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7.28 rational view of "hepatitis" on World Hepatitis Day

When is World Hepatitis Day? The answer is 7.28 every year. Why this day? In fact, the first World Hepatitis Day was 5.19, and the World Health Group commemorated the hepatitis discoverer Baruch Samuel Bloomberg. In memory of him, his birthday 2.28 was regarded as World Hepatitis Day. [details]

Liver injury = death, do you agree?

At present, the number of people suffering from liver disease is increasing day by day. Many people doubt it? Why do I have liver disease? Usually will not contact with people with liver disease? Will not eat unclean food For example, there are not a few groups with the above questions. Here are some behaviors that hurt your liver. [details]

Liver preferences, you know?

China is a big country with liver disease. The survey shows that one Chinese has liver disease and is around us. In recent years, more and more people have fatty liver, alcoholic liver, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer. How to protect our liver has become something many people urgently want to know. [details]

New research: controlling intestinal flora can also reduce liver injury

"If we can normalize the intestinal microbiota of HCV infected patients, we think we can avoid endotoxemia and / or hyperammonemia," the researchers said. "Therefore, we believe that the normalization of intestinal flora may be an innovative treatment." [details]

Is icteric hepatitis contagious? What infectivity does icteric hepatitis have

Is icteric hepatitis contagious? Jaundice and hepatitis can be infected, but it is not possible to infect anytime and anywhere. Its transmission needs a certain way. In general, icteric hepatitis is not transmitted through the respiratory and digestive tract. [details]

The main transmission routes of five kinds of hepatitis

The route of transmission of hepatitis is mother to child transmission. Mothers with acute hepatitis B or HBsAg can transmit HBV to newborns, especially those with HBsAg as the main type of infection. [details]

How does a hepatitis B member protect children from infection?

When children are infected with hepatitis B, there is no special performance in the early stage. Children can eat and sleep, but they can detect hepatitis B virus infection. The hepatitis B virus is constantly replicated in the body, and the viral load is very high. [details]

How are hepatitis B family members infected by 2 major daily care?

As everyone knows, hepatitis B virus is very infectious, and is a serious liver disease, especially in families with hepatitis B, we should take preventive measures, so as to prevent infection among families. Family members in addition to a comprehensive examination and vaccination, but also to avoid three kinds of transmission. [details]

How to check yourself according to symptoms? Liver disease experts teach you

As we all know, the liver is the largest detoxification organ of the human body and an indispensable and important organ of the human body. If you pay little attention in daily life, you may suffer from liver disease. Serious liver disease can even threaten people's lives. How to self-examine liver disease according to symptoms and how to prevent liver disease? [details]

Don't want a junior to become a senior. Judge whether a junior is a senior by 5 symptoms

The liver is an important digestive organ of the human body. If the liver is damaged, it will reduce bile secretion, reduce liver digestive function, and patients will have symptoms such as loss of appetite, anorexia and anorexia, nausea and vomiting, abdominal distension and diarrhea. [details]

If there is a problem with the liver, the hair will send out three signals

Liver problems have been perplexing contemporary people, because the current liver problems have been increasing. One in every 12 people in China has liver problems. The liver manages our metabolism and undertakes the functions of detoxification and detoxification. The liver is the "chemical plant" in our body. [details]

What are the main manifestations of liver disease

Gastrointestinal manifestations of liver disease: This is the most common symptom of liver disease, which occurs in most liver diseases, such as nausea, greasy aversion, poor appetite, general fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, splenomegaly and other symptoms. [details]

Knowledge of liver disease prevention must be seen to avoid the four culprits of liver injury

Taking medicine can damage the liver. It should be emphasized that there are great individual differences in drug liver damage. No one knows what kind of drug they are "allergic" to. Therefore, they should take drugs under the guidance of doctors, and self medication is not allowed. [details]

The culprit of liver disease deterioration is not drinking, but it

A cancer word has three mouths. It can be seen that "cancer enters from the mouth" is not a joke. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the liver at ordinary times, especially to say "no" to some foods that hurt the liver. [details]

Four common foods are harming liver health at the dinner table

There are all kinds of patients with liver disease in life, and the duration of illness is different. The only same thing is the negative impact of liver disease on family and life. Liver disease can not be cured for a long time, except that liver disease originally needs a long-term treatment process, [details]

What is the reason for hepatitis B? Most often eat these 5 poisons.

The main components of instant noodles are flour, oil and seasoning. The content of essential nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, lecithin and various minerals is very low. [details]

What is the main route of transmission of hepatitis A

Water source transmission of hepatitis A. Water source transmission is the main mode of transmission causing the outbreak of hepatitis A, mostly after rainstorm and rainy season. The patient's feces, saliva, vomit and other excreta can pollute the surrounding environment, especially the water source, due to the scouring of rainwater. [details]

How to prevent hepatitis A? What are the common symptoms

Hepatitis A is one of the common liver diseases in our life. It has strong infectivity and will bring health threats to patients and people around us. Therefore, we should actively do a good job in prevention and avoid the occurrence of diseases. [details]

The detection of armour liver antibody how is armour liver antibody Yin to return a responsibility

Recently, many people check whether hepatitis A antibody is normal. Because hepatitis A is highly infectious and does great harm to the body, many people check hepatitis A this season. However, some friends do not understand what this means when the test result is negative for hepatitis A antibody. Let's get to know. [details]

What is the complication of hepatitis A and how to treat it

For hepatitis A, eating light nutrients is more conducive to our treatment, such as eating more vegetables and fruits, supplementing vitamin C and vitamin E, taking more rest, and taking less antiviral drugs for early patients, which is more conducive to our body getting better as soon as possible. [details]

How to do better in the daily nursing of patients with hepatitis C

Maintain a good state of mind: maintain a good state of mind, be happy, have an optimistic and open-minded spirit, and have strong confidence in overcoming diseases. Don't be afraid of liver disease. Only in this way can we mobilize people's subjective initiative and improve the immune function of the body. [details]

How to prevent hepatitis C every day? Be careful when these symptoms appear

To prevent hepatitis C, we should also pay attention to the prohibition of drugs. If you inject drugs intravenously, be careful not to share needles or other tools. If intravenous injection or other medical use is required, use a sterile syringe. Intravenous injection is associated with more than half of new cases of hepatitis C. [details]

Have you noticed the 12 points of hepatitis C diet

Those who have a history of blood transfusion or donation, especially those who have received blood transfusion or repeated blood donation or plasma collection before 1996. China has screened blood donors for hepatitis C antibody since 1993, but due to the imperfect reagents and few screening indicators, the popularity in some areas is not enough. [details]

Will hepatitis C virus be infected again if hepatitis C antibody is negative

The detection of hepatitis C antibody is the most important means for the diagnosis of hepatitis C. Because HCV RNA test is relatively expensive, HCV antibody test is generally used as the initial screening of HCV infected persons. [details]

Don't panic when you find out fatty liver during physical examination. Teach you what to do

The liver is our body's detoxification organ, which is responsible for discharging the "garbage" produced by the body every day. Now people have poor diet and living habits. The liver has always been in a state of overload, and the liver is prone to lesions. [details]

If you want to get rid of fatty liver, how can you lose these three traditional Chinese medicines

Cassia seed soaking in water can not only reduce blood pressure and defecate, but also help reduce blood lipids. Therefore, cassia seed soaking in water can help treat fatty liver, help eliminate the fat on the liver to a certain extent, and prevent liver cancer. [details]

How to carry out comprehensive conditioning in patients with fatty liver

Fatty liver refers to the excessive accumulation of fat in the liver. Once suffering from fatty liver, you should immediately adjust your eating habits. First, find out the cause and take targeted measures. If you drink a lot for a long time, you should stop drinking. [details]

Fatty liver will affect blood sugar. Sugar friends have a high probability of fatty liver

Fatty liver causes abnormal liver function, affects the body's normal sugar metabolism. It can not convert hyperglycemic blood into glycogen and keep blood sugar at a high level, leading to insulin resistance and glucose metabolism disorders, thereby increasing the risk of diabetes in fatty liver patients. [details]

Liver cirrhosis patients quit this thing, the liver is getting softer and softer

Liver cirrhosis is a common chronic disease. In China, the high incidence of liver cirrhosis is generally about 50 years old. Due to the gradual decline of physical function and the gradual degradation of liver function of the elderly, it is easy to cause liver cirrhosis after the long-term accumulation of toxins in the liver. [details]

You should understand the three treatments for liver cirrhosis

General treatment of liver cirrhosis: including bed rest and restriction of water and sodium intake. Diuretics are taken every other day or once or twice a week. If the diuretic effect is not obvious, it can be added gradually. Diuretic treatment should reduce weight by no more than 0.5 kg per day, so as not to induce hepatic encephalopathy and hepatorenal syndrome. [details]

These abnormal physical symptoms are signs of liver cirrhosis

Through the face, you can see the condition of the liver. A person's face is black, probably due to decreased liver function. The liver can not work normally, the production of melanin will increase, the skin around the face and eyelids will turn black and dark, the skin will lose luster, and the face will turn bad. [details]

Liver cysts rarely become cancerous. Three things should be paid attention to every day

Reasonably adjust the diet structure, with comprehensive and balanced nutrition. It is appropriate to choose low-fat, low calorie foods rich in dietary fiber, multivitamins and high-quality protein. Red vegetables and fruits such as carrots, tomatoes, red dates and pitaya are recommended. [details]

What are the symptoms and precautions of liver cyst?

Liver cysts are all cystic lesions that grow on the liver, collectively referred to as liver cysts. The liver is the substantive organ of the human body. Most of it is located in the seasonal rib (right liver), and only a small part crosses the midline (left liver) and covers the upper part of the stomach. [details]

Understand what a liver cyst is through the confession of a liver cyst

Your medical experts think that I am the bile duct left over from your human embryo. After birth, over time, our interior is slowly filled with clear aqueous liquid. We are benign diseases, but there are in your liver. [details]

How to judge the severity of hepatitis? Is Sanyang serious

The onset of chronic hepatitis B is slow, the liver is highly compensated, and even the symptoms of patients with advanced liver disease are not obvious, so it is difficult to correctly explain the degree of the disease. Patients often have many doubts about their condition. [details]

Attention! These new year goods are the most harmful to the liver

Sunflower seeds are the most common snack during the Chinese new year, and they are also a must for many people to buy new year goods. It is most suitable to eat sunflower seeds when visiting relatives and friends and chatting at home. But you know what? Sunflower seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids. Eating more will consume a lot of choline in the body. [details]

Is xiaosanyang's liver function normal? Do you want to do antiviral treatment

Many hepatitis patients like to use enzyme lowering drugs for treatment, because the examination found that their aminotransferase is high, and enzyme lowering drugs can reduce enzymes. The virus level of most small Sanyang hepatitis is relatively low, and the increase of transaminase is also relatively small. With enzyme lowering drugs, liver function can return to normal without too long, so many patients also stopped taking drugs. [details]

Hepatitis B patients should not drink tea at this time.

Proper drinking of tea is beneficial to physical and mental health of hepatitis B patients, but if they are not properly washed, they will dilute gastric acid. If they drink strong tea, they will not be conducive to the recovery of patients with liver diseases. Hepatitis B patients should avoid drinking tea when they drink tonic or tonic. [details]

How to reduce the recurrence rate of liver cancer

Due to the high malignancy of liver cancer cells, the rapid growth of cancer tissue and the rich blood supply of the liver, cancer cells are easy to invade the blood vessels of the liver and transfer to other parts of the liver through blood flow. [details]

Hepatitis B has only three steps to liver cancer and 3 things to eat.

Many young people like to eat spicy hot pot and other heavy flavor foods. These high-fat and spicy foods will not only cause hyperlipidemia, but also increase the burden on the liver and hurt the liver to a certain extent. Pay particular attention not to overeat, which is more harmful to the liver. [details]

On the importance of alcoholic liver eating habits and precautions

Minerals and vitamins are indispensable substances in the metabolic process of the body, which is of great significance for the dietary conditioning of alcoholic liver. Fresh vegetables and fruits are the * food sources of vitamins and minerals, and you can pay more attention to the diet of alcoholic liver. [details]

What symptom can early liver cirrhosis be cured?

The face of patients with early liver cirrhosis is thin and dark: more than 1 / 3 of patients with chronic hepatitis or liver cirrhosis have darker and dark skin around their face and eyes than before, which is due to the decrease of liver function and the increase of melanin production. [details]

Liver cancer symptoms should be kept away from the culprit of liver cancer

The vast majority of patients with advanced liver cancer have the symptoms of liver pain, with an incidence of more than 50%. Liver pain is usually located in the right rib or under the xiphoid process, and the nature of pain is intermittent or persistent dull pain. Dull or tingling pain. The patient may feel discomfort in the right upper abdomen some time before the pain. [details]

The diet of alcoholic liver suggests eating more fruits and vegetables

To prevent hangover, we should first strengthen the liver and strengthen the detoxification of the liver. The way to prevent hangover also lies in strengthening the liver. When you feel pain in the morning, you should drink Wumei Decoction with granulated sugar. This is a quick method. [details]

These reactions are the early symptoms of liver ascites!

The early symptoms of liver ascites are not easy to be detected. Most patients will not have any symptoms in the early stage. Some patients will occasionally feel abdominal distention. The abdominal distention of liver ascites is not obvious, and it often needs less ultrasound examination to find it. [details]

What is the effect of four in one treatment of cirrhotic ascites

The harm of cirrhotic ascites is multifaceted. First, the patient's blood is concentrated, the effective circulating blood volume is reduced, the blood viscosity is increased, and the blood flow is slow, which is easy to cause hypotension or shock; Secondly, the decrease of liver blood flow will aggravate liver ischemia and hypoxia. [details]

It is necessary to recognize that active treatment is the key to the symptoms of liver ascites

Early patients with liver ascites were accompanied by chills, fever and abdominal pain, chills, fever, abdominal pain, abdominal muscle tension and tenderness, which often suggested peritonitis caused by various reasons. The early symptoms of liver ascites will be accompanied by jaundice, hematemesis and black stool. It is more common in ascites caused by liver cirrhosis, liver cancer and other gastrointestinal tumors. [details]

Early liver ascites: these six symptoms should be vigilant at all times

Patients with liver ascites in the early stage are also accompanied by chills. The fever of patients is due to the presence of fibroids in patients with liver ascites. Due to the weak tumor resistance, infection is inevitable, and leukocytes begin to work, so they have fever! [details]

The old enemy of hepatitis eats two mouthfuls a day to keep away from liver cirrhosis and liver cancer

In today's life, various types of hepatitis are very common diseases. Some patients with liver disease in rural areas usually don't pay much attention to their own body, which is easy to lead to hepatitis "coming to the door". [details]

What factors in daily life lead to hepatic coma

In liver cirrhosis, esophageal or gastric varices rupture and bleeding will occur, which will reduce the blood flow of portal vein and aggravate the liver damage if the liver is obviously hypoxic; On the other hand, when blood flows to the intestine, it is decomposed by bacteria and produces a large amount of ammonia, which leads to ammonia poisoning in the blood. [details]

Getting up in the morning and doing these three things hurt your liver the most. Have you ever done it

A year's plan is in spring, and a day's plan is in the morning. Morning is the beginning of one's day's work and activities, as well as the beginning of health preservation. As an important organ of our body, the liver is responsible for the participation of digestion and metabolism. [details]

What's the matter with high transaminase? Master the key to reducing enzyme in 2 minutes

Liver disease experts pointed out that the increase of transaminase is the most common in the physical examination report. Some patients said: before the liver function test, transaminase has always been normal. What's the matter with the sudden rise of transaminase this time? How to effectively control the increase of transaminase? [details]

Psychotherapy for hepatitis B patients by refusing hepatitis B discrimination

Hepatitis B discrimination has become an important factor affecting social fairness, justice, harmony and stability. In the face of hepatitis B patients, we should eliminate discrimination, give more care, and also treat patients with liver diseases. [details]

Liver cyst: Interpretation of Western medicine + syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese Medicine

The size of liver cysts varies greatly. The small ones are like the tip of a needle and the large ones are like the head of a baby. However, it is more common to be several millimeters to several centimeters large. The number of cysts can be isolated or multiple. [details]

How is pregnancy complicated with hepatitis treated

How to treat pregnancy complicated with hepatitis? The nursing of mild hepatitis during pregnancy is the same as that during non pregnancy. Pay attention to rest, strengthen nutrition, eat a diet with high cellulose, high protein, sufficient carbohydrate and low fat, use Chinese and Western drugs, and actively carry out liver protection treatment. [details]

How to treat liver cirrhosis? Traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine

Liver cirrhosis is a complex disease, and it is difficult to give specific treatment plans for different patients. Therefore, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for examination before targeted treatment. In addition, it is suggested to add the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. At present, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of liver cirrhosis will be better, because traditional Chinese medicine will not aggravate the burden of the liver and cause secondary damage to the liver like western medicine. [details]

Is Gillie's new hepatitis B new drug, "Wei Lide", able to treat cirrhosis?

For HBV infected patients with liver cirrhosis, there is no data on the safety and efficacy of viride propofol tenofovir fumarate tablets. These patients may have a higher risk of serious adverse liver or kidney reactions. Therefore, the indexes and parameters of liver, gallbladder and kidney in the secondary patient population should be closely monitored. [details]

Entecavir is a first-line drug with higher renal and bone safety

Hepatitis B is a chronic disease that can not be cured. Oral antiviral drugs need to be maintained for a long time. It is very difficult to stop drugs in the short term. In the course of 5 years or even more than 10 years, drug safety is the same as the curative effect. It is a top priority for both hepatitis B patients and liver doctors. [details]

When can velide be bought and at what price

[gildeweild, China's China listed FDA approved hepatitis B new drug in ten years], in December 8, 2018, Gilead science announced that it was approved in China a month ago by the slow hepatitis B drug market listing. [details]

Can Jisan generation treat hepatitis C? Where can genuine Jisan generation buy it

Jisan generation is a new drug for hepatitis C developed by Gilead and combined with sofibovir + vapatavir to form a tablet. Jisan generation's treatment of hepatitis C is obvious to all and is well known by the majority of patients. Jisan generation in India is regarded as the first choice for hepatitis C patients in developing countries. [details]

Liver B-ultrasound is very important. It can detect at least three major diseases

Through the content of liver fat, we can directly judge whether the patient has fatty liver, which can also be detected by B-ultrasound. Generally speaking, the fat content of liver varies with different degrees of fatty liver. 5% - 10% is mild fatty liver and 10% - 25% is moderate fatty liver. When all hepatocytes have steatosis, it is severe fatty liver. [details]

Often appear liver area bilges stuffy is to get liver disease

Any liver disease can lead to liver distension. Many liver diseases, including chronic hepatitis B, fatty liver and liver cirrhosis, often only liver distension and discomfort. The reason may be the swelling of liver capsule caused by liver inflammatory stimulation and fat deposition. [details]

What is the appearance of liver disease? How to self-test whether the liver is healthy

The appearance of liver disease is a characteristic manifestation of chronic liver disease. The main reasons for the appearance of liver disease are: long-term drinking causes liver damage, affects the metabolic mechanism of the liver, and leads to the disorder of pigment metabolism. [details]

Got liver disease, the body often has 1 itch, 2 black and 3 yellow self-test

The itching mentioned here is more about hand itching. For people with liver diseases, hand itching needs to be paid attention to. Such itching may make you scratch your hand. Sometimes I even scratch my hand and stop. [details]

28 years old hepatitis B virus carrying city management for health certificate refused

When hepatitis B virus carriers appear abnormal liver function, do not worry about it for the time being. Need to suspend high-pressure work, adjust their eating and rest habits, and check liver function every 1-2 months. [details]

Han boy's eyes turned yellow. It turned out to be hepatitis virus

Liver cirrhosis and liver cancer are no longer the patents of the elderly. With the acceleration of the pace of life, patients are becoming younger and younger. One of the reasons that can not be ignored is hepatitis virus, and poorly disinfected eyebrow tattoos, tattoos and ear piercing have become new ways of infection that are easy to be ignored. [details]

Husband donates liver to save his wife. How's his wife after waking up

Liver transplantation is conditional. Generally speaking, patients with the following conditions should not do liver transplantation: there are malignant tumors outside the liver that are difficult to cure; There are infections that are difficult to control; Alcoholics or drug addicts who are difficult to quit; [details]

Should patients take liver protecting drugs in clinical treatment?

Antiviral therapy is the key to the treatment of chronic hepatitis B. Liver protecting drugs are only a part of comprehensive treatment and can not replace antiviral drugs. Liver protecting drugs can be used clinically, but they must still be used carefully under the guidance of doctors. [details]

What should patients with liver disease pay attention to?

Patients with hepatitis or liver cirrhosis are prone to skin itching. It is recommended to choose cotton clothes to reduce the itching caused by the friction between clothes and skin. For patients with liver cirrhosis complicated with severe ascites, it is recommended to prepare clothes 1 to 2 sizes larger than usual, which is more comfortable. [details]

Drinkers are at high risk of liver disease. Be careful

Chinese wine culture has a long history. Wine has penetrated into the whole 5000 year history of Chinese civilization. Some famous poets in ancient times were drinkers, including Li Bai, Tao Yuanming, Su Dongpo and so on. Drinking has become an indispensable part of life. [details]

How to choose appropriate liver protective drugs for patients with liver disease

At present, the consensus is to require the patient to protect the liver, absolutely abstain from alcohol, avoid overwork, keep the mood relaxed and reasonable, regularly check hepatitis B virus markers and liver function, and take ascorbic acid and Inosine Tablets as necessary to enhance the body's resistance. [details]

How should mothers of hepatitis block mother to child transmission?

Although all HBsAg positive pregnant women are infectious, there are effective interventions for interrupting mother to child transmission of hepatitis B. If accepted regular treatment, more than 90% of hepatitis B mothers can produce healthy children. [details]

How to detect liver fibrosis and cirrhosis early

Liver cirrhosis is a sign of the severe progression of chronic hepatitis B. It can be divided into early and late stages, namely compensatory stage and decompensated stage. In the early stage, there were no obvious symptoms due to the strong compensatory function of the liver, and in the later stage, the main manifestations were liver function damage and portal hypertension. [details]

Hot pot season to prevent liver disease recurrence, how to eat hot pot more healthy

Patients with liver disease should pay more attention when eating hot pot. For their own health, patients with liver disease must choose food within the scope of their own condition, eat hot pot reasonably, and do not greedy for cups, fresh food and food, so as to facilitate the early recovery of liver disease. [details]

Knowledge of prevention and treatment of hepatitis C

Hepatitis C virus can be transmitted through blood, sexual contact and mother to child. Blood transmission is the main route of transmission of hepatitis C, especially sharing needles and intravenous drugs. [details]

Several common misunderstandings about fatty liver in B-ultrasound

The clinical manifestations of fatty liver are mild, asymptomatic and severe. Generally speaking, fatty liver is a reversible disease. Early diagnosis and timely treatment can return to normal. It is a good thing that fatty liver has been paid more and more attention, but there are several common misunderstandings about fatty liver that still need to be paid attention to. [details]

Some common mistakes in treatment of hepatitis B patients

Many hepatitis B patients are very concerned about abnormal liver function. If there is a slight abnormality, they will see the doctor, and the degree of emphasis on antiviral treatment is far from enough. [details]

Take a good look at the common misunderstandings about hepatitis infectivity

Once the patient is diagnosed with hepatitis, other family members are like enemies, very afraid and afraid of being infected. Even hepatitis symptoms such as abnormal liver function and jaundice are mistaken for infection. [details]

12 misunderstandings of health knowledge and hepatitis B medication

Many hepatitis B patients have abnormal liver function and elevated aminotransferase. This should be the right time for antiviral treatment. Appropriate antiviral drugs should be used. However, the use of anti hepatic fibrosis drugs will aggravate liver function. [details]

Supermarkets grasp 5 kinds of materials to soak in water and drink liver clearing poison to refuse liver cancer transformation

According to statistics, there are 854000 new cases of primary liver cancer in the world and 466000 in China every year; Each year, 810000 cases of primary liver cancer die, compared with 422000 in China, which also means that China has become a large country of liver cancer. Liver cancer developed from the initial small liver disease. [details]

Liver poison can be eaten from five favorite foods of the liver

In life, our bad living habits and eating habits, such as staying up late, smoking and drinking, all destroy the health of the liver. If detoxification is unfavorable, harmful substances accumulate in the liver, causing toxin accumulation. [details]

It turns out that raisins and regular eating can nourish the liver and detoxify

In recent years, studies have also proved that raisins have anti-cancer effect, in which baililulol can effectively prevent cell carcinogenesis or inhibit the growth of malignant tumors. Raisins contain a component called resveratrol, which can effectively prevent cell malignant transformation or inhibit the growth of malignant tumors. [details]

The bad habit of hurting the liver needs to be vigilant. Nutritious food is the most protective for the liver

Staying up late for a long time is the easiest way to accelerate aging. At the same time, it can also make people's energy drop, affect work efficiency and damage their health. If you don't get enough sleep and don't rest when you should rest, it will cause a relative lack of liver blood flow, affect the nutrition and moisture of liver cells, and lead to the decline of resistance. [details]