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1、 Principle of return and exchange

1. Within 7 days after you receive the drugs, those who meet the following drug return and exchange requirements can be returned:

1) Due to the quality reasons of the product itself, it is indeed a quality problem after inspection by our quality management department;

2) The delivery is wrong or delayed due to our reasons, which brings you inconvenience;

3) The address provided is incomplete or wrong, so that the goods are not successfully delivered and returned;

4) Products announced by the state authoritative administrative department (such as suspension, withdrawal, etc.)

2. We will not return or exchange the goods under the following conditions:

1) Failed to contact the customer service of Jianke before returning and replacing the goods;

2) There is no quality problem with the goods;

3) Product quality problems caused by unreasonable use or storage;

4) Low temperature storage commodities, ginseng antler products, medical instruments, adult products;

5) The outer package of goods or other accessories of goods are incomplete or damaged;

6) Commodities beyond the warranty period;

7) The goods are not provided by health customers;

2、 Precautions for return / replacement

1. Please fill in the following information carefully when mailing, otherwise your return / exchange handling will be affected:

·Your name

·Receiving address and contact number

·Order number, commodity name and model

·Reason for return / replacement

2. If you need an inspection report, you also need to provide an inspection report to view the return instructions and replacement instructions.