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There are only five steps between fatigue and overwork

In addition to deep breathing, you also need to do some light gymnastics every day, such as Taijiquan, so that the rigid parts can be stretched and normal blood flow can be restored. You can also do the chest expansion exercise in radio exercises. It takes 10 ~ 20 minutes to have the effect. In addition, it's best to take a hot bath after work and adhere to morning exercise to restore vitality. [details]

The colder the legs and feet, the fatter the lower body. Pear shaped women do this

Where do mitochondria exist? The more mitochondria there are in the parts with vigorous physiological activities, the stronger the function. There are many mitochondria in the beating heart and the liver that needs detoxification at any time. In addition, the most mitochondria are the muscles of the body. [details]

Uncover the secret of runny nose in cold weather

Our noses hide a "purification process". When air enters the nasal cavity, it will encounter mucus attached to the inner wall of the nasal cavity. The role of this mucus can not be underestimated. It can not only wet the air, but also filter the small particles it carries, such as pollen, dust, even bacteria and viruses. [details]

Hands and feet are cold. You must use this thing to keep healthy in winter

Radish Ann five zang organs diet adjustment, meat and vegetable collocation is also very important. During this period, radish was a good vegetable in season. There was a folk saying that "when radish enters the city, drugstores close". Radish is sweet in taste, mild in nature and slightly cold. It has the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, tonifying middle and calming internal organs and so on. [details]

Taoist health food therapy reveals several secret recipes for health care

There are 1 liang tortoise shells, 24 peanuts, 21 lilies, 40 medlar seeds and 7 Chamomile flowers. Put the tortoise shell, peanuts, lily, medlar and chamomile in a porcelain pot or tile pot, add 1000 ml of water, fry them into 500 ml, and fry them over low heat. Eat early and late. [details]

What are the secrets of Taoist health preservation

The mood is quiet and peaceful, with the demeanor of a gentleman and the character of cautious independence. Whether in broad daylight or in a winding path leading to secluded places, you can walk upright and steadily. No matter how turbulent the times are or how harmonious the days are, I always keep peace in my heart. [details]

Taoist health meditation stresses that meditation has magical effects

The rear part of the hip is required to be padded higher, which can be padded with cotton pads or relatively thin pillows. Generally, it is three to five centimeters. In this way, the waist can be naturally straightened. If the waist is not straight, the two pulse Qi of Ren Du is not unobstructed. It is also easy to form the problem of drowsiness and avoid lumbar muscle fatigue. [details]

The main content of Taoist regimen is the secret of health and longevity

When people are born, they become essence first. The innate essence comes from their parents and is hidden in the kidney. It is the foundation of life and the source of reproduction. The acquired essence comes from biochemistry and is also hidden in the kidney. Therefore, essence is the source of Yin Qi. When it is abundant, it is strong, and the source of gasification is prosperous, so it is vigorous. [details]

Such people are easily entangled by cerebrovascular diseases, so arrange physical examination

Maintaining a stable and good living condition, scientific and reasonable eating habits, pleasant and healthy psychological state and appropriate outdoor sports are very important for people with high incidence of cerebrovascular diseases. It should be noted that middle-aged and elderly people over the age of 50 should pay special attention to their eating habits, remember to live a regular life, and don't overeat, stay up late and go to bed late. [details]

Does the child's flat foot treat with arch pad work

If the parents are flat feet, it is difficult for most children to avoid the same situation, but not all flat feet need treatment. In these 30% of flat feet adults, most people do not have any discomfort symptoms, but they are found to have no foot arch by chance. [details]

Often feel liver pain, not liver disease, need to pay attention to

When we suffer from gastritis, with the gradual development and diffusion of inflammation, it will gradually invade the surrounding organs, which will lead to the pain in the right rib area of chest and liver area in many patients. Some patients may also be accompanied by the pain in stomach organs and abdomen. [details]

If you have an incurable headache, you should see the stomatology department

In addition to headache, there is also dizziness. The latter often go to the neurology department for treatment. In fact, dizziness, especially when looking at things, is always rotating, and even if you don't dare to open your eyes, you should first go to the facial features department, because at this time, there is the greatest possibility of problems with the balance of the inner ear, such as otolith falling off and Meniere's syndrome, which need to be treated and corrected in the facial features department. [details]

Four o'clock tells you that the pastoral complex will be promising

The first mock exam is China's "new rural development complex", which is different from the "tourism complex", which is more comprehensive than the rural comprehensive industry. This model can be seen in two fields, which are the promotion of China's new urbanization and the development of China's leisure tourism economy. [details]

Have you ever heard of hepatitis E?

Hepatitis E is a kind of liver disease caused by hepatitis E virus infection. Hepatitis E is not as well known as hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, but it is also a common cause of acute viral hepatitis worldwide, which usually subsidise within a few weeks and may also cause fatal acute liver failure. [details]

After the age of 40, I am most afraid of three diseases, one more serious than the other

At present, there are at least 266 million patients with hypertension in China, with an average of 5 people having one hypertension. However, 130 million patients with hypertension do not know they have hypertension. The reason is that many people think that hypertension is a disease of the elderly, which has nothing to do with themselves. They usually don't pay attention to their blood pressure at all. [details]

National Day strategy national day tourism precautions

During the journey, the diet should be light and eat more vegetables and fruits to prevent constipation. Try to eat in the local restaurant and bring your own tableware and water cup, which is convenient and hygienic. For local flavor snacks, we should focus on tasting, and don't eat too much at a time. [details]

Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis are treated with three points of diet and seven points of nutrition

Tuberculosis is a chronic wasting disease. The treatment should start from the whole, consolidate the body and consolidate the foundation, and take the medicine and food therapy into consideration. If only chemotherapy, do not pay attention to the patient's nutrition, although there are specific anti tuberculosis drugs, it is difficult to receive the due effect. [details]

Spleen deficiency is more terrible than kidney deficiency! Especially women must see!

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, spleen deficiency generally refers to a series of physiological phenomena of body organ imbalance caused by spleen qi deficiency. Spleen deficiency includes dyskinesia, which leads to obstacles in nutrient absorption, loss of water distribution, excessive body dampness and phlegm, and even sepsis. [details]

Low back pain is much less energetic than before. Maybe the kidney is calling the police

"Kidney is the foundation of congenital". Western medicine believes that the kidney is an excretory organ responsible for detoxification and urination, but in the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney includes the human nervous system, endocrine system, reproductive system and urinary system, which is closely related to our growth, development, aging, intelligence and fertility. [details]

Rehabilitation physiotherapy has opened the door for the conditioning of clinical chronic diseases

Limb dysfunction caused by cerebrovascular disease, brain degenerative disease, brain trauma, myelopathy, spinal cord injury, peripheral nerve disease or injury, etc. Arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, soft tissue injury, fracture, amputation, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, scoliosis and sports injury. [details]

Want to do a good job in TCM health care services? Look at these specifications

TCM health care institutions can provide services such as TCM health status identification and evaluation, TCM health consultation and guidance, TCM health intervention and conditioning, TCM health education, etc. They shall not engage in medical activities, and shall not use traumatic, invasive or dangerous technical methods such as acupuncture [details]

How to carry out the annual business meeting in an orderly manner?

Establish the Preparatory Committee for the annual meeting: if the commander in chief meets difficulties, the commander in chief will come out to coordinate and solve the problems. Of course, the commander in chief is an authoritative executive in the company. As the actual event planning organizers, we are the deputy commander in chief. [details]

The ten sentences in the book of rites tell you what is "talking"!

Courtesy is modest. If there are many people with the waiter and the elder asks questions to the people, the waiter should first look around and wait for others to answer. It is not advisable to answer first, but to observe words and colors. If no one speaks in the end, then answer the elder's questions. [details]

Business visit etiquette

Business visit, the more senior, the more attention, the more attention to detail. It is best to make an appointment three days in advance, briefly explain the purpose of the visit and determine the visit time. If you are a good business partner, you should also make an appointment at least one day in advance. An unexpected visit will annoy the host. [details]

13 solutions to help you when you're down

The height of contact with contemporary youth is far beyond their own ability. People who graduate less than a month will start to calculate when they can buy a house. People with a monthly salary of less than 15000 also jump and say, alas, they should try to manage money. [details]

How do single parent families raise mentally healthy children?

The main concern in single parent families is how to take care of growing children. Therefore, understanding children and their growth process is helpful for single parents. [details]

Do you have depression tendency? How can you help yourself?

In fact, even if you find a lifelong partner, it doesn't mean you will be happy from now on. If you still feel depressed in love, you might as well ask yourself: how much effort do you make in this relationship? Do you often add firewood and fire to your intimate relationship and keep it warm? [details]

Depression is a psychological problem. Five misunderstandings about depression

When a person has a bad cold, he is uncomfortable all over, has no strength, and his head is like paste. Can he do anything? If you can understand that people with a bad cold can't work, then depression is probably like this. Although depression belongs to the psychiatric department, it is not a complete psychological problem. At present, it is more likely to be a brain disease, resulting in a comprehensive crash of body and mind. [details]

We all know that TCM health preservation is very professional. Where is the specialty

Although the atmosphere has warmed up at the beginning of spring, it is still very cold. At this time, exercise should choose the way with low intensity, such as outing, walking, jogging and Tai Chi, with slight sweating as the degree, so as to avoid panting and sweating after exercise, otherwise it is easy to lose Yang, which is unfavorable to health preservation. [details]

Massage Zusanli can preserve health? Look at the other acupoints

Massage Zusanli has the function of Tonifying Qi. With tonifying method, it can strengthen the spleen and stomach, tonify the middle and replenish qi, which is similar to the effects of Dangshen, Atractylodes macrocephala, yam, red jujube and other drugs; The laxative method has the functions of eliminating food stagnation and dredging the stomach and intestines, similar to the effects of hawthorn, rhubarb and other drugs. [details]

What is the correct method of traditional Chinese medicine for health preservation

From the perspective of health preservation, you can't eat too much for each meal, otherwise it will not only increase the burden of gastrointestinal digestion, but also affect normal study and work. We should eat less and eat more meals, match nutrition reasonably, and don't be greedy for more. [details]

Bronchiectasis? Look at the diet

Most patients with bronchiectasis are lack of Yang Qi in the heart, spleen and lung, unfavorable water dampness transportation, resulting in phlegm turbidity and internal resistance. Therefore, we should not eat spicy food to prevent refining liquid from becoming phlegm, aggravating airway inflammation and affecting airway patency; Nor can you overeat raw and cold food, so as not to affect the transportation function of the spleen and stomach. [details]

Common gastroenteritis postoperative recuperation, drink more millet porridge

Although appendicitis is a common operation, the damage to the body is also very small. About 1 to 2 days after the operation, the patient's physical condition can be improved slowly. At this time, we must pay attention to the work of diet and choose some food beneficial to digestion. [details]

How to recuperate after liver cyst operation?

Hepatic cyst is a benign lesion, which has a certain relationship with heredity. It is mainly treated by surgery. After the operation, we need to pay special attention to the stimulation of fasting pepper, lard, cream, sugar, pepper and other foods, as well as regular life, enough sleep and not too tired. [details]

Scraping is simple and easy to operate. Have you scraped the right place for these five kinds of diseases?

Sha is menstrual blood that contains a large number of metabolites outside the blood vessels. The Sha at the moment of scraping quickly changes the blood stasis in the vascular cavity, and the blood containing endotoxin can leak out of the capillaries with disordered permeability in the form of Sha. [details]

Do you pay attention to the daily details of patients with hypertension in winter

Patients with hypertension have arteriosclerosis, decreased vascular compliance and decreased automatic blood pressure regulation function. When the indoor and outdoor temperature changes greatly, it is easy to cause blood pressure fluctuation, high and low. At this time, some patients will have symptoms such as dizziness and dizziness, while some patients do not have any symptoms. [details]

Women don't go on a diet to lose weight. It's easy to hurt their fertility

Although dieting to lose weight has some effect, when we stop dieting to lose weight, our body will always be hungry and want to eat enough nutrition. In this way, we will unconsciously directly eat more food and easily convert it into fat, so as to show the rebound of weight loss. [details]

Which bad habits of getting up can lead to aging

When you wake up in the morning, your bladder may be full of urine and have an urgent sense of urination. The more urgent your urination is, the more calm you should be. You can't get up and urinate immediately. Because bladder emptying is easy to cause dizziness and even micturition syncope. [details]