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The more worried about premature ejaculation, the easier it is to have premature ejaculation

Normally, I will arrange sex in the evening. If I feel a little powerless. You can change the time of sex to the morning. After a night's rest, your physical fatigue has been relieved. At this time, your energy is very strong, and the quality of sex will certainly be improved. [details]

I'll teach you a few tricks to distinguish what kind of kidney deficiency you are

Shrimp tastes delicious and has high tonic and medicinal effects. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is sweet, salty and warm in nature. It can strengthen Yang, benefit kidney, replenish essence and dredge milk. Those who have been ill for a long time, lack of breath, lack of energy and don't want to eat can use it as nourishing food. People often eat shrimp, which has the effect of strengthening the body. [details]

There are many benefits of Tonifying the kidney in traditional Chinese medicine. What are the precautions

As we all know, men with kidney deficiency should tonify the kidney. Kidney deficiency, then there may be frequent back pain, but also affect sexual life, great harm. Therefore, it is urgent to tonify the kidney. Today, I'd like to introduce some kidney tonifying methods of traditional Chinese medicine. [details]

Let's talk about the benefits of loach

Loach must be familiar to everyone, especially those who often fish will use loach as bait. Everyone must have heard of fried loach. What's the effect of loach? People can't help eating loach? Let's talk about the benefits of loach. [details]

Did you know that fruit has such magical effects

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, people with insufficient kidney qi must be nourishing. So what can you eat to nourish it? Fruit is a good choice. So what fruit to eat to tonify the kidney? Let's get to know each other. [details]

How to do with bad kidney? Delicious food therapy prescription to help

In real life, men's life is often careless. Coupled with the increase of work tension and life pressure, many men will have symptoms such as impotence and premature ejaculation. Let's learn about food therapy and tonifying the kidney! [details]

If sexual ability goes wrong, eat more shrimp to restore men's self-confidence

Yam has always been a food to improve sexual ability, because yam has the function of Tonifying the kidney. According to the records of ancient books, in ancient times, if men had low sexual ability or weak sperm, they basically chose to use yam, a common food for conditioning. [details]

Prostatitis is a common disease in young men

Limit fat intake: according to the research of scientists in many countries, the more high-fat food you eat, the higher the incidence of prostate cancer. High-fat food is harmful to human body, so it is necessary to limit its intake. [details]

Girls with these four male psychological characteristics will revolve around you

It's not enough for boys to have appearance if they want to be liked by girls for a long time. The four male psychological characteristics described below can make you favored by women for a long time. [details]

Let's take a look and briefly analyze men's psychological stress

Men play a pillar role in the mainstream of society, as well as in the family. Some men with too much economic burden and emotional pressure are prone to great psychological pressure, and they don't know how to solve the pressure correctly. This article will talk about male psychological stress. [details]

Women want to be the leader of love. It's important to understand men's psychology

When girls understand the male psychology in love, they can stand in the leading position in love and will not be easily deceived by men. Let's take a look at male psychoanalysis to understand the hearts of men in love. [details]

Interpretation of men's psychological pressure men really bear too much

Many men will collapse or act recklessly, because the inner pressure can not be released, but also because women can not correctly understand men's psychological pressure. Let me explain men's psychological pressure for you. [details]

Is secondary syphilis terrible? Look at these three clinical manifestations

Although the name of secondary syphilis doesn't sound much different from primary syphilis, there is a huge gap in clinical manifestations. What clinical manifestations will secondary syphilis have? Let's have a look! [details]

Offer five syphilis detection magic weapons to help you get rid of syphilis as soon as possible

Many diseases have a time interval before the onset of syphilis. Therefore, only by understanding the syphilis detection methods can syphilis be detected and treated in time. It's so important to open it. [details]

Rash and syphilis can't be distinguished. You'll understand after reading it

Erythema spots on the body, is it a general rash or syphilis? Be sure to make it clear that if syphilis rash, the consequences are unimaginable. So, what is the difference between syphilitic rash and general rash? [details]

Eating fruit can also tonify the kidney. Do you know those

Kidney is an important organ of our human body. Many people are no longer normal due to their work and rest habits, and their bodies can't eat it. They have symptoms such as kidney deficiency. Today we are going to talk about what fruit to eat to tonify the kidney. [details]

How much do you know about the four stages of male reproductive health care

A person's life will go through four stages: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and middle-aged and elderly. Do you know how to carry out male reproductive health care in these four stages? The following article will bring you a detailed introduction. [details]

Methods of preventing lumbar diseases for the elderly in winter

The elderly should often participate in moderate sports, such as Taijiquan, mountain climbing, walking, gateball, swimming, etc., strengthen the exercise of joints and muscles and improve the exercise ability of joints. If they like ball sports with a large amount of exercise at ordinary times, they can also participate appropriately if their physical condition allows. [details]

There are four ways to tonify the kidney. You need to keep in mind

As we all know, kidney deficiency is an annoying thing. In daily life, many friends are disturbed by the problem of kidney deficiency. Today, Xiaobian will take stock of four kidney tonifying methods for you. Let's get to know! [details]

Is second period syphilis terrible? How should treat again

Secondary syphilis is characterized by secondary syphilitic rash and systemic symptoms. It usually relapses at asymptomatic intervals after regression, resulting in multiple injuries and multiple injuries, invading the skin, mucous membrane, bone, internal organs, cardiovascular and nervous system, and 80% of patients have skin syphilis rash. [details]

Do you know how terrible the harm of reproductive infection is

At the same time, male reproductive infection can also cause orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and urethritis, which directly affect sperm motility, resulting in azoospermia, oligozoospermia, low sperm motility and high deformity rate, leading to male infertility; In addition, infection will also reduce the body's immunity, increase the patient's mental pressure and induce other diseases. [details]

Got epididymitis, these details need to pay attention to

If you have symptoms of epididymitis, you should consider whether your living habits are good, whether you pay attention to physical exercise, whether your diet is regular, whether your sexual life is too frequent, and so on. If so, please correct it in time. [details]

How can syphilis be cured

Will syphilis heal itself? Syphilis can be cured clinically, but once syphilis is detected as positive or there is no formal treatment, we still suggest formal treatment. If you suspect that you have syphilis, you should carry out formal and standardized syphilis treatment. [details]

So how to distinguish the symptoms of impotence

The liver governs the tendons, and the Yin organ is the confluence of the Zong tendons. If the emotions are unsuccessful, the anxiety and anger, and the liver loses the ability to relieve, the Zong tendons are incompetent. For example, the source and flow of miscellaneous diseases rhinoceros candle · the source and flow of Yin before and after Yin says: "there are also people who lose their will. Depression hurts the liver, and the liver wood cannot reach, which also leads to Yin impotence. [details]

So what are the causes of male erectile dysfunction

Vascular origin includes any disease that may reduce the blood flow of penile cavernous artery, such as atherosclerosis, arterial injury, arterial stenosis, pudendal artery shunt and abnormal cardiac function, or penile venous leakage caused by penile leukoplakia that hinders venous reflux and closure mechanism and the reduction of smooth muscle in penile cavernous sinus. [details]

On the causes of impotence prevention and treatment are equally important

Functional impotence and organic impotence, functional impotence and organic impotence are different in pathogenesis, incidence, erectile function and prevention, so the treatment methods are also different, so we must check and diagnose before impotence treatment. This paper introduces the causes of impotence. [details]

Men have spontaneous penile erection after deep sleep

Sexual desire decline and impotence (ED) are mutually causal. On the one hand, people's various skills are acquired and need to be constantly practiced and reviewed, and sexual ability is no exception. From a physiological point of view, the erection process is the "Gymnastics" of nerves and blood vessels, which are responsible for transmitting signals, and the blood vessels finally complete the "filling and perfusion". [details]

Premature ejaculation refers to ejaculation before sex enters the vagina

Sexual life is divided into early ejaculation when it is lower than 5. As the largest accessory gonad of the male body, the prostate is the gate to control male ejaculation. Once the prostate has inflammatory symptoms, the gland tissue is stiff and hardened, the nerves in the gland are damaged, and the ejaculation cannot be controlled without the control of the brain central nerve, early ejaculation will occur. [details]

Introduce several situations in which men are easy to cause premature ejaculation

First use the posture of kneeling, and then start to inhale in the abdomen. While inhaling in the abdomen, you should also keep the anus closed, so that people feel that the anus is also inhaling, and slowly relax the anus when exhaling. In this way, you can also treat premature ejaculation by doing it about twice a day for almost 10 minutes each time. [details]

Teach you four treatments that are simple, common and effective

On organic premature ejaculation, according to the data available in clinical medicine, the vast majority of male premature ejaculation is caused by prostatitis. Therefore, the vast majority of organic premature ejaculation can be relieved through the treatment of prostatitis. [details]

Premature ejaculation intimate partner chronic prostatitis

Clinically, many patients with premature ejaculation often describe pain stimulation or micturition discomfort in lumbosacral, lower abdomen, perineum, penis, testis and other parts in addition to short reporting time. It can be seen that premature ejaculation with prostatitis is a very common phenomenon. [details]

Do you know the six external factors affecting male fertility

Underwear too tight: too tight underwear not only oppresses male reproductive organs, but also affects the normal development of testicles and reduces the vitality and quantity of sperm. The environment without air permeability and heat dissipation is not conducive to the survival of sperm. [details]

What is oligospermia, the main cause of male infertility

Infertility has become a disease with high incidence in contemporary people, and it will cause great psychological trauma to families. One of the common causes of male infertility is oligozoospermia. [details]

Some men suffer from male infertility

A variety of trace elements, such as the mineral zinc, the development of male testis is inseparable from the supply of zinc. Once the long-term intake of zinc is insufficient, it will cause sperm scarcity and testicular atrophy. High zinc foods are mainly shellfish. For example, oysters contain the most zinc and can be eaten more. [details]

Male infertility is not a trivial matter. How to check it

Couples of childbearing age who live together for more than one year and have normal sex life can be called infertility if they fail to conceive successfully without using any contraceptive measures. Those whose spouses are infertile due to male reasons are called male infertility. What are the male infertility inspection items? [details]

Why is foreskin too long harmful to both men and women

Male prepuce is too long. The biggest impact on the body is the function of male reproductive system, because most patients with too long prepuce will have difficulty in erecting during sexual intercourse. The reason is that due to the obstruction of prepuce, it has a great impact on the sympathetic nerve of glans, so there will be a situation that they can't erect normally. [details]

Long foreskin causes four major hazards. I hope you don't get one

Finally, the harm of long prepuce is to let patients suffer from redundant prepuce inflammation. People with a little common sense know that the prepuce contains a considerable number of sebaceous glands. Secreting sebum is an "important task" that the sebaceous glands should and must do. [details]

Why is circumcision always recommended for those with long foreskin

In case of inflammation caused by dirt accumulation between prepuce and glans, it's good to soak and scrub with special vulva disinfection and cleaning liquid. If it's serious, consult a professional doctor. If it is phimosis, it is often impossible to thoroughly clean the foreskin scale. Even if the foreskin can be turned up, it is easy to have foreskin incarceration. [details]

The wrapped penis also has the feeling of suffocation and obstruction

If there is inflammation that cannot be operated on as soon as possible, you should also keep the vulva clean, wash the penis once a day, don't turn over the foreskin with your hands, don't Scribble drugs, and don't believe in any "folk prescription". You should go to the hospital in time to ask a doctor for treatment, and then do the operation after the inflammation disappears. [details]

Understanding of prostate and urination teaches you 12 word formula to protect prostate

In addition to avoiding the factors that damage the prostate, we should also exercise properly. Jogging, playing badminton and dancing are good choices, which can not only improve the body's immunity and reduce the risk of prostatitis, but also promote the systemic blood circulation and reduce the congestion of the prostate. [details]

Do you have these puzzles about the treatment of prostatitis

Q: in contrast to those who are particularly nervous about prostatitis, some people go to the other extreme in life. They think prostatitis is not a big problem. It can't be cured or not. So, what if chronic prostatitis is not treated? [details]

Men watch too many pornographic films, which is bad for the prostate

Experts say that it is certainly bad not to excrete and accumulate in the body, but it is also bad to excrete repeatedly. "There was once a patient who had been married for many years and couldn't give birth. An examination found that there was no sperm in his semen. During the physical examination, we noticed that he had induration in his epididymis. He had epididymitis." [details]

How did man pee not come out prostate hyperplasia to do

At present, the prostate disease has been serious enough to have the symptoms of obstruction. At this time, although the drugs still have a certain effect, the effect has been a little slight. The doctor will suggest surgical treatment when the body is OK, which can help us avoid the aggravation of the disease. [details]

It refers to the number of sperm per milliliter of semen

Sperm motility is generally divided into four levels: inactive sperm, in-situ sperm, slow forward curve swimming sperm, straight forward swimming sperm and fast straight forward swimming sperm. Among them, straight forward moving sperm must be ≥ 32% in order to fertilize the egg. [details]

The earliest change of nephritis is the appearance of protein in urine

Eating vegetables and fruits with natural pigments such as carrots will make your urine red. However, this phenomenon is only temporary. Drinking more cups of boiled water will slowly restore the situation. [details]

To what extent will it cause damage to the bladder and prostate

People who hold urine for a long time will damage the protective layer on the bladder wall and give bacteria and pathogenic bacteria an opportunity to take advantage of it. When various parts of the urinary system are infected, it will lead to inflammation, and in serious cases, it may develop into urinary calculi. [details]

Why do you feel backache after sex every time

Lumbar muscle strain is mainly due to the long-term stress on the waist, standing or sitting for a long time, and the extension ability of lumbar tendons and ligaments is weakened, resulting in the accumulation of local lactic acid, affecting the normal metabolism of lumbar muscle, which will cause the problem of low back pain. [details]

What are the benefits of delicious food? It's easy to eat and healthy

Chronic kidney disease has been endangering our kidney health. In addition to drug treatment, diet can also treat kidney disease. In the daily tonifying and nourishing the kidney, you can also eat some food to assist the treatment. Let's learn what kidney tonifying foods are. [details]

Men want to improve their combat effectiveness. Three brocade bags are for you

Vitamin D plays an important role in men's sex and love quality, because testosterone levels rise with the increase of vitamin D content in the body. If men lack close contact with the sun, sperm activity will be greatly reduced and sexual function will be weakened. [details]

Nine delicious fruits are easy to eat. Tonifying the kidney is not a dream

Foods that can tonify the kidney are generally more black. Because traditional Chinese medicine has the saying that black enters the kidney. For example, black rice, black beans, black sesame, etc. But in addition to these, we know that fruit is also very good for people's health. So what fruit to eat to tonify the kidney? [details]

Often do anal contraction exercise, the body changes the most in these two aspects

Now the work is busy. It takes half a day to sit in the office. After a long time, hemorrhoids will appear unconsciously, which will cause great harm to people's body and heart. Therefore, in peacetime, you can do anal contraction exercise to promote perianal blood circulation, which can effectively alleviate anal diseases. [details]

Syphilis should be dealt with like this. Let's learn together

The occurrence of syphilis is usually due to the fact that the friends of syphilis patients do not treat syphilis well, which leads to the derivation of syphilis. So, for syphilis, what measures can be taken to deal with the disease? Let's get to know. [details]

Antibiotic therapy for seminal vesiculitis

Seminal vesiculitis is a urological disease that many male friends will suffer from. Do you know how to treat seminal vesiculitis in medicine? The technology of medical treatment of seminal vesiculitis has been relatively mature, including antibiotic drug treatment, surgical treatment and traditional Chinese medicine treatment [details]

Early diagnosis and early treatment of syphilis should be treated in this way

I believe everyone has heard of syphilis and is no stranger to this disease. So, have you learned about syphilis treatment? Then, here are the relevant contents of syphilis treatment methods, treatment policies and prognosis of syphilis treatment. [details]

Can sexually transmitted diseases be cured? Actively understand the Countermeasures of sexually transmitted diseases

Venereal disease is a terrible disease. Can venereal disease be cured? Although STD is a terrible disease, STD patients must also actively deal with it. Because there are already drugs to control sexually transmitted diseases, let's have a look. [details]

If you have the following symptoms in the morning, your body is no longer healthy

If there is bad breath and heavy breath, it may be caused by periodontal disease. At the same time, stomach diseases, liver diseases, diabetes and other systemic diseases or lack of trace elements zinc and vitamin B may cause halitosis. [details]

The severe condition of oligozoospermia was so harmful

Severe oligozoospermia is that the number of sperm per milliliter of semen is seriously less than that of normal fertile men. It is caused by the defects of men's own system function and chromosome, and may lead to further decline of men's function and premature abortion of women. [details]

These symptoms in men mean that they are not too young

The first problem of men's aging is the prostate. Some people look relatively strong in appearance, but there will be various urinary problems, including frequent urination, urgent urination and pain. Generally, the first problem is that the urinary line is continuous and weak, and there is always endless urination, which means that men's prostate begins to age. [details]

So how can we get a satisfactory house?

Usage: put the two materials into the same cup and soak in boiling water for 5 minutes. This prescription is a famous traditional Chinese medicine prescription commonly used in men. This prescription must use sea extracted ginseng. Ordinary ginseng has no such effect. Lycium barbarum is large, plump and uniform in color. [details]

Some feasible suggestions on improving the quality of sexual life

Men's self-esteem is indeed fragile. You can pay attention to methods, but don't avoid problems. If it is a technical problem, both sides can adjust it through learning and running in. If it is a physical problem, we should face up to the problem and seek the help of a doctor as soon as possible. [details]

According to my observation, couples who really have sex are like this

Generally speaking, I can roughly judge the quality and potential of the couple's sexual life. Quality refers to their current situation, and potential refers to the state they can achieve after adjustment. In my opinion, the sexual relationship usually has the following characteristics: [details]

What benefits will sex bring to men and women

Skin diseases are mostly related to poor skin blood circulation. A perfect sex life will accelerate blood circulation and balance metabolism. Sex helps to promote systemic blood circulation, which is not only beneficial to heart function, but also conducive to skin health. The auxin released during men's sex life helps to maintain skin elasticity and prevent early wrinkles. [details]

It's easier for men to make her orgasm

In gender relations, the power of language is very large, especially the whisper in the ear. Therefore, men should say more sweet words and women love to listen, so that they can be happy with each other. The mouth is also responsible for kissing. Give each other more kisses in different forms, kiss the forehead, French kiss... Using the first weapon well is a good beginning. [details]

Three secrets of sex life make men harder and more lasting

When the female is in the upper position, the penis is less stimulated and can delay ejaculation. It should be noted that let her range of activity slow down, because too fast will make men unbearable, but her endurance will decline. [details]

Marital sex life skills how do men make sex last

The posture of sitting together face-to-face is also the body position that men like. The reasons are "her breast is close to my chest, which feels very exciting", "her charming breath is just in her ear, which sounds particularly exciting", and so on. In addition, women's leaning posture and the rhythm of entering and leaving can be adjusted are all its charm. [details]

Generally, people with better physique have sex for a longer time

Generally, people with better physique have sex for a longer time. So basically, exercise and pay attention to nutrition. Some people say that eating something like three whips is very useful, maybe a little useful. But in fact, it plays a greater role in psychology than in physiology, and the improvement of comprehensive physique is the fundamental. [details]

How long is a woman satisfied with husband and wife life

In fact, it is the most useful sentence, at least in sexual life. Sex is actually a kind of exercise. When you exercise all over the body in bed, it is very important to have enough water in your body. [details]

Are you clear about the five symptoms of female sexual dysfunction

When it comes to sexual dysfunction, we think of problems such as male premature ejaculation. In fact, women also have obvious symptoms. Let's take a look at the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction with me. [details]

It's still possible to get pregnant one day

Because the inhibition of the hypothalamus is easy to change. Once the inhibition of the hypothalamus is reduced, the ovarian function is restored, the eggs will be discharged, and the menstrual cycle will gradually recover. [details]

Don't underestimate sexual dysfunction. You really can't afford to lose

There will always be people who despise the harm brought by sexual dysfunction and think it is just a minor illness. Today, I'll introduce the harm of sexual dysfunction to see if it's really as harmful as you think. [details]

Who is in the way of my good husband and wife life?

Long term abstinence, semen in the body can not be excluded, which will lead to long-term congestion of the prostate to prostatitis; No one will ask, masturbation is not OK, nor can it. Masturbation is easy to suffer from prostate disease, because in the process of masturbation, sexual stimulation is felt by prostate ganglion, which will also lead to the occurrence of prostatitis. [details]

Men's 8 real thoughts on sex!

Men usually "don't shed tears" and have sex to vent their fear, pain, pessimism and other emotions. When they are in pain, sex is the only way to make them feel comforted and safe. [details]

Men are not careful, it is easy to expose the seven little secrets of the erotic world

Changing places may promote sexual fun for both parties, but if your sexual partner takes you from the bathtub to the terrace, then turns to the living room, and then returns to the bedroom, it shows that he is actually very upset. He is afraid that he can't meet your requirements, and he is even more afraid that it is true. His fear makes you think he is very brave, but in fact he doesn't live up to his name. [details]

Men's "sexual interest" was stolen by these six little things

Men and women should fully communicate and understand each other in terms of sex, negotiate and explore the ways that can stimulate both sides' sexual desire. The personal preference of sex is not invariable, and may change with the situation, mood and the overall change of the relationship between the two people. [details]

What do you fear most in the life of couples?

I like the kind of respect that respects each other like guests, but I don't lose a prosperous marriage. The two groups should respect each other, which is not only respect for marriage, but also recognition of each other; But to be happy, we must understand the meaning of respect before we can have a wonderful marriage life. [details]

Solve problems in a timely manner and guard against "talking about it in the future"

The number of Pa Pa life continues to decrease, and the body and brain will begin to adapt to the "zero intimacy" marriage relationship, and may finally "asexual". To prevent this phenomenon, the first condition is to express their desires to their partners in time when they feel sexual impulse, even if they can't enjoy love immediately. [details]

How to keep the relationship fresh?

After marriage, two people with different personalities live together, and their living habits, temper, personality and hobbies will be different. If they are too picky, they have to change each other to meet their own standards, which is likely to make each other dissatisfied and disgusted: that's what I am. Is it still me? [details]

How long have you not told your lover I love you?

Although I love you very much, appropriate expression is the best warming agent for feelings. When a boy appears in front of you the next day on a train for more than 10 hours from a distance, a kiss and a word I love you will calm all kinds of small accidents he has in order to see you. The girl becomes a woman, gives birth to her first baby, and says to her I love you, he will feel it For the greatness of a mother. Think about it carefully. How long have you not said I love you? [details]

Emotional experts take you back to cheating

Why do we cheat? Why do happy people have affairs? When it comes to "infidelity", what do we really mean? Must infidelity be the terminator of a relationship? Infidelity has occurred since ancient times and will continue to occur in the future. However, we know little about this common behavior. [details]

Men cheat for sex. What about women?

This kind of cheating women account for a large proportion. Men, women or colleagues in the unit, or meet occasionally at a banquet, on the road, on the street or on the Internet, and both parties have sex because they are happy. [details]

Cheating is not a man. Six men are most vulnerable to cheating

Love is the combination of spirit and body. Platonic spiritual love is rare. Those families separated from each other and those without sex can hardly stand the test of time. Time can dilute everything, and time can betray everything. Nothing in the world can be against time. [details]

Analyze the twelve psychological misunderstandings of cheating and solve the lies between men and women

It seems so, but the truth may not be so. But it does show that TA no longer respects you so much, and your previous promises are no longer valued. Moreover, your values are different. Some people can separate love from sex. Their cheating is just sleeping with others, but it doesn't mean they don't love their partner anymore. [details]

Sex time also pays attention to 7 time periods, which are not suitable for sex

This time is very suitable for men to have sex, because women often complain that men fall asleep immediately after sex. Even late at night, they should have a gentle whisper with their female partners before they have the right to close their eyes. But when he took a nap, he immediately fell asleep after love, and no one would accuse him. [details]

Men are most afraid of these four things in their sex life

If you want women to reach orgasm, it is more difficult. In fact, women can generally be more satisfied through self stimulation, but sexual life is the business of both husband and wife. Only mutual stimulation and caress can cooperate to complete the perfect sexual life process. Wives should be guided more. [details]

The purpose of sex is to make both sides happy

If the substantive life time is too long, on the one hand, it will make both husband and wife physically and mentally tired, and it will take longer to recover afterwards; On the other hand, women's lubrication vagina secretes limited liquid. If it takes too long, the vagina will become dry and easy to scratch. [details]

Once these situations occur, sex should be avoided

Depression and anxiety. Extreme mental tension, depression and anxiety, easy to cause male premature ejaculation and impotence or female sexual intercourse pain (vaginal spasm). Therefore, when couples have sex, they should try to maintain a relaxed and happy mood, so as to ensure the quality of sex life. [details]

Please be sure to get rid of this bad habit of life

If the bed is the place where you are most likely to have problems, you should wear night clothes properly enough so that you can't easily touch the key parts of your body. In this way, it's very difficult and troublesome to take off your clothes. By the time you start taking off protective clothing, you will have enough time to control your thoughts and stay away from temptation. [details]

Men and women of all ages can masturbate

Masturbation can occasionally bring people some small troubles, mainly including the difficulty of a very few men in successfully completing the transition from masturbation to husband and wife sexual intercourse, the difficulty in controlling their desire for masturbation, the fear that masturbation will cause disease and damage their health, and the embarrassment after the exposure of masturbation behavior. [details]

The evaluation of masturbation can not be generalized

As for whether masturbation can cause impotence, the current data can not explain the relationship between the two. Therefore, those patients who believe that their impotence is caused by masturbation when they were young should eliminate their psychological guilt and anxiety, seek reasons from other aspects and find suitable treatment methods. [details]

Will men masturbate cause premature ejaculation

Some sexologists and clinicians point out that society's misunderstanding of masturbation is the main reason why some men who have masturbation experience ejaculate prematurely. Some of them are afraid of being discovered by their family and friends that they have masturbation habits, so they often accelerate the "sexual reaction process", which may take only four or five minutes to release themselves completely. Over time, this will become a fixed pattern, which will appear in the future husband and wife life. [details]

Sex, the secrets we don't know

In the life of both sexes, the probability of change is very high. Sex is the barometer of love and love is the compass of sex. This statement is true! Lack of understanding and communication between men and women are the main reasons for the problems. Today's Xiaobian aims to uncover the thoughts and secrets of sex between men and women~ [details]

Whether sex is ideal or not can be seen from a small action

In the process of sex, there are many factors affecting the quality of sex: sexual environment, sexual taste, touch and so on, which will affect the quality of sex between you. There are also sexual exchanges between husband and wife, including what we call sexual technology, different postures and experiences. [details]

Why do men "cheat" for sex and women "cheat"?

Men's affair is usually the result of excessive hormone secretion; Women's affair is usually the result of dissatisfaction with real marriage. Therefore, men who have an affair care more about the feelings of the lower body, and women who have an affair care more about the feelings of the upper body. [details]

How do modern Japanese women treat sex? It's incomprehensible

The words of an 18-year-old girl seem to represent everyone's voice: "although I want to have sex with him who I really love, I can't do it just because I like him." let's take a look at the real sex action under the chaotic mind of these modern Japanese women. [details]