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All non drug commodities of Jianke adopt the distribution method of "door-to-door delivery by third-party logistics" (some cities need to pick them up at the post office). The specific distribution services are as follows:

1. Delivery time and scope

According to the delivery address of the goods you ordered and the warehouse where the goods are located, we will deliver the goods to the delivery address you filled in within 1-5 working days, and the detailed delivery time will be prompted in the shopping cart. However, due to the great changes in the market supply, some hot commodities may be out of stock, resulting in delivery delay or cancellation of orders. Please understand!

2. The regulations on delivery time and freight for Jianke online transaction are shown in the table below.

1) Jianke official website:

Third party express
Shipping area Shopping amount Distribution mode Delivery fee / bill
Both inside and outside the province ≥ 58 yuan Optional Ordinary Express, SF Ordinary Express + 0 yuan, SF + 1 yuan
< 58 yuan Ordinary Express + 5 yuan, SF + 10 yuan
Note: if SF or Yuantong Express cannot deliver, EMS will be selected.

2) Jianke third party merchant:

The goods of the same merchant shall be mailed nationwide for more than 58 yuan.

Note: third party goods are delivered and after-sales services are provided by the third party.