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Self treatment and self adjustment of depression are very important

Nowadays, many people suffer from depression, which usually infringes on patients' mental health and even physical health. This disease should be treated early. Mild depression can be treated through self-adjustment. At ordinary times, we should know more about the self-treatment of depression. [details]

How to regulate depression in daily life?

Depressed people tend to set goals that are too grand or vague: "I want to be happy", "I want to get rid of loneliness"; People who are not depressed will say, "I plan to call my good friend twice a week.". [details]

Depression it is said that eating these foods can make you more depressed

Because pepper is hot and spicy food, that is, a kind of pungent food, it is very easy to hurt Yin after eating. Most patients with depression belong to deficiency of liver and kidney yin and strong internal fire. Therefore, chili should be avoided. [details]

Long term insomnia does great harm. If you want to alleviate it, try soaking your feet in vinegar

Insomnia don't form the habit of staying in bed. You only go to bed when you really feel sleepy. If you can't sleep after lying in bed for 15 minutes, get up and do something monotonous and relaxed, such as reading books, knitting wool, watching TV or looking at your family account book. [details]

Postpartum depression treatment psychotherapy is very important

Many girls suffer from postpartum depression during postpartum lactation. This disease usually makes female patients very painful, especially psychologically. Patients should correctly face the treatment of postpartum depression and actively receive treatment, among which the method of psychotherapy is very important. [details]

Hypnosis is a special way to cure mental diseases

Hypnosis is widely used to treat diseases, regulate emotions and help people get rid of anxiety, tension, depression, fear and depression. For many neuroses, hypnotherapy is effective. [details]

How to treat depression and turn pressure into power

Nowadays, many people suffer from depression, which often endangers their physical and mental health. So how to treat depression? In fact, you can exercise more in your daily life to ensure adequate sleep. The most important thing is to turn pressure into power. [details]

Suffering from postpartum depression how to do, focusing on psychological conditioning

Nowadays, more and more young mothers suffer from postpartum depression, especially young women. Postpartum depression usually endangers the physical and mental health of patients, so patients should know more about what to do with postpartum depression. In fact, it focuses on psychological adjustment to get out of the shadow of depression in time. [details]

Insomnia flustered or arteriosclerosis symptoms, what to eat?

Eat more plant protein (such as bean products) and complex carbohydrates (such as starch), and eat less simple carbohydrates (such as sugar, sucrose, honey and lactose). [details]

Five effective food therapy methods for depression

There are many specific causes of depression. Among them, the lack of nutrition in the human body is also easy to cause depression, and for patients, the treatment of depression is also very key. In fact, patients can supplement nutrition through some food therapy methods to treat depression. [details]

Five effective food therapy methods for depression

There are many specific causes of depression. Among them, the lack of nutrition in the human body is also easy to cause depression, and for patients, the treatment of depression is also very key. In fact, patients can supplement nutrition through some food therapy methods to treat depression. [details]

The best food for long-term insomnia must not be missed

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that longan meat tastes sweet and flat. It enters the spleen and heart meridians. It can tonify the heart and spleen, nourish blood and calm nerves. It is a commonly used tonic traditional Chinese medicine ingredient. Here are several methods of longan tonic. You might as well try it. [details]

How does depression do? It's important to keep an optimistic attitude

Today, some people unknowingly suffer from depression, which often makes patients feel very painful and even suicidal. Therefore, many patients are very concerned about how to deal with depression. In fact, it is very important to maintain an optimistic attitude towards depression. [details]

Depression and unhappiness try these five psychological methods

Tell an old friend or wife who knows you and vent your depressed emotions will reduce depression, relax your emotions and find a new balance. The other party should correctly enlighten, objectively analyze, try to resolve contradictions, comfort others and help others get rid of depression. Don't add fuel to the fire. [details]

How should patients with depression overcome themselves

Difficulties of patients with depression: the treatment of depression requires patients to keep moving, but the action ability of patients with depression is very poor. In fact, as long as you believe that things such as walking and meeting friends should be done and can make you feel better, you will gradually generate more power in your heart. Therefore, it is very important for patients to gradually practice the little things in daily life. [details]

What is the effective physical and mental therapy to alleviate anxiety

The standard treatment for anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapy and / or medication. However, these treatments are difficult to obtain and expensive, and drug treatment also involves significant side effects. Psychosomatic therapy is often cheaper and easier to obtain, usually without side effects. [details]

Can health counseling Yoga improve depression

Yoga emphasizes physical exercise, meditation and breathing exercises to improve overall health. This is a non competitive practice, emphasizing the feeling of each pose rather than being perfect. The whole person is fully concentrated and works in harmony with the body and spirit, bringing happiness to the body and spirit. The real power of hada yoga is that it is a way to eternal happiness and inner freedom. [details]

The treatment of paranoid psychosis environmental therapy is the key

Paranoid psychosis patients are often very suspicious, so the psychology of patients is often unhealthy. Serious paranoid psychosis may even endanger social harmony, so the treatment of paranoid psychosis is very necessary, and environmental therapy is very key. [details]

Why does regular swimming help alleviate insomnia

The problem of insomnia can not be ignored. Statistical studies have pointed out that insomnia has a high average probability of death from cancer, heart disease or stroke, so we should pay attention to it, and regular swimming is an effective way to alleviate insomnia. [details]

1 minute test is suitable for your anxiety elimination method

Anxiety is an emotion developed in the face of a challenging environment. With the acceleration of the pace of life, anxiety is causing trouble to more and more people. Anxiety is not insurmountable, but the ways to overcome anxiety vary from person to person. Do you want to know the best way to eliminate anxiety? [details]

Children biting pencils and fingers may be symptoms of anxiety

In addition to excluding the physiological factors of growth retardation, psychologically, children may be stimulated by some external stimuli due to their weak psychological tolerance. For example, if they enter a new school or change an environment, they will have too much psychological pressure, high tension and difficult to concentrate. [details]

Eat a good memory - diet conditioning to prevent Alzheimer's disease!

The memory loss of the elderly is related to the insufficient content of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is an essential compound for the transmission of information in the nervous system. The human brain takes phospholipids and choline directly from the blood and converts them into acetylcholine. [details]

About Alzheimer's diet essential for Alzheimer's family members

If you help a patient during meal time, it is important to remember that these reactions are not intentionally "difficult" or personal attacks, which may be related to changes in the patient's condition of dementia. [details]

Refresh cognition! High carbon water diet can prevent Alzheimer's disease!

CR refers to limiting the total calories consumed every day under the condition of providing sufficient nutrients such as essential amino acids and vitamins to ensure that organisms do not suffer from malnutrition. [details]

Sleep disorders increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease

Amyloid is a special protein that can form plaques. Tau is a protein that can form protein tangles. These amyloid plaques and protein tangles often appear in the brain of patients with Alzheimer's disease. [details]

Beware of recurrence of depression. 6 points for attention in rehabilitation

After recovering from depression, we must pay attention to adjusting our state of mind. Some recreational activities can be properly arranged after life and work: common activities include basketball, volleyball, swimming, badminton and so on. You can also participate in some tourism to change your mood, which can better eliminate depression. [details]

How far is depression from you?

When Taiwanese singer Zhou Huajian was suffering from depression, he once dared not go out, while actor Chen Kun developed to the extent that he needed to take medicine. "Sunshine boy" Zhou Yumin also said that when depression is the most serious, he can even die at any time. [details]

10 precursors of depression can be self-examination of depression

In modern society, many people are under all kinds of pressure, but many people suffer from depression because of long-term heavy pressure. However, many patients with depression fail to find the disease in time. In fact, it is necessary to know more about the 10 precursors of depression in life. [details]

You only know autism, but do you know autism day

Autism is a disease that makes countless children live in their own small castle. In the past, few people paid attention to this disease. Now more and more people pay attention to this disease and sick children. The establishment of autism day is one of them. [details]

There are more than ten autism tests. You should be vigilant

How do you know if your child is simply introverted, shy or suffering from autism? Today we are going to talk about the autism test, which helps parents judge whether their children have autism. [details]

Autism you must know the concept of life

You know what? Autism has become a more and more frequently mentioned term in life. So do you know what autism is? What are the manifestations of autism? Today, let's talk about autism. [details]

Autism day calls on society to pay attention to people with autism

In December 2007, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to designate April 2 of each year as the World Autism concern day, hereinafter referred to as autism day, from 2008. It is hoped that autism day will improve people's understanding of autism and related research and diagnosis, as well as pay more attention to people with autism. [details]

A sleep therapy can reduce depression and paranoia

Daniel Freeman and colleagues from the University of Oxford, UK, tested a cognitive behavioral therapy available online - "sleep well". The 10 week treatment aims to restore healthy sleep patterns for people with insomnia. [details]

What is paranoia? What harm does it do to us?

Lack of basic trust in people, always return with the concept of "others are always ferocious enemies", and can't extricate themselves from living in their own narrow space. And the impulse of inner attack is strong, and the relationship with others is not good. [details]

Victim paranoia should be treated scientifically in time, not superstitious

Patients with personality defects are often in a state of fear, feeling discussed, framed, plotted, robbed of property, raped, etc. They often have suicide attempts and special personality defects, such as subjectivity, sensitivity, paranoia, strong self-esteem, self-centered, good fantasy and so on. [details]

Is this a victim delusion? How to treat it?

Victimized paranoia is the most common kind of paranoia. It is an important symptom of psychological diseases. It mainly refers to that patients are often in a state of fear and make arbitrary reasoning and judgment, have obstacles in thinking, firmly believe that they are persecuted or hurt, and patients often become extremely cautious and defensive everywhere. [details]

What about procrastination? Teach you ten ways to overcome procrastination

Don't glorify the pressure. Don't believe the wrong saying that "there must be a brave man under pressure". You can make a timetable and set short -, medium - and long-term goals to avoid delaying everything to the last minute. [details]

Traditional Chinese medicine treats insomnia. If you want to improve sleep, try it

Everyone hopes to have a good dream at night and sleep until dawn, but now there are many people with sleep disorders. Unable to sleep at night, exhausted during the day, or with very low sleep quality, it is easy to wake up at night. The impact of this situation is poor mental condition during the day and reduced work and learning efficiency. Long term insomnia not only seriously threatens people's physical health, but also brings great mental interference to insomnia. [details]

Is game addiction a mental illness?

In this era of computers and smart phones, electronic games have developed rapidly, and almost everyone has become game players. While playing games has become a way of leisure and entertainment, its possible negative impact has aroused more and more concerns. However, there has been a heated debate in the industry about how serious the consequences of playing games, whether game addiction should be regarded as a mental illness and how to judge "addiction", and there is no unified understanding at present. This is not only an academic issue, but also may have a huge social impact. [details]

Summer is coming. Be careful. Mania comes with it

Studies have shown that patients with mania have a higher relative risk of multiple fatal cardiac events than patients without disease. These include the prevalence of arrhythmia, stroke, hypertension and peripheral vascular diseases. [details]

Experts teach you how to get rid of insomnia

Before going to bed, try to imagine yourself in a pleasant scene and refine the scene as much as possible, but avoid imagining exciting scenes. If it doesn't work, try to stay awake. Although it sounds strange, trying to stay awake is also one of the effective ways to quickly feel sleepy. [details]

The most common cause of depression is environmental factors

I believe many people have a certain understanding of the disease of depression, and many people know little about the causes of depression. In fact, environmental factors are the most common causes of this disease. Patients with depression should understand the causes and treat them early. [details]

The causes of postpartum depression are mostly caused by psychological factors

Many girls get postpartum depression after giving birth, and patients often feel very depressed. Postpartum depression should be treated in time. Before treatment, we should know more about the causes of postpartum depression and symptomatic treatment. Many patients' postpartum depression is caused by psychological factors. [details]

How to prevent insomnia in the elderly?

Real life is complicated, such as loss of friends, eternal death of relatives and friends, family disputes and financial difficulties, which can make people upset, sad, anxious or upset. How can there be a stable sleep? Therefore, in the face of these stimuli, we should improve our self-cultivation of consciousness, take it calmly, minimize the adverse effects, create a good sleep environment through self-regulation, and sleep with peace of mind. [details]

How to simply self judge whether there are psychological obstacles?

Accurate diagnosis of mental disorders is not easy, and non professionals can't do it. So is there a way to help the public make a rough and easy self judgment? The answer is yes. Friends can make a general self judgment from the following four aspects. [details]

Adhering to the seven good habits can delay aging and get up quickly

The human body is like a machine composed of several parts. Each part has its service life, and so do the body organs. They also have a shelf life. With the passage of years, they will deteriorate until they "expire". [details]

Don't chase a horse

Don't flatter someone deliberately. Use the time when you don't have friends to improve your ability. When the time is ripe, there will be a large number of friends with you. Friends made with human feelings are only temporary, and friends attracted with personality are long-term. [details]

Psychological types and causes of juvenile delinquency

This is accompanied by an increase in the probability that young members of single parent families will take the road of breaking the law and committing crimes, such as Qian's intentional homicide (attempted) During the structured questionnaire interview, he scored a low score in his self-evaluation of 9 abilities, such as self-care ability, self-awareness ability, effective communication ability, emotional processing ability and harmonious relationship ability, which can show his inferiority complex. [details]

Smile depression is a fake happy smile mask

Nowadays, some people suffer from smile depression. Patients often smile. In fact, this is a fake happy smile mask. At present, many people know little about smile depression. In fact, it is necessary to know more about smile depression. [details]

Space phobia is not a phobia that exists only in fantasy

Many times we often hear about this space phobia in movies and TV, as if it is far away from us, but you know, in big cities, more than 5% of people often suffer from space phobia. Let's see what's going on. [details]

Social phobia is not just an introversion

When talking about social phobia, many people always like to say that they are introverted. But you know, social phobia is actually a serious mental disease. Today, we will break your inherent prejudice through the popular science of social phobia. [details]

What are the manifestations of mania? Early detection and early treatment

The typical manifestation of mania is that patients are too excited and full of vitality, which often gives people around them the illusion that they are just pure optimism. But in fact, mania is very dangerous. What are the manifestations of mania? [details]

You have three qualities: calm down, bend down and lift your head

In life, we can't go well with everything. We will always encounter some difficulties and grievances. Sometimes when we encounter something annoying, we can't help but want to lose our temper. Losing our temper is human instinct, and learning to control our temper is our ability. [details]

What is the prevention method of anxiety disorder

Self confidence is the premise of preventing anxiety disorder. Some people who have no self-confidence in themselves doubt their ability to complete and deal with things, exaggerate the possibility of their failure, and thus worry, tension and fear. [details]

How to prevent tic in children? Regret not knowing earlier

It is the wish of every parent that children grow up healthily and happily. But with the quickening pace of life, there are more and more kinds of diseases among children. Incidence of tic is a kind of childhood disease with high incidence rate. [details]

10 precursors of depression have you been hit

Depression is one of the common mental diseases in today's society, ranging from negative laziness in life to personal suicide. Depression can be large or small, but we are absolutely not allowed to despise it and neglect it. Let's take a look at the 10 precursors of depression! [details]

Matters needing attention in the treatment of neurasthenia

There are many ways to treat neurasthenia. There are different treatments for neurasthenia with different symptoms, but no matter which method is used, it should be noted that it must be treated in time [details]

What is the source of your anxiety? Compare yourself

Men's biggest anxiety comes from their girlfriends. Girlfriends want a lot of company and want to be tired of being together for 24 hours, but they still have a lot to learn and have a lot to do in their struggle for the future. [details]

Depression is also divided into stages. What are the symptoms of each stage?

Most people's choice is to start pretending. When the mood comes up, press it down, pretend not to lose your temper and pretend that it doesn't matter. You think it's okay to press it down. In fact, the mood always exists. It just runs in the background and you can't see it for the time being. [details]

What harm does menopause psychosis have? Do you know

Menopause is a stage of transition from middle age to old age. Both men and women will have it, but many people will think that they don't pay too much attention at this stage of menopause, and they don't understand and prevent the harm of menopausal psychosis. [details]

Five abilities to measure mental health have you learned

The ability to adapt to the environment is the most basic condition for human survival. "Survival of the fittest" is the general law of biological evolution. In human life, the internal and external environment is constantly changing, sometimes changing greatly. Therefore, people are required to respond adaptively to various changes. Whether to adapt to the changing environment is an important symbol of the level of mental health. [details]

What types of psychological disorders will appear

Inferiority is the great enemy of interpersonal communication. People with inferiority are pessimistic, melancholy, withdrawn, afraid to communicate with others, think they are inferior to others everywhere, introverted, and always feel that others despise themselves. [details]

Overcome 10 psychological barriers to fitness

The benefits of "short-term" exercise several times a day are equivalent to a long-term exercise. For example, the accumulation of several 10 minute walks during the daily break is also equivalent to a long-distance exercise every day. [details]

Where is the mental disorder? Everyone should have a look

There is such a common phenomenon in life: most people will habitually choose hospital treatment after suffering from psychological disorders. The medical community usually finds out the factual evidence of some organic lesions in the physiological system and makes physiological diagnosis. [details]

When can I wake up early?

That is, after falling asleep for a period of time, he suddenly wakes up inexplicably, appears very awake, and wants to go to sleep again, but he is not sleepy. Then there is imagination, some memories, some speculation, and some repeated thinking around a certain content. [details]

Psychological experts recommend 12 good ways to deal with bad emotions

The occurrence of bad emotions is only a common part of life. But psychologists point out that if you have depression, you can also list bad emotions as the common depressive symptoms of depression. [details]

What are the manifestations of emotional psychosis in health consultation

Memory enhancement is also a symptom of affective psychosis. Morbid memory enhancement is manifested in the ability to recall many unimportant things before illness, which is more common in patients with mania and paranoid state. [details]

Every emotion is the value of a language negative emotion

Everyone has emotions, positive and negative emotions, what we like and dislike. It is easy for us to judge emotions because of our feelings: those unpleasant and disliked emotions are called negative emotions. [details]

What China needs most is not children, but parents, especially fathers

Nowadays, China advocates to connect with the developed countries in the world, but the parent education that needs to connect with the developed countries most has been forgotten by us. If young lovers in some developed countries want to get a marriage certificate, they must attend the parents' school organized by the government and pass the training before they can get the marriage certificate. [details]

What China needs most is not children, but parents, especially fathers

Nowadays, China advocates to connect with the developed countries in the world, but the parent education that needs to connect with the developed countries most has been forgotten by us. If young lovers in some developed countries want to get a marriage certificate, they must attend the parents' school organized by the government and pass the training before they can get the marriage certificate. [details]

Did the child make a mistake, or was the child a mistake?

Therefore, when a child has a wrong behavior, it should not be punishment. Punishment can not let the child learn any skills, but will only bring anger, rebellion and revenge to the child. In the face of children's mistakes, we should not be upset, depressed, irritable and angry, but take the wrong behavior as an opportunity to learn. [details]

Six ways to dredge baby's negative emotions

Baby's mood is changeable. For example, the baby will have negative emotions such as crying or anger. For young parents, how to dredge the baby's emotions is a big challenge. So, how to calm the baby's negative emotions? The most important thing is to let babies express all their feelings - positive and negative - through words. Next, let's take a look at the main ways to dredge emotions. [details]

When can adolescent mental health be valued

The mood of teenagers who kill is by no means positive and happy. Because it is absolutely impossible to commit suicide in a positive and happy emotional state. Usually, adolescent suicides have serious negative emotions, such as extreme depression, anxiety and so on. [details]

Why do mental patients choose suicide

Depression is the most common mental health problem in the world. Globally, 5.8% of men and 9.5% of women have depressive episodes every year. Among mental diseases, depression is the most common mental disease leading to suicide. [details]

No sign of depression suicide is the most terrible

People who want to commit suicide are secretive and don't want to let everyone know. In addition to the factors of self concealment, depression suicide patients also have a layer of consideration that they don't want outsiders to know because of depression. [details]

Suicide confession of patients with depression

Depression is a psychological problem. We should "open the heart knot" for patients. Don't you know that depression may also be an organic problem. In the stage of moderate and severe depression, it's useless to persuade him to "open up" and "don't die". [details]

Tiredness is the precursor of illness. There are some physical symptoms

It has to be said that now people have a common phenomenon, that is, they may often feel tired. For example, I always can't get up and have no energy. The whole person is drowsy, dozing, and sometimes inexplicably depressed. [details]

Why do many patients with mental illness choose suicide

From the risk factors of suicide, poverty, poor economic status, isolation from society, lack of effective interpersonal support and other factors have a certain relationship with suicide mental illness and suicide positive attention. Mental patients have such characteristics, so they will have a high suicide rate. [details]

Inferiority complex highlights 8 symptoms of premature mental aging

I don't have any innovative ideas at work. I like to stick to the rules. I often feel empty and boring if I like to be alone. Especially those engaged in mental work may feel more and more unable to do what they want, and it's no longer easy to do anything. [details]

Is insomnia a disease? The five most typical symptoms of insomnia

Poor sleep quality: Although many patients can fall asleep, they can feel that sleep can not relieve fatigue, and they still feel tired after waking up. These also belong to insomnia symptoms. A variety of factors will lead to poor sleep quality, but the symptoms caused by insomnia are very different. If such symptoms occur, they should be distinguished in time, and the best treatment period should not be delayed. [details]

Eating these foods is very harmful for mental patients

As the seasons change, the food on our table will also change. Food has a great impact on our health. For mental patients, diet and recuperation are also very important. Mental patients need to pay attention to many dietary taboos in their daily life, [details]

Who should be responsible for your suicide

Irritability, restlessness or emotionality, impulsive behavior or destructive behavior (dangerous driving), continuous self mutilation behavior (continuous scars on the body, head bumping, burning yourself with cigarettes, fasting, etc.), long-term stupor and crying, sleeping and pain relief drug abuse. [details]

Insomnia is a small thing behind insomnia

There are many factors causing insomnia, among which the most "influential" is psychosocial factors. For example, exciting things and various life events can cause insomnia. Fear of disease, death of relatives, worry about exams or accepting important jobs are all common causes of temporary insomnia. [details]

"Am I really making a mountain out of a molehill by sending my violent husband to prison?"

If domestic violence is the same as violence in society, it will be punished by law, and the intensity of domestic violence will be greatly reduced. Hou Qi's doing so has a very positive social significance. [details]

See how I got out of depression

Many people are impatient to wait. This is really not easy to do. The help of friends is very important here. The condition is sometimes repeated, and depressed patients themselves have anxiety factors, so it is necessary to establish firm confidence. [details]

Childhood buried a shadow, but so many souls in a small body

The personality of multiple personality disorder is divided into core personality and non core personality. The core personality is the original "soul" when it comes out of the womb, which is the normal person people usually see. The non core personality is the new personality that appears in the subconscious later. [details]

I just don't want to make you sad

I can understand them more or less in my heart. After all, there are too few people who really understand the disease of depression. They often don't take depression seriously until the deterioration of the disease produces irreparable results. [details]

The real case of sisters fighting for husband who is true love is here

The gender relationship pursued by all people starts and ends with the maximization of their own interests. But in the process, because of the different angles and the breadth of thinking, the modes of behavioral response are different, so they tangle in a certain place and don't move forward. [details]