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How should I wash the foreskin dirt?

First put the soap on your hand, and then wash it with your hand. The more the better. Tintin's skin is very sensitive. Excessive may cause allergy or inflammation, especially for people who have not been circumcised, there is a layer of mucous membrane at the front end, which is easier to be sensitive. [details]

Stay away from recurrent abortion. Prospective fathers should be vigilant about these five things

Multiple miscarriages are nightmares for expectant mothers, which also grip the hearts of every family. According to daily life experience, some people believe that multiple abortions are caused by careless or bad living habits when expectant mothers are pregnant. If they get pregnant again, they will never miscarry if they pay more attention. [details]

Why can't you always cure your premature ejaculation?

Regular sex life can help release sexual impulses, is also good for prostate health, and can prevent premature ejaculation; On the contrary, excessive and frequent sex can only be harmful to the prostate and lead to premature ejaculation. [details]

How many of the 9 signs of impotence and premature ejaculation did you get?

Many men will use the time of sexual intercourse to measure whether it is a symptom of premature ejaculation, but occasionally the short time of one-time life may be because psychological factors are normal, but the long-term sexual life is less than 15 minutes. [details]

What are the benefits of eating more mushrooms for the elderly

Mushrooms are also rich in inorganic salts such as sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and iodine, adenosine triphosphate and tyrosinase. With the deepening of research, mushrooms also contain special substances that can reduce blood lipid, blood sugar and inhibit bacteria and viruses, and some have anti-cancer effects. [details]

What food does the old man eat to cause the old man's eyesight

An ocular tumor or an inflammatory mass in the orbit can invaginate and flatten the posterior pole of the eye. Retrobulbar neologisms or bulbar wall edema can move the macular region of the retina forward. Caused by retinal detachment, the displacement caused by this detachment can even touch the back of the crystal, and the change of diopter is more obvious. [details]

Do you know the best time for bathing, sleeping and exercise

The best time to drink tea for health preservation is 1 hour after dinner. Many people like to drink hot tea immediately after dinner, which is very unscientific. Because the tannic acid in tea can combine with the iron in food to synthesize insoluble iron salt, which interferes with the absorption of iron by the human body, and anemia can be induced over time. [details]

There are many early symptoms of coronary heart disease in the elderly

There will be a lot of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems when people get old, which is easy to related diseases. One of the most common is coronary heart disease, often because of emotional excitement and other chest pain, so what are the early symptoms of coronary heart disease? Let's have a look. [details]

What are the knowledge of maternal and infant care? I'll take you to know it today

Maternal and infant care, that is, the care of pregnant women and newborn babies. There are many aspects to estimate in maternal and infant care, ranging from the temperature of pregnant women and newborns to the diet of pregnant women and newborns. What are the specific aspects? [details]

How to eliminate pregnancy spots in confinement

Tomatoes have the effect of maintaining skin and eliminating freckles. It is rich in lycopene and vitamin C, which is the best weapon to inhibit the formation of melanin. Experiments have proved that eating tomatoes can effectively reduce melanin formation. [details]

I haven't figured out whether to cut or smooth these four items

Rising milk is a symbol of Baoma's sufficient breast milk, but it is also very dangerous, because if the excess milk is not discharged in time, it is likely to cause milk deposition and even mastitis, affecting breast-feeding. It is suggested that we prepare the breast pump in advance, which can empty the breast in time to prevent the rising milk from bringing harm to ourselves. [details]

Is it important to have children? We don't want it to be a multiple-choice question

Applicable to all women, especially unmarried women. Firstly, complete ovaries or ovarian tissues are frozen and stored by deep cryogenic freezing technology for long-term retention. When women's fertility decreases or loses, if they are ready to give birth, they will be transplanted back into the body to assist them in obtaining fertility or endocrine function, and finally obtain healthy offspring. [details]

The benefits of eating eggs are countless, but these 10 kinds of eggs should be eaten less

Are all eggs good? Of course, the answer is No. eating the right egg is a good egg. Accidentally eating the "bad egg" will also cause some harm to the body. Be careful! [details]

Do you have all the five misunderstandings of eating breakfast?

Many people get up at five or six o'clock in the morning and eat breakfast immediately. They think this can timely supplement the nutrition needed by the body and is also conducive to absorption. But in fact, eating breakfast too early may hurt your intestines and stomach. [details]

How should sugar friends drive a good diet carriage?

As soon as I heard that coarse grain can help reduce blood sugar, I ate coarse grain every day. Corn, sweet potato, soybeans, oats and buckwheat were eaten in different ways. After a period of time, blood sugar decreased and weight lost, but I felt weak. Some elderly patients went to the hospital for examination and found that they were suffering from osteoporosis. [details]

Add some when soaking your feet to force moisture out of your body for three days

Now life is stressful. Many people have insomnia and dreams. They have no spirit in the morning. Soaking their feet in white vinegar before going to bed can not only relax their nerves, but also sleep soundly all night. You might as well try it. [details]

Use of eye drops and precautions

Red eyes can be conjunctivitis, keratitis, corneal ulcer, subconjunctival hemorrhage, acute iridocyclitis, or acute glaucoma. Appropriate drugs should be selected according to different symptoms and causes. [details]

Rational use teaches you how to choose antiallergic drugs

There are a wide range of anti allergic drugs in the drug market, so most patients often have many questions, "which drug is symptomatic?" "is it good to insist on taking one kind of anti allergic drug, or is it good to eat it instead?" [details]

How should patients with gastric ulcer take medicine

The human stomach secretes gastric acid and pepsin to help food digestion, but in some special cases, gastric acid and pepsin will damage the gastric mucosa and form ulcers. In severe cases, complications such as perforation and bleeding occur. [details]

12 combinations of oryzanol must be seen by grass-roots doctors

Oryzanol can improve the autonomic nerve function of the body, stabilize the mood of patients, resist depression and anxiety, relieve tension, and effectively improve sleep quality; The phospholipids and amino acids contained in Anshen Bunao liquid can enhance resistance; Polygonum multiflorum can calm down and nourish the mind. [details]

People with high creatinine should pay attention to be careful of uremia

Gout can cause high creatinine. First, gout can cause a series of kidney problems. The most important biochemical basis of gout is hyperuricemia. High uric acid is harmful to many human tissues and organs. Excessive uric acid deposition in the kidney will cause damage to renal function. [details]

What disease can blood test find out? (bottom)

Hyperlipidemia is a metabolic disease in which one or more lipids in plasma are higher than normal due to abnormal fat metabolism or operation. Lipids are insoluble or slightly soluble in water and must be combined with proteins in the form of lipoproteins. Therefore, hyperlipidemia is often hyperlipidemia, manifested as hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia or both. [details]

How long is the life span of leukemia?

Treatment is the key to leukemia rehabilitation, but other factors can not be ignored. Generally speaking, how long you can live after suffering from leukemia mainly depends on its treatment and the patient's own physical and psychological conditions. [details]

What are the organs of the body afraid of? Avoid the health of these Guardian organs

For the stomach, "cold" is the most difficult to accept. Once the stomach is stimulated by cold air or cold food, it is easy to contract and spasm, gastric colic and diarrhea. People with gastrointestinal diseases know that when the gastrointestinal tract is not in time, it will be more comfortable to hold a hot water bag and cover it for a while. [details]

It's not easy to cough. I'll teach you how to deal with cough

Colds and air pollution can cause coughing. Please don't think that coughing is a trivial matter. The reason is not so simple. You should be vigilant for more than 3 weeks. Cough for more than 8 weeks may be a sign of some chronic diseases. [details]

Give the crazy hyperthyroidism patient an injection of Valium, and the director flew into a rage

There are many situations that need to be identified for sudden mental disorders in patients with hyperthyroidism: electrolyte disorder, pre hyperthyroidism crisis, hypoglycemia, and even autoimmune encephalitis (such as Hashimoto encephalitis). [details]

Do you really wash your hands for influenza protection?

Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer. The rich foam can wash off the dirt and germs on your hands better, and rinse them with flowing water, so that the bacteria in the dirty water will not touch the hands. After washing your hands with soap or hand sanitizer, you will leave a faint fragrance. You are happy and others like it! [details]

Look at the harm of holding urine. It's really scared to pee!

When holding urine, the bladder wall becomes thinner due to expansion. At this time, if there is an accidental impact, the bladder wall may rupture, and a large amount of urine enters the abdominal cavity, resulting in abdominal infection. Untimely rescue can lead to life-threatening. [details]

What can I do to save you and my thinning hair?

Research shows that there is no need to worry too much if the daily hair loss is less than 100, because while it falls off, our newborn hair is also growing. Physiological hair loss keeps our hair volume in a relatively dynamic balance. Infant hair loss, postpartum hair loss and senile hair loss all belong to the category of physiological hair loss. [details]

You always have acne on your face. You have to pay more attention to this organ of your body

In addition to poor skin quality, dark yellow complexion is also an important manifestation of poor liver. If you have yellow complexion for a period of time, you must be careful. This is jaundice caused by abnormal bile pigment secretion caused by abnormal liver function. At this time, the skin, sclera and other parts of the body will be dyed yellow. [details]

What should spring allergy notice in daily life

It is windy in spring. The wind is not only mixed with a large number of microorganisms and pollen, but also all kinds of dust. Especially in the northern region, windy weather such as dust storms occasionally occurs in spring. These skin contact may become the cause of allergy, especially facial skin, which is most prone to allergic symptoms. [details]

Confirmed that everyone may be allergic to silver drops

Skin care is not a short-term thing. When you really start to have allergic and inflammatory symptoms, it shows that your body can't stand it, so we should protect our skin from day to day. [details]

Even if you don't want your child to sleep alone, you should sleep alone

Generally speaking, when children are close to the age of primary school, even if you don't say it, they will naturally sprout the idea of sleeping by themselves. At this time, parents can take the opportunity to encourage their children to sleep by themselves. Once the child starts to sleep independently, his parents should encourage him to insist. He must not fish for three days and dry the net for two days. [details]

Poke here, the baby's knowledge of spring allergy has long been known

There is a certain relationship between children's allergy and their constitution in spring. Many times, children's allergy is determined by genetic genes. If one parent has an allergic constitution, about 30% of their children will also have an allergic constitution. Both parents have an allergic constitution, and the probability of their children's allergic constitution is more than 50%. [details]

After bathing the baby, parents should pay more attention to these aspects

Many people often ignore such a problem after bathing their baby, that is, they don't apply body milk to him. Some parents don't think it's necessary to do this, but it's wrong to think so. The baby's skin is delicate. After taking a bath, the skin moisture will be lost and the body will become very dry. [details]

Can brown sugar water treat dysmenorrhea? What is suitable for eating

If you add some ginger juice to brown sugar, menstruation will be smoother and the pain can be reduced. However, brown sugar is a warm thing, which is easy to get angry. [details]

What should I do when my blood sugar rises during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and diabetes are divided into two cases. One is pregnancy on the basis of the original diabetes, called pre pregnancy diabetes. The other is normal blood sugar before pregnancy and diabetes after pregnancy. It is called gestational diabetes mellitus. Of the diabetic pregnant women, 90% was gestational diabetes mellitus. [details]

How many outcomes does ectopic pregnancy have?

Ectopic pregnancy refers to the implantation of fertilized eggs outside the uterine cavity, also known as ectopic pregnancy. This is a serious disease in gynecology and obstetrics, and its clinical incidence rate is about 2%. It is also one of the important causes of death for pregnant women. [details]

For women, four gynecological examinations must be done a year

Gynecological diseases have been the first killer affecting women's health today. Gynecological diseases are different from other diseases. If a gynecological disease is not treated, it is very easy to derive other gynecological diseases, thus forming a vicious circle and hurting women's health. [details]

Do you insist on brushing your teeth every day, but do you get caught in oral problems

According to statistics, 70% of people may have molars when they sleep. Intestinal parasites stimulate nerves and cause molars, but modern people generally pay more attention to hygiene, which is less common; Excessive stress and emotional tension can also lead to molars. [details]

What should I do if there is red blood in my eyes? You have to pay special attention to these details

If you don't have enough rest, the red blood will be congested and become more obvious. But some people's blood vessels in their natural eyes are thicker than others, so they are more obvious. If the eyes are too tired or infected, it can also cause blood vessel rupture and bleeding. What should I do if there is red blood in my eyes? Now let's take a look. [details]

Too much red blood in eyes is terrible. How to prevent red blood in eyes

If you encounter poor sleep, overwork, infection, etc., causing capillary congestion in your eyes, the blood in your eyes will look more serious than usual, so there will be red blood. So how can we prevent red blood in our eyes? [details]

There are many reasons for red eyes, but you really ignore these eye diseases

I suddenly find my eyes are very red. Sometimes when I wake up, I open my eyes or look in the mirror carelessly. Do you know what's going on? Although there are many reasons for red eyes, you really ignore these eye diseases! Let's go and have a look at the diseases of red eyes today! [details]

These exercise weight loss tips will help you live a long and healthy life

More exercise can not only become thin and beautiful, but also become healthy. So if you want to reverse growth and live a long life, you must not leave sports. Next, let's talk about our common sense of exercise and weight loss. [details]

Do you know the correct use of these weight loss tools?

Now, more and more people begin to fall in love with weight loss. There are a variety of fitness equipment in the gym. Do you know the correct way to use these common weight loss equipment? Let's have a look. [details]

Do you know these little ways to thin your waist and abdomen?

Bucket waist and big belly annoy many beautiful women, so how to thin waist and belly? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn some small ways to thin your waist and abdomen, so that you can have a small waist and flat abdomen. [details]

Can eating leftovers of cold noodles lose weight? Turn into resistant starch and don't lose weight!

The conversion of starch into sugars will cause the rapid rise of blood sugar and the rapid secretion of insulin, so as to play the function of reducing blood sugar. However, when blood sugar rises and falls rapidly, the body's sensitivity to insulin will be weakened. On the contrary, it is easy to cause insulin to not play its role in controlling blood sugar normally, so people feel hungry and eat more food, resulting in obesity. [details]

Can I eat cheese if I want to lose weight? After reading these 5 analysis points, you will know!

Cheese is fermented with milk as raw material. It is rich in active lactic acid bacteria, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and help digestion. Moreover, cheese has good anti gastric acid ability, which can protect good bacteria from reaching the intestine and play a healthy role. However, because cheese contains high salt, attention should be paid to controlling the intake. [details]

Eat corn to control weight ~ guess which color is the lowest card?

The relatively low heat of white jade rice may be caused by less sugar and more resistant starch. Resistant starch, also known as "indigestible starch", has lower calories than "starch with fast digestion or slow digestion", which is more conducive to weight loss. [details]

Women lose weight, exercise a few days a month, exercise precautions

The most important thing to pay attention to is the correct landing skills and exercise weight loss methods. When running, many women will land on the ground with the forefoot first. Although it is easy to run, it is not suitable for women with strong legs. The correct way to avoid leg thickening is to land on the ground with the heel, and then jog with the whole sole of the foot. [details]

Female abdominal weight loss exercise methods abdominal weight loss precautions

Standing and twisting can be practiced at noon or at night. Stand around and twist your waist 100 times (similar to belly dance, you should use your waist force, not your legs or back strength). As long as you stick to it every day, it will be effective! [details]

How do girls exercise in the weight loss gym in the right order

Preparation, carbohydrate supplement is more important. Eat something 30 minutes in advance and feel more energetic when doing exercise. Many people think that eating is necessary to lose weight. However, if the energy of fat metabolism is insufficient, the effect of weight loss will be greatly affected. People who lose weight can choose to eat a dinner twice before and after exercise. [details]

What exercise do girls do to lose weight? The benefits of exercise to lose weight

The most important thing to pay attention to is the correct landing skills and exercise weight loss methods. When running, many women will land on the ground with the forefoot first. Although it is easy to run, it is not suitable for women with strong legs. The correct way to avoid leg thickening is to land on the ground with the heel, and then jog with the whole sole of the foot. [details]

Now the most popular thin leg needle to quickly save elephant legs has so many side effects?

Leg slimming needle will cause muscle atrophy. It will produce a sense of weakness when the leg becomes thinner, and it can only last for 9-12 months. Female stars often wear high heels on the red carpet and participate in various reality shows. Therefore, it is unlikely to maintain long-term thin leg acupuncture. [details]

What are the three types of obesity? After reading it, I finally know why I can't lose weight!

The diet is mainly light and less salt. You can eat more red beans and kelp with diuretic function to help remove toxins and excess water in the body and effectively reduce swelling. White gourd is rich in potassium and dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help the human body excrete excess salt. [details]

Soak your feet with it every day, remove moisture and heat, keep your face and lose weight, which is better than eating ginseng!

In the steaming medicine soup, ginger gives full play to its warm medicinal properties, with slight sweating. After a whole day, I feel tired. After soaking, my skin feels brighter than before, and it is particularly easy to sleep at night! [details]

The seven most effective traditional Chinese medicine slimming tea makes you lose weight reasonably

For weight loss, of course, the healthiest way is to achieve the effect of weight loss through exercise, but some people don't want to lose weight through exercise. Let's learn about several effective traditional Chinese medicine weight loss teas, and work together to reduce weight reasonably through medicine. [details]

Wash your face every day. Do you know these misunderstandings

Washing your face is not just washing your face with clean water or some cleaning products. In fact, washing your face also pays attention to many skills. So what misunderstandings do we need to avoid in the process of washing our face? Let's follow Xiaobian to see some misunderstandings of washing our face. [details]

Master the correct methods and steps of washing your face so that your face is no longer dry and tight

Many people feel tight after washing their faces for a while. Many girls have made a lot of efforts in moisturizing and hydrating their faces. They also try to use mild facial cleanser when washing their faces, but there will still be such problems, which is really very distressing. In fact, you may not have found that as long as you can master the correct face washing methods and steps, you can achieve twice the result with half the effort. [details]

Do you know how to wash your face correctly to really clean your skin

Many people think that washing face is something to do every day, especially women. How can it not? Not only wash your face, but also wash it several times a day. However, relevant surveys show that many people have misunderstandings when washing their faces. They are only washing their faces and do not achieve the effect of cleaning their skin, resulting in different skin problems on their faces. So, how do we wash our face correctly? [details]

Have you ever committed these common skin care misunderstandings?

Often, most female friends also have such a dilemma. Obviously, I am seriously caring for my skin, but my skin is still not good. At this time, you should pay attention to whether you have made some common skin care misunderstandings. Let's follow Xiaobian to understand some common skin care misunderstandings. [details]

Simple makeup steps come and learn

Learning to make up is a necessary skill for girls. Making up is the most basic respect for dating, socializing and going to work. So it's necessary to learn how to make up. Today I'll tell you how simple make-up steps are. Girls should learn it! [details]

If you want to put on good makeup, make-up tools must be used

For makeup, if you want to paint well, in addition to practice makes perfect, you also need some easy-to-use makeup gadgets to help you. Some make-up tools are necessary! Don't be willing to spend this money in order to save money. Next, learn about the necessary gadgets for makeup. [details]

Getting blush and getting into a wrong area needs your attention.

Blush can improve our skin texture and make our makeup more colorful. There is a lot of attention to painting blush. From color to tools to play, every ring needs attention. Many people fall into misunderstandings without careful consideration. Next is our blush correction class! [details]

It is important not to be careless and careful nursing after plastic surgery

All surgical patients should actively cooperate with the main purpose of the postoperative recovery of medical staff. Only by insisting on completing the whole process of plastic surgery can they really achieve their desired effect. Good postoperative nursing is also an important link to ensure the therapeutic effect. Ordinary small operations usually need careful care, not to mention some knives on the face? Next, let's take a look at the postoperative precautions! [details]

How to do with sparse eyebrows? Light eyebrow star people look at it

Even if other parts are painted well, without the overall modification of eyebrows on the face shape, people will greatly reduce the impression of your face. So those "light eyebrow" stars have to draw eyebrows every day. If they can grow thick and natural eyebrows, everyone will be much easier every day! Now let's see how to save your eyebrows! [details]

The slow detumescence after double eyelid surgery may be caused by these reasons

Many fairies who have finished double eyelid surgery will worry about how their eyes haven't subsided? Did the operation fail? Why do others reduce swelling faster than mine? Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the reasons for the slow swelling after double eyelid surgery. [details]

It is very important to take care of the swelling after double eyelid operation

Some people finish double eyelids. When removing stitches, their eyes, like peaches, take a long time to reduce swelling. This situation will inevitably make people feel upset. In fact, it may be because they don't take careful care after surgery. Therefore, nursing after double eyelid surgery is very important. [details]

If you want to fight aging, eat more of these 10 foods

What women fear most is aging. No matter how beautiful it is, it will wither, and no matter how beautiful the goddess is, it will grow old. Want to delay aging, what do women eat to fight aging? [details]

Simple and delicious, try these eight beauty porridge

If you don't want to use medical and aesthetic means, how can you make your skin smooth? Food beauty method can not be missed. Try beauty porridge. Beauty porridge is delicious, nutritious and easy to learn. Let's see what delicious and nutritious beauty porridge is. [details]

These beauty porridge are perfect for winter

How to skin care in winter? Let's introduce some specific methods and effects of beauty porridge, so that these beauty porridge can not only nourish our body, but also make us beauty. [details]

Do you know what foods are for nourishing blood and beauty

Don't want to make your face always pale and look like you are ill. In addition to working hard on the way of make-up, you should do a good job in replenishing blood and beauty at ordinary times and eat more food for replenishing blood and beauty. Let's see what foods can nourish blood and beauty. [details]

The last 5% of the tumor can't be removed only by the doctor's conscience. Why?

In order to improve medical quality, doctors should first have the spirit of responsibility. They should not always think of self-protection during diagnosis and treatment, and provide all diagnosis and treatment schemes to patients and their families, so that they can choose by themselves and push the responsibility clean. In addition, patients should also change, recognize the existence of risks, and give understanding and cooperation to doctors. [details]

Dendreon of sancellao completed the delivery of USD 819 million

In January this year, sancell group reached an agreement with Valeant, dendreon's parent company, to acquire 100% equity of dendreon for us $819 million. It took more than five months to complete the "overseas Amoy" of sancell group. [details]

What can the doctor group do? Listen to these six founders

Based on Internet hospitals, cooperate with doctors, build Internet private clinics for doctors, and cooperate with doctor groups and various medical institutions on an open platform. [details]

What experience does Yu Gang, a child ophthalmologist who has been in business for 2 months?

Age is two double-edged swords. Three years old is the most critical period of visual development and three years old is the most critical period of psychological development. We held three debates among eye plastic experts. Our views were accepted by the general assembly. This project is our trump card. [details] executives inspected Zhongzhi, and the online sales of new decoction pieces is expected to make a big breakthrough

Xie Fangmin, CEO of, song Xiaoya, assistant vice president and senior director of e-commerce, Zhang Erzhi, general manager of the tripartite platform business division, and Wang Qinghong, director of network marketing, visited and inspected China Chile, and conducted the first round of in-depth exchanges and negotiations on the content and direction of the next strategic cooperation projects between the two sides, and reached many strategic cooperation consensus. [details]

New launch of Jianke mall app

The app application of Jianke mall is created by Guangdong Jianke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and is a practical drug purchase app. There are a wide range of drugs. It supports multi-functional drug search and inspection. It is fast and accurate. Users can buy the required drugs without leaving home. [details]