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What kind of vitamin does oral ulcer lack to treat oral ulcer

The most common symptom of various external stimuli and internal diseases is that it is easy to induce oral ulcer, and the disease occurs at all ages. In general, women are more likely than men. The population is larger than other age groups. [details]

What medicine does lactation oral ulcer use to prevent oral ulcer

Fasting is very important for lactating mothers, but if you suffer from oral ulcer, your mother will have loss of appetite and irritability, which will indirectly affect the baby's digestive system health. After delivery, the mother should pay attention to avoid oral ulcer and do a good job in oral cleaning. [details]

Oral ulcer patch which is the best and correct treatment

Although oral ulcers are small symptoms, they have a great impact on the human body. Most oral ulcers are caused by small particles in the mouth, such as the tongue and mouth. This kind of oral ulcer often causes the affected part. [details]

Toothache is not necessarily a disease

People with toothache can cut a piece of ginger and bite it in the affected area. Ginger contains ginger alcohol, ginger ene, citral and capsaicin, which have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and bactericidal effects. [details]

Don't let toothache discount your health

It is often said that "toothache is not a disease. It hurts terribly". Xiaobian went to the dental clinic for treatment after suffering from toothache for more than a year. He spent the whole winter vacation in tooth repair. Finally he realized the importance of tooth protection. Next, let's learn from me! [details]

What about toothache? Common ingredients in life can cure toothache

But if you want more immediate results, pinch the earlobe close to your cheek at the same time. This is called toothache. This is on the same side. For example, if you have a toothache on your right side, pinch the cheek under your right earlobe. [details]

Don't tell you ~ toothache medication skills

To choose a good medicine for toothache, we must first understand the causes of toothache and the condition of the disease. Clinically, the most likely diseases to cause toothache are pulpitis, periapical periodontitis, pericoronitis and so on. [details]

Children's tooth decay is not entirely due to eating too much sugar

The morphology, calcification degree and tissue structure of teeth are directly related to the occurrence of tooth decay. Vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, fluorine and other components are important components of teeth. If the tooth intake is insufficient, it will lead to low tooth calcification and poor acid resistance, so it is easy to have tooth decay. [details]

What are the predisposing factors of dental caries in children, Bao ma?

Now many foods are sticky, soft and high in sugar. After eating, children do not clean up the residues in their mouth in time. Over time, the residues will ferment some acidic products in their mouth, resulting in dental caries. [details]

What are the factors that lead to children's easy to have worm teeth

In addition to congenital factors, the occurrence of children's wormholes is closely related to oral microorganisms, food, the strength and time of human anti caries and other factors. Children are more prone to worm teeth than adults. [details]

Pit and fissure caries! No!

The big teeth we often say are the first and second molars in medicine. They bear the main occlusal function. They are the main teeth for grinding food and the largest and hardest teeth. It is necessary for home travel. With it, we can eat all kinds of delicious food. How can a good big tooth have a black line? [details]

Take you to understand the earliest signs of oral cancer

As a white spot, I am also a celebrity in the family of oral mucosal diseases! How many people talk about my color change. Where do I come from? I don't know either. Like the monkey king in journey to the west, I seem to jump out of a crack in a stone! [details]

Routine treatment of oral cancer

Usually, patients with oral cancer rarely have distant metastasis at the first visit. If distant metastasis is suspected, especially when the primary cancer is small, the second primary cancer should be excluded first. Oral adenoid cystic carcinoma can develop distant metastasis earlier, but if the course of the cancer is long and the primary focus can be removed, surgery can still be considered. [details]

How to conduct self-examination for oral cancer?

Make an "ah" sound and observe the pharynx in the light; Then tilt your head back slightly, observe and touch the upper palate. When the following abnormalities are found during the self-examination of oral cancer, it is best to ask an experienced specialist for examination to determine the etiology and timely treatment. [details]

Six ways to prevent oral cancer

Oral cancer is a kind of cancer. It has a high incidence rate and brings great fear to people. Therefore, we must prevent oral cancer. Then the following small series will introduce some six methods to prevent oral cancer to help you effectively prevent oral cancer. [details]

How to avoid giving birth to baby rabbit lip

Genetic studies have proved that cleft lip and cleft palate are polygenic genetic diseases, and 20% - 30% of patients have positive genetic factors. Similar deformities can also be seen in relatives of patients. [details]

Baby rabbit lip? Did you do these things in your early pregnancy?

Many people think that cleft lip and palate just looks unsightly, but for some serious cleft lip and palate, because the mouth and nose are close together, it is easy to have other infections, which is not only a problem of beauty, but also a possible disaster to life. [details]

Afraid of giving birth to children with rabbit lips? These three things can't be done during pregnancy!

Radiation is also the culprit of a series of deformities, such as cleft lip and palate. Although there is no data to prove that non ionizing radiation, such as mobile phones, computers and hair dryers, can cause fetal malformations, we should still pay attention to protect ourselves. [details]

How do children with rabbit lip form?

People are not unfamiliar with this birth defect, which is also known as "open mouth" among the people. There are three reasons: on the one hand, rabbit lip is one of the most common birth defects in human beings, and China is a high incidence area of this congenital malformation. It is reported that one child can be seen in every 500 ~ 700 live births in Asia. [details]

Do you know different odors and different diseases

Halitosis is sometimes not only caused by the mouth, but also by some lesions in other parts of the body. What are the diseases pointed to by halitosis with different odors? Now let's give you a detailed introduction. Let's learn more about it. [details]

Some foods that can cause bad breath. Eat less if you don't want bad breath

In our daily life, halitosis is very common. For the problem of halitosis, in addition to our daily attention to oral hygiene, in fact, some of the foods we often eat will also cause our halitosis. Let's introduce some foods that can cause halitosis. Let's have a specific understanding. [details]

Five kinds of foods to eliminate bad breath are recommended to solve the problem of bad breath

For patients with halitosis, how to alleviate and solve the problem of halitosis is the concern of most patients with halitosis, so how to solve the problem of halitosis? This is also what many patients with halitosis are most concerned about. Let's introduce five kinds of foods that can eliminate halitosis. [details]

Bad breath is very annoying. These five moves also refresh your breath

Halitosis must be one of the diseases that perplex patients in many oral problems. Next, Xiaobian will solve these problems for patients with halitosis and introduce five ways to eliminate halitosis, so that everyone can have a fresh breath. [details]

Differences between inflamed gums and healthy gums

Gingivitis is the lightest grade of gum disease. If you are prone to gum bleeding when brushing your teeth, or you often have gum swelling and pain, you may already have gingivitis, which also shows that your usual cleaning of teeth and gums is seriously inadequate. [details]

Don't wash your teeth or periodontitis will eat your bones

The culprit of red, swollen and bleeding gums is dental calculus. If you usually bleed when brushing your teeth and eating apples, it's the ghost of dental calculus. This is a reminder that you should wash your teeth! [details]

Patients with gingivitis must not eat these foods

Patients with gingivitis, periodontitis and other diseases must develop good living habits. The first thing to pay attention to is living habits, such as brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, which can avoid a large number of bacteria in saliva and affect oral health. [details]

What can gum inflammation eat

Gingivitis and periodontitis are the most common causes of gum swelling and pain. Generally, poor oral hygiene and incomplete cleaning lead to the accumulation of dental plaque and dental calculus, which stimulates the gums, resulting in oral inflammation and symptoms of gum swelling and pain. Whenever the inflammation is aggravated, the swelling and pain will be more obvious. [details]

Repeated redness, swelling and bleeding of gums is a sign of getting angry

The direct cause of gingivitis is dental plaque. Dental plaque is a soft, colorless and viscous bacterial film that continuously accumulates on teeth and gums. Dental plaque can be continuously removed only by regular tooth cleaning and daily careful brushing [details]

Gum bleeding is when your teeth are crying for help. You can fool it with only a "hemostatic toothpaste"

There are a large number of bacteria in our mouth. These bacteria are mixed with mucus and other particles to form a white (or light yellow) viscous thing attached to the surface of teeth (usually between teeth and a circle near gums), that is, dental plaque. [details]

Why can't I brush well for gum bleeding? What's the reason

Dental plaque is a kind of glue like substance with strong bacterial adhesion, that is, bacterial mass, which is wrapped by matrix, adheres to each other, and adheres to the surface of hard tissue in the oral cavity, such as tooth surface, between teeth and denture surface, and grows and reproduces very fast. [details]

Gingivitis -- a humble "killer"

This may be caused by dental plaque, systemic factors, drugs or malnutrition. The other is gingival lesions caused by non plaque, which may be caused by specific bacteria, viruses or fungi, or by genetic factors, general conditions (including allergic reactions and some diseases), wounds or reactions to foreign bodies (such as dentures). Sometimes, there is no specific reason. [details]

Beauty tooth steaming instrument for brushing and exploding circle of friends

The reason why many people are eager to buy is naturally "good effect", and the wechat business team is naturally familiar with this, so they keep sending some before & after in the circle of friends, constantly stimulating people who pursue white teeth to place orders one after another. [details]

The more people with dental procrastination drag you, the more money you spend

Most people with procrastination have a common idea, that is, they always think there is still time and are unwilling to put themselves in "trouble" early. As everyone knows, when trouble comes again, I'm in a hurry [details]

How much do you know about gingival recession

The process of gingival retraction is often related to two anatomical structures - marginal gingiva and buccal alveolar bone. Buccal alveolar bone plays an important role in supporting marginal gingiva and connective tissue below it. Bone cracking is a necessary condition for gingival retraction. [details]

Bad teeth, the whole body suffers, self-test oral condition~

Gum disease is an important reason for the increase of head tumors. Nagoya University medical research center of Japan found that the incidence rate of esophageal cancer increased 136%, head and neck cancer increased by 68%, lung cancer increased by 54%, oral cancer and tongue cancer risk increased. [details]

What is prosthodontics?

From tooth defect to dentition defect, and then to dentition loss. From the beginning of disorder to the overall collapse of the dental system, it has become an unwilling but unacceptable reality in the process of life. Dentition is the most vulnerable organ of human body. [details]

Why is oral health related to general health

In addition to Alzheimer's disease, chronic inflammation in the mouth, such as dental caries, gingivitis and periodontal disease, can make bacteria enter the blood vessels of local tissues in the inflammatory area, and then bring them into various organs of the body from the blood circulation, which poses a great threat to the health of the whole body. [details]

Oral local anesthesia technique

Note: also known as "periosteal injection", it is the most commonly used technique in maxillary tooth treatment anesthesia. Using this technique to anesthetize multiple teeth will lead to excessive local anesthetic drugs and increase the risk of systemic and local complications. [details]

Implant denture repair technology and the development of prosthodontics in China

Prosthodontics is based on modern science and technology. "Technology" is a valuable purpose of human beings, a means or activity used to control, transform and create things and processes, and change or control the objective environment. [details]

Don't hit hard again. Your teeth are "fragile"

The concept of "never going to the dentist" dragged on until the teeth were completely split or bacteria inflamed the dental nerve with the crack, causing severe pain. [details]

Can those teeth damaged by cigarette smoke be saved

The most common oral malignant tumor accounts for 2% - 4% of systemic cancer. Smoking is one of the main risk factors for oral cancer. 75% of oral cancer is related to smoking. The incidence of smokers is 2-4 times that of non-smokers, and 6-15 times that of smoking and drinking. If you quit smoking, there is little chance of suffering from oral cancer within 5-10 years. [details]

What does it mean to dream of losing your teeth without bleeding

Dream of losing a tooth without bleeding. According to the analysis of the five elements of the book of changes, the lucky number is 1. The peach blossom is in the southwest, the wealth is in the due west, the auspicious color is red, and the Kaiyun food is laver. [details]

Why can teeth move

The biological principle of tooth movement can be studied from four aspects: the plasticity of alveolar bone, the compression resistance of cementum, the stability of the environment in periodontal ligament and the tissue reconstruction of teeth after stress. [details]

Will orthodontics hurt? How to avoid those painful periods?

General orthodontics is like new shoes grinding feet. Of course, putting a "hoop" on the teeth will cause some discomfort or slight pain. Most of the discomfort of orthodontic teeth is within the tolerable range and there is no need to be nervous. [details]

Why do others only need 1 year for orthodontics and you need 2 years?

Teeth are not fixed in the bone. There is a kind of tissue between teeth and alveolar bone called "periodontal ligament". Due to the characteristics of alveolar bone and periodontal ligament, give the teeth an appropriate force, and the teeth can move slowly in the bone. Doctors use this force to move the teeth. [details]

When is the best time for orthodontics?

There are many kinds of bad oral habits! Sucking your fingers, biting your lower lip, breathing, biting clothes, biting your pen, biting your upper lip, biting your nails, spitting out your tongue, chewing sideways, sleeping on your stomach, etc. all are '0' tolerance!! if you find it, you should deal with it in time to prevent affecting your appearance and function! [details]

The consequences of not taking a film before orthodontic treatment are very serious

The portrait is taken in front, front smile and side view. The facial proportion and oral condition of the patient before correction are recorded in detail. When you see these after correction, you will marvel at the beautiful changes that have taken place! [details]

Dental implants are suitable for those people

Adults with good physical condition, good physical and mental health, skeletal and dental development are suitable for dental implants, such as hemorrhagic diseases, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and other systemic diseases. [details]

Can you bite hard objects at will after planting teeth? Six misunderstandings of implant teeth

After the advent of dental implant technology in Europe, the earliest beneficiaries were mostly the elderly who urgently needed to improve their masticatory function, and the time for clinical follow-up was limited. However, a Swede who became the world's first dental implant in 1965 spent more than 40 years with implant teeth until his death. [details]

How long can a tooth implant last

Experienced doctors can correctly complete each step of implant treatment and smoothly deal with various special situations encountered in the treatment process, which is the key to the success and long-term use of implant teeth. [details]

Why dental implants are expensive may be some secrets unknown

The price of metal porcelain fused to metal crown is relatively cheap, but because it contains metal components, it affects patients to do CT, MRI and other examinations. Sometimes it will also be affected after security inspection. In addition, there is the possibility of black line on the gingival margin after several years of use, which affects the appearance. [details]

The teeth are not white. They are all "harmful"!

Dental fluorosis is a yellowish brown plaque like pigment in the surface enamel of teeth. In severe cases, there are uneven defects on the tooth surface. Generally, the maxillary incisors are the most obvious, which seriously affects the beauty. [details]

What should I do if my teeth are knocked off?

If the fallen teeth are very dirty, hold the crown and gently rinse with clean water nearby. Pay attention not to scrub the root with hands or cloth, nor wrap it with paper, dry cloth or dry cotton to prevent damage to the periodontal ligament. [details]

Love to laugh is a child's nature. Don't let your concerns imprison a child's smile!

Some parents have many concerns when they hear that they want to pull out their children's teeth. They think that after pulling out their teeth and losing their teeth, they are more likely to become loose. As everyone knows, for some malocclusion deformities, tooth extraction is a necessary treatment. [details]

A few practical oral science answers, there must be something you want to know

Whether you wear braces or not, your teeth are easy to decay. Your oral hygiene maintenance (regular brushing, mouthwash, fluoride mouthwash and fluoride application, and tooth cleaning) is very necessary during orthodontics. It is usually possible to fill teeth while wearing braces, but sometimes the braces must be removed before filling. [details]

After 30 days of chewing gum, my mother can't recognize it!

Anything is too much. If adults chew gum for a long time, their masticatory muscles will become more and more developed, resulting in a square face. If you are used to chewing on one side, you can only have a big and small face. [details]

Causes and solutions of broken needle in root canal therapy!

With the economic development and social progress, root canal therapy technology is also gradually innovating, and the frequency of needle breakage is also gradually decreasing. However, it is still necessary to strengthen the analysis of root canal therapy. Operators should master the anatomy of root canal and ensure patience and meticulous operation. [details]

The tooth protection habits that the elderly need to develop are collected for their parents

How should old people take care of their teeth? Still worried about the loss of parents' teeth? Let's introduce some tooth protection habits that the elderly need to develop. Let's get to know them for our parents. [details]

Oral problems can put your whole body at risk

A study in the 2016 yearbook of oncology found that men with periodontitis had a 13% higher risk of cancer, while those with severe periodontitis had a 45% higher risk of cancer. Smoking related cancers, such as lung cancer, bladder cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer and liver cancer, seem to be most affected. [details]

Lecture on "oral health knowledge"

Let the students have a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of what oral health care is, and understand the need to protect teeth and prevent tooth decay by using dental floss, using fluoride toothpaste, eating high fiber food, eating less snacks, sealing pits and grooves, etc. Both teachers and students of the school said that they benefited a lot and achieved the expected results. [details]

Pulling out a tooth still needs a blood test?

In the process of tooth extraction, it is inevitable that there will be some bleeding, so healthy blood is particularly important. The purpose of blood test is to master the general health status of patients, screen and eliminate blood system diseases. In this way, doctors can make correct diagnosis and make treatment plan according to the specific situation of patients. At the same time, for some special patients, they can take corresponding measures to reduce the risk in treatment. [details]

Do you need orthodontics

But find that you have more but all kinds of facial confusion? Crooked face? Face asymmetry? Face size? Shoemaker face? All kinds of less beautiful faces are bothering you who want to be beautiful! [details]

Do you need orthodontics

Genetic factors are one of the culprits of uneven teeth. The shape of parents' teeth and gums will be inherited to the next generation. If the father's teeth are wide and the mother's gums are narrow, the next generation's dentition is bound to be crowded and cause uneven teeth. [details]

Why do your gums always bleed?

Dental calculus itself is easy to absorb more bacterial toxins. The local long-term stimulation of these bacteria and their toxins and dental calculus can cause gingival inflammation, edema and congestion of gingival tissue, erosion of gingival margin, and gingival bleeding. [details]

What are the symptoms of AIDS besides oral ulcer?

What are the symptoms of AIDS besides oral ulcer? Oral ulcer is more common in people with weak constitution and frequent fire. However, AIDS patients often suffer from oral ulcers. Once there is an ulcer in the mouth, the virus will spread easily from the mouth. [details]

How does gingivitis sex bleed to do?

Gingivitis is characterized by bright red or dark red gingival color, thickened edges, blunt and hypertrophic nipples, obvious bleeding in detection, and often stimulating factors, such as dental calculi, food impaction or poor restorations. For those with normal gingival color and shape, pay attention to the hidden parts such as subgingiva. [details]

Oral clinical gingival retraction skills sharing

The first retraction line can prevent exudation at the bottom of gingival sulcus; The disadvantage is that the damage to the gingiva is generally larger than the single line method. When the gingiva is thin, the gingival root displacement caused by a gingival retraction line is often more than that when the gingival thickness is normal. Sometimes one gingival retraction is OK, so it is not necessary to use the double line method. [details]

Can you wash your teeth if you have cavities

Tooth washing only removes the dental calculus in the mouth and will not have any impact on tooth decay. Even if the tooth decay is serious and sensitive to external stimuli, tooth washing will not have any obvious impact on tooth decay. [details]

Most oral problems cannot be saved by electric toothbrushes

When it comes to oral hygiene, of course, everyone's first reaction is to brush their teeth. However, brushing teeth usually can only clean the tooth surface, and can not effectively clean the pit and groove, gingival groove and tooth gap, which is often the most dirty place. [details]

Did you really do oral cleaning?

If there is serious gingival hyperplasia, gingival repair is needed to remove the excess gums, so we must be vigilant. While the teeth are still healthy, we should pay attention to daily brushing and cleaning of food residual soft dirt. Don't wait until the condition is serious to think of cleaning and medical treatment [details]

Do you have such concerns about tooth washing?

Many people believe that dental instruments will scratch the enamel and damage the teeth and gums. This fear is superfluous. Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body and will not be damaged by tooth washing. As long as you wash your teeth in a regular medical institution, a professional doctor will not hurt your teeth and gums. [details]

One move: get rid of rhubarb teeth and turn white easily

In order to whiten teeth, many people try to wash teeth and change porcelain teeth, which are very expensive, at least thousands of yuan; They also hurt their teeth. After eating cold and hot food, they are easy to have toothache, and dare not eat slightly hard food. no kidding! Who doesn't want big white teeth that glow white? [details]

Teach you 4 tips for whitening your teeth and show your teeth with confidence

There are many reasons why the teeth turn yellow. For example, we don't have enough time to brush our teeth at ordinary times. We often eat foods with deep pigment, and the teeth will turn yellow slowly with age. Then how can we turn white when the teeth turn yellow? [details]

One white cover three ugly teeth yellow no boyfriend

After checking, I did the evaluation myself. I found that this Swiss minority toothpaste is safe and mild, and can effectively whiten teeth. More importantly, it is only more than 100. Compared with troublesome and expensive tooth washing, it is really cost-effective and convenient! [details]

If you want to have a healing smile, you might as well try whitening your teeth first

There are many reasons for tooth yellowing, such as long-term smoking, love of tea, coffee and fruit juice... These habits can easily adsorb pigment on teeth and are difficult to remove. [details]

Do you know that brushing your teeth at night is more important than brushing your teeth in the morning

At present, oral hygiene knowledge is much more popular than before. Many people know to brush their teeth sooner or later. However, due to habit, it is easy to wash your face and brush your teeth in the morning, but many people do not use it because they do not understand the importance of brushing their teeth in the evening. [details]

Not brushing your teeth at night is the most terrible treatment for your teeth

At present, oral hygiene knowledge is much more popular than before. Many people know to brush their teeth sooner or later. However, due to habit, it is easy to wash your face and brush your teeth in the morning, but many people do not use it because they do not understand the importance of brushing their teeth in the evening. [details]

On the influence of teeth on appearance

The phenomenon of tooth protrusion is not uncommon. In addition to causing lip protrusion, affecting facial curve and unsightly, people with tooth protrusion are also prone to legal lines and aging. And with age, buckteeth will become more and more obvious, which is easy to make young people have inferiority complex. Friends with buckteeth, let yourself face it with an open-minded attitude. You can also correct it as soon as possible. Don't let this congenital unsightness kill your self-confidence! [details]

A child's good teeth all depend on eating!

Studies have found that ancient people who often eat coarse grain have more neat teeth than modern people, and their teeth are not easy to block food. Moreover, chewing food with certain hardness can stimulate the nervous system and regulate the secretion of digestive juice such as saliva. [details]

Meat stuffed teeth, teach you the correct use of dental floss

The shape of the toothpick is like a gun. The tip can not only remove the residue between the teeth, but also hurt the gums. If the toothpick accidentally pierces the gum, the bacteria may cause inflammation. [details]

Zhanjiang 4-and-a-half-year-old girl has grown "double row teeth" without losing her baby teeth

The reporter saw the small deciduous teeth pulled out by Yuanyuan. Each crown and root are about 1 cm long. "It will take three or four months to a year for them to fall off completely. This has a great impact on the growth of permanent teeth." [details]

What's the matter with the child's molar

Oral diseases: children with dental caries, periodontitis, improper occlusion of deciduous teeth, or uneven maxillofacial surface of upper and lower teeth during tooth change are also important factors causing nocturnal molars. [details]

Is it true that your uneven teeth will be passed on to the next generation

The health and nutritional status of the mother during pregnancy is very critical. When the mother is invaded by some acute and chronic diseases, it will affect the fetus, resulting in obstacles to the calcification of fetal bones, the closure time of bone suture, and the eruption and development of teeth. [details]