

In an interview, researchers said breast cancer patients in the yoga group had one to one training instructors, who told them how to control breathing, how to meditate, and correct posture, and encouraged them to practise Yoga at home every day. [details]

How to prevent cancer and reduce the risk of cancer

No matter what kind of cancer will have a lot to do with some viruses, this has been confirmed. Therefore, to deal with these cancers, injecting vaccines into the body is a good way. [details]

Do you know how long you can live in advanced cancer

If you have cancer, you should face it with a correct attitude. In fact, many patients are scared to death by themselves. As soon as they hear that they have cancer, their spirit will collapse. They hesitate to eat or drink and soon die. [details]

How to prevent cancer? Do these seven points to prevent cancer

In fact, cancer is not terrible. It is very important to develop good living habits. At the same time, we should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and mentality, which can be prevented in the first place. Correctly recognize your ability and normally relieve the pressure in life. [details]

The relationship between cancer and personality is mainly female.

In clinical lung cancer patients, it is found that nearly half of the patients are related to long-term depression and personality depression. In other words, the emotional release ability of lung cancer patients before illness is significantly lower than that of normal people. [details]

More attention to regular medication is the key to leukemia nursing

Some people accidentally suffer from leukemia, which makes patients and their families feel very painful. For leukemia, treatment is necessary. At the same time of treatment, leukemia nursing should also be carried out, which is conducive to the recovery of the body, and taking drugs regularly in leukemia nursing is the most key. [details]

Three points for postoperative nursing of esophageal cancer

In order to better help the family members and make the family members perfect the postoperative care of patients, so next we will introduce the postoperative care of esophageal cancer. I hope the family members can try their best to do the following after reading this article and treat the patients patiently. [details]

How to care the skin of tumor patients during radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is the use of ionizing radiation to treat tumors. It is one of the main methods of tumor treatment. Due to the stimulation of radiation, the skin of tumor patients in the radiotherapy area will have different degrees of radiation skin reaction, which is generally divided into ⅰ, ⅱ, ⅲ and ⅳ degrees. Different nursing measures should be taken for different degrees of radiation reactions, and tumor prevention is also very important. [details]

How to care the skin of tumor patients during radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is the use of ionizing radiation to treat tumors. It is one of the main methods of tumor treatment. Due to the stimulation of radiation, the skin of tumor patients in the radiotherapy area will have different degrees of radiation skin reaction, which is generally divided into ⅰ, ⅱ, ⅲ and ⅳ degrees. Different nursing measures should be taken for different degrees of radiation reactions, and tumor prevention is also very important. [details]

Little knowledge about pain (2)

We should pay attention to the choice of cancer pain analgesics, and standardize the number, amount and types of drugs, so as to avoid the side effects brought by drugs and play a good role in adjuvant treatment of cancer. [details]

Take painkillers for pain? Stop the pain and maybe hurt yourself!

Blind use of painkillers may stop the pain, but it does harm to the body. Only rational use can achieve good analgesic effect. [details]

When cancer pain occurs, you have four ways to control it! It's a pity you don't know any of them

For many patients suffering from cancer pain, as long as the spirit can be successfully transferred from cancer pain, the patient's body and mind can get sufficient rest, which is also the real purpose of metastasis therapy against cancer pain. [details]

What common problems do family members face in cancer treatment?

It should be admitted that any cancer patient carries great psychological pressure. Therefore, in the process of treatment, it is easy to have emotional fluctuations, such as anxiety, irritability, fear and despair. [details]

How to comfort the family members of cancer patients? What should they do?

Panic and helplessness are the most common psychological reactions of cancer patients and their families. Generally speaking, when we don't know something, we are more prone to panic. [details]

Why does a person get cancer? What factors will induce family cancer

So far, no scientific evidence can directly prove that cancer can be transmitted through daily lifestyles such as kissing, contact, sex and sharing tableware. However, there is conclusive evidence that smoking, drinking, obesity, stress and lack of exercise are the high-risk factors of cancer. [details]

Three people in a family have cancer. Can cancer be contagious?

In recent years, there are numerous cases of cancer in "group" of family members. Many people call them "husband and wife cancer", "child cancer" and "family cancer". The cancer site may be the same or different, may occur at the same time or successively. [details]

Action mechanism of antitumor drugs and therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese Medicine

The Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine more than 2000 years ago has been described as "accumulation", "disease" and "tumor", which are similar to malignant tumors. Traditional Chinese medicine such as soft, hard and loose knot, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat and detoxification have been used to treat various tumors for a long time. [details]

What are the antitumor drugs in the tumor drug market

The tumor drug market is booming, and tumor generic drugs and innovative drugs are ushering in good, which also stimulates the demand of pharmaceutical enterprises for relevant talents. According to the latest recruitment data of the pharmaceutical talent network of the talent network alliance, as of mid September, the talent recruitment demand of the pharmaceutical industry increased by 14.8% compared with the same period last year. [details]

Cancer prevention can also be vaccinated. These three kinds can be vaccinated

Vaccine needles for tumor prevention can be divided according to the shape and type of each person's tumor. The more common ones are lung tumors, kidney tumors, liver tumors or brain tumors, which are more harmful to people's body. If the vaccine can be injected properly, prevention can also be carried out to reduce the interference of tumor. Most cancer prevention vaccines are directed against a pathogen, such as virus or bacteria, and the occurrence of some tumors is related to some virus and bacterial infections. [details]

Immune cell therapy can effectively prevent tumors

The full name of tumor cell immunotherapy is tumor cell biogenic immunotherapy. Its function is not to kill all tumor cells, but to achieve the purpose of tumor treatment by removing small residual lesions or significantly inhibiting the proliferation of residual tumor cells after the immune function of the body recovers when the load of tumor cells is significantly reduced. [details]

Common expectation -- patient story (1)

Had a pituitary tumor craniotomy. At that time, I always complained about why others had transsphenoidal surgery and I had a craniotomy. Later, my mother said that it was because the tumor body was wrapped with blood vessels, and there was a risk of bleeding through the transsphenoidal approach. My mother said that I was scared when I talked before the operation, like signing a life and death certificate. [details]

Brother sunspot: my war with brain tumors

The tumor in my brain is benign. I chose minimally invasive surgery. Although the effect is a little worse than craniotomy, as long as long as long-term drug control and regular inspection, the condition can be controlled. But the operation still has certain risks. As long as there is a little difference, the light person will be blind or partially paralyzed, and the heavy person will become a vegetable or die. [details]

The catalogue of anticancer drugs for medical insurance is the gospel of cancer patients

The State Medical Security Bureau issued a notice to include 17 anticancer drugs in the medical insurance reimbursement catalogue. Among the 17 drugs included in the catalogue of anti-cancer drugs of medical insurance this time, 12 solid tumor drugs and 5 blood tumor drugs are tumor treatment drugs that are clinically necessary, with definite curative effect and urgent needs of insured personnel. [details]

Four popular science tips let you quickly understand tumor markers

The professional term tumor marker may be rarely heard in our daily life, but although it is not well-known, it is of great help in tumor treatment. Next, let's take a look at its application and characteristics of tumor markers. [details]

Early detection of leukemia can improve the success rate of treatment

Leukemia is a malignant tumor that occurs due to blood. In general, it is what we call cancer of blood. The incidence rate is concentrated on children. Therefore, many people are very taboo, so there is a lack of early understanding of leukemia. [details]