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Understanding the root cause of femoral head necrosis is the key to treatment!

Due to the low penetration rate, ordinary citizens are relatively unfamiliar with femoral head necrosis, and the first symptom of femoral head necrosis is not necessarily in the hip joint. Therefore, it is easy to be misdiagnosed as a more common disease such as rheumatoid arthritis. [details]

Early manifestations of femoral head necrosis and methods of functional exercise

For femoral head necrosis, the method of functional exercise and the length of time required are not clear to many patients. Although they know that functional exercise is conducive to the recovery of the disease, the unreasonable grasp of time is likely to be counterproductive. So today I'd like to introduce the methods and schedule of functional exercise for femoral head necrosis [details]

Patients with femoral head necrosis often face seven problems of hand anesthesia

Numbness of fingers does not necessarily lead to stroke, but for middle-aged people over the age of 40, if they often have symptoms such as headache, dizziness, numbness of limbs and swelling of tongue, they should be alert to the occurrence of stroke. [details]

Due to femoral head necrosis, he was forbidden to drink and rest for three months!

Long term drinking will lead to the increase of blood lipid and blood viscosity, while the blood vessels supplying nutrition to the femoral head are relatively single. If the blood viscosity continues to increase, the blood circulation of the femoral head is prone to problems and lead to necrosis. [details]

If you master these, you can easily deal with scapulohumeral periarthritis

In the early stage, the shoulder joint showed paroxysmal pain, which was often induced by weather changes and fatigue. Later, it gradually developed into continuous pain and gradually aggravated. It was light in the day and heavy at night. The active and passive activities of the shoulder joint in all directions were limited. When the shoulder is pulled, it can cause severe pain. Shoulder joint can have extensive tenderness, radiate to neck and elbow, and deltoid atrophy in varying degrees. [details]

Sleeping on a hard board bed will cause lumbar pain. Lumbar pain should be treated in time

Because of some bad habits, many people will suffer from lumbar pain. Once the lumbar spine is painful, it will make the patient very uncomfortable. Therefore, lumbar pain must be treated in time, not dragged. [details]

What are the causes of ankylosing spondylitis? Do you know

Ankylosing spondylitis is an orthopedic disease that puzzles many elderly people, even some young people. Today we want to talk about the theme of what are the pathogenic factors of ankylosing spondylitis. I hope it can help you better understand this disease. [details]

How did wine destroy our femoral head step by step

Long term drinking leads to the disorder of fat metabolism in the human body, the increase of blood lipid, the occurrence of fibrous degeneration and atherosclerosis in arterioles, and the serious damage of cell membrane. For a long time, this will lead to the local ischemia of the femoral head. [details]

What is postpartum rheumatism? What are the symptoms

Postpartum rheumatism is a disease that often occurs in pregnant women just after childbirth. It is often manifested in pain in joints and other parts, and it is easy to feel tired. Today's topic is postpartum rheumatism. I hope it can help you understand this disease better. [details]

What is the pathogen of lumbar spondylolisthesis? What are the symptoms

Lumbar spondylolisthesis, I believe many people have not heard of it. It is a serious lumbar disease, which refers to the disconnection of the lumbar spine. Today we are going to talk about the causes and symptoms of lumbar spondylolisthesis. [details]

If you have the following symptoms, you may have rheumatism

Bathing in cold water is something that many people like to do. It feels very exciting, but such behavior is very great to the body. It greatly damages our body and is easy to develop rheumatism. Today we want to talk about the symptoms of rheumatism. [details]

Do you know the precautions for lumbar hyperosteogeny

Lumbar hyperosteogeny is a disease that puzzles many elderly people. Patients often feel low back pain and unbearable. Today, the topic we want to talk about is the precautions for lumbar bone hyperosteogeny. We hope to help you understand this disease and help patients improve their condition. [details]

Can orthopedic disease bone tuberculosis infect others

Can bone tuberculosis and orthopedic diseases be transmitted to others? Bone tuberculosis disease occurs most in spinal bone tuberculosis, accounting for about half of all bone tuberculosis, followed by knee, hip, elbow, ankle and other joint parts. Limb diaphysis, sternum, ribs and skull rarely occur. Many patients do not pay attention to bone tuberculosis at the initial stage of bone tuberculosis disease. As a result, they start treatment only when their condition is serious, This increases the complexity of the disease and brings more pain to patients. [details]

How many of the six misunderstandings of cervical spondylosis did you get

Many people sometimes feel neck or shoulder pain. If there are occasional symptoms of neck and shoulder pain, it may be caused by neck and shoulder involvement, cold or fasciitis. If the symptoms of neck and shoulder pain occur repeatedly, we need to pay attention. This may be an early warning signal of cervical spondylosis, suggesting that it is already in the early stage of cervical spondylosis. [details]

What tests should hyperosteogeny do

The amount of synovial fluid may increase if the affected joint is accompanied by membranous inflammation. The typical cases are clear, sticky and the number of cells is not high(<20X109/升),多为单核细胞。攒液中可见软骨或骨碎片颗粒,软骨碎片中可见软骨细胞。 [details]

What are the causes of hyperosteogeny? Let's discuss it

Hyperosteogeny belongs to the category of "arthralgia syndrome" in traditional Chinese medicine, also known as "bone arthralgia". Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this disease is related to trauma, strain, blood stasis blocking collaterals, feeling wind cold and dampness evil, phlegm dampness internal resistance, liver and kidney deficiency, etc. [details]

To introduce the prevention methods of hyperosteogeny

The method of rehabilitation of hyperosteogeny lies in exercise. The significance is to eliminate or reduce the pain of hyperosteogeny and the resulting dysfunction, restore their life and labor ability to the greatest extent, and improve and improve the quality of life of patients. [details]

Hyperosteogeny belongs to the category of "arthralgia syndrome" in traditional Chinese medicine

Hyperosteogeny is medically known as "osteoarthritis", also known as "hypertrophic arthritis" or "degenerative arthritis". It mostly occurs in the elderly. The onset parts are all parts of the body. The common symptoms include neck back pain, upper limb weakness, finger numbness, dizziness, nausea, unstable walking, paralysis, limb numbness, fecal incontinence, etc. [details]

You don't know the symptoms of scapulohumeral periarthritis

Scapulohumeral periarthritis is a common disease in the middle-aged and elderly. Shoulder pain, limited shoulder joint activity and post muscle spasm and atrophy will often be afraid of cold, especially affecting the normal life of patients. So, what are the symptoms of scapulohumeral periarthritis? [details]

The cause of scapulohumeral periarthritis should be known quickly

There are many causes of scapulohumeral periarthritis. As a common orthopedic disease, we should know more. The more we know, the greater the help to our condition, or it is better to prevent scapulohumeral periarthritis. [details]

Doctor, what should I do about my scapulohumeral periarthritis

Scapulohumeral periarthritis, also known as fifty shoulders, condenses shoulders. It is a chronic specific inflammation of the soft tissue around the shoulder joint. There are adhesions inside and outside the joint. The natural course is about 1 year and can heal naturally, but it needs treatment in the early stage, otherwise it will leave sequelae such as joint stiffness in the later stage. [details]

Is scapulohumeral periarthritis an orthopedic disease? Diagnostic method of scapulohumeral periarthritis

In the middle and late stage, the soft tissue of the shoulder is calcified. The X-ray film shows that there are light and uneven calcified spots in the joint capsule, synovial sac, supraspinatus tendon and long head tendon of biceps brachii. In the late stage of the course of the disease, the X-ray film shows that the calcified shadow is dense and sharp, and large nodule hyperosteogeny and osteophyte formation can be seen in some cases. [details]

What do you know about the symptoms of lumbar strain

As a patient or family member of a patient with lumbar strain, do you know what are the symptoms of lumbar strain? If you are not careful in your life, you may suffer from lumbar strain. Today I'll introduce the symptoms of lumbar strain to you. [details]

Why lumbar muscle strain to tell you why

Lumbar muscle strain is not a minor disease, so don't feel indifferent. Understand the causes of lumbar muscle strain, stay away from the injury of lumbar muscle strain, help yourself recover to a healthy body as soon as possible, and don't worry about lumbar muscle strain any more. [details]

How to exercise in the gym to relieve lumbar muscle strain?

Although psoas muscle strain is common, the harm can not be ignored. Severe psoas muscle strain may even have symptoms such as urinary incontinence. It is suggested that patients with psoas muscle strain should go to the hospital in time to avoid regret when the condition develops to a very serious level. [details]

Lumbar disc herniation = lumbar disc herniation

"Lumbar disc herniation" refers to a series of clinical symptoms such as low back and leg pain caused by the stimulation or compression of adjacent tissues due to the protrusion of nucleus pulposus into the posterior spinal canal after the degeneration of lumbar disc and the rupture of fibrous ring. [details]

We must pay attention to the treatment of fresh calcaneal fractures

This paper summarizes the articles and related viewpoints published by Professor Yu Guangrong of foot and ankle surgery in Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, and systematically summarizes the fracture evaluation, classification and treatment related to the treatment of fresh calcaneal fractures. [details]

Experts explain the first aid treatment of neck fracture in detail

If the nerve has been cut off at the time of fracture, there is no way. But if the nerve is cut off due to rough handling, it's a pity. It's best to ask an expert to deal with it during handling. [details]

Locking plate combined with titanium cable neer Ⅱ B distal clavicular fracture

Anatomical locking plate combined with titanium cable to repair coracoclavicular ligament in the treatment of neer Ⅱ B distal clavicular fracture can make the fracture firmly fixed, the repair effect of coracoclavicular ligament is satisfactory, which is conducive to early fracture healing, good postoperative shoulder function recovery and no adverse complications. It is worthy of clinical application. [details]

Children play lead to fracture, parents need to be vigilant

The most common symptom of fracture is swelling, pain and even deformity at the fracture site. At this time, the child may cry more than ever. If no one touches the injured part, he can't move himself. In this case, the possibility of fracture is relatively large. [details]

Dietary adjustment of patients with joint dislocation in orthopedic diseases

Patients with orthopedic diseases will feel swelling, discomfort and pain at the joints. Therefore, they should actively go to the regular orthopedic hospital for doctors to help reset. After a period of rest, they can fully recover. During the rest period, patients with orthopedic diseases can adopt diet therapy. [details]

Jaw dislocation is very dangerous. We must know how to deal with it urgently

In daily life, eating hard or trauma may often cause jaw dislocation. After jaw dislocation, there will be pain and discomfort in the anterior ear joint area, and there is no way for the jaw to move normally. [details]

These common sense you should know about jaw dislocation

When you feel sore or even unable to close when your mouth is closed, and your upper and lower teeth cannot be aligned, you may have dislocated your jaw. We'd better go to the hospital for reduction treatment to avoid habitual dislocation. [details]

What are the difficulties in the treatment of anterior dislocation of shoulder joint?

Arthroscopic repair of anterior dislocation of shoulder has a long learning curve. In the early stage of application, the recurrence rate of shoulder dislocation after arthroscopy is higher than that after incision repair. However, once the technology is mature, it can achieve the effect similar to or better than incision repair to prevent dislocation recurrence. At present, arthroscopic glenoid lip repair is in the stage of gradual popularization in China. [details]

Recognize the harm of cervical spondylosis and actively prevent cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis not only does great harm to human health, but also affects people's daily life, study and work. Therefore, we should seriously understand the harm of cervical spondylosis and actively prevent cervical spondylosis. [details]

Young people often suffer from cervical spondylosis. Cervical spondylosis should be prevented

Cervical spondylosis has become a high incidence, especially young people who need to work for a long time are a high incidence group, so young people had better know how to prevent cervical spondylosis. [details]

Three people who can't do the shoulder and neck alarm action should be vigilant

When swallowing, there is a sense of obstruction and foreign body in the esophagus. A few people have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, hoarseness, dry cough, chest tightness and so on. This is due to the direct compression of the posterior wall of the esophagus by the anterior edge of the cervical spine, which may also be caused by the stimulating reaction of the soft tissue around the esophagus caused by the excessive formation of bone spurs. [details]

How does lumbar spondylolisthesis return a responsibility? How to form

I believe many people do not know about lumbar spondylolisthesis, but it is a very serious inflammatory disease. Today's topic is lumbar spondylolisthesis. Next, we will tell you in detail what this disease is and what the causes are. [details]

Knee pain must not be tolerated to get rid of knee arthritis

Knee arthritis is more common in women than in men, especially in postmenopausal women. After the age of 55, the number of female patients increased significantly, and the degree of osteoarthritis was also more serious. Therefore, some people believe that the decrease of endogenous estrogen may be one of the risk factors of osteoarthritis. [details]

Orthopaedic experts remind: vigilance against ten misunderstandings in the treatment of knee arthritis

Osteoarthritis is mostly associated with elderly patients over 50 years old, but it is closely related to the weight of young and middle-aged patients, whether knee joint is injured, and some specific occupations (such as professional athletes and long-term mountain walking). The average incidence of osteoarthritis in women is earlier than that in men. [details]

Treatment of lumbar disc herniation with visual foraminal endoscopy

For patients with relatively narrow intervertebral foramen, the interlaminar approach is also a beneficial supplement to the intervertebral disc approach, especially for patients with L5-S1 protrusion [13]. In order to maintain postoperative lumbar stability, bone structures, including lamina and articular process, should be removed as little as possible [16,17]. [details]

What can orthopedic knee pain tell us?

The pain site is often the lesion site, so the patient's main complaint must be knee pain as the beginning, because it is of great value to the preliminary judgment of diagnosis, so it is not too important to emphasize the importance of tenderness examination anyway!! [details]

Understand the potential hazards of osteoporosis together, and understand the potential hazards of osteoporosis together

Osteoporosis is also known as the silent killer. Fracture is a serious consequence of osteoporosis. It is often the first symptom and reason of some patients with osteoporosis. In the first year after hip fracture, the mortality due to various complications reached 20-25%. More than 50% of the survivors will have varying degrees of disability. [details]

Prevention of osteoporosis and recovery of healthy body

At present, the medical technology for osteoporosis can not achieve very ideal results, so we should take preventive measures. It is best to put the prevention of osteoporosis first and try not to let it happen. [details]

Be alert to people with these six manifestations and quickly measure bone mineral density

The most serious complication of osteoporosis is fracture (brittle fracture). The fractures of 40% of women and 10% of men are related to osteoporosis. The most common parts of osteoporotic fracture are spine and hip. These parts can be fatal positions. Therefore, "loose bone is easy to fracture, and the consequences are very serious". [details]

Who really knows bone mineral density needs bone mineral density examination

Osteoporosis is a progressive disease with age. It is characterized by decreased bone mineral density and increased bone weakness. It may break if you fall or suffer a little external force. Therefore, the middle-aged and elderly people should always pay attention to their physical condition and measure bone mineral density in time. [details]

How to treat spinal stenosis in orthopedic diseases

How to treat spinal stenosis better in orthopedic diseases? Patients with spinal stenosis, no matter which part of the disease, should pay more attention. Patients should take active treatment measures, otherwise the patient's condition will be easier to further develop and aggravate, which will seriously affect the normal life of patients with orthopedic diseases. Because there are so many methods to treat spinal stenosis, many patients with spinal stenosis don't know how to choose. [details]

An article takes you to understand cruciate ligament injury

80% of the cruciate ligament lacerations caused by sports are not caused by impact, such as sliding, suddenly changing direction and jumping to the ground. Common sports prone to cruciate ligament laceration include football, football, tennis, touch ball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, dance, gymnastics and so on. [details]

Does health consultation fracture reduction have to be anatomically aligned

When the deformity and displacement of the fracture are completely corrected and the normal anatomical relationship of the bone is restored, and the alignment (referring to the contact surface between the two fracture ends) and alignment (referring to the relationship between the two fracture segments on the longitudinal axis) are completely good, it is called anatomical reduction. [details]

Should lumbar intervertebral disc herniation be operated on?

Nouveau riche is also known to have a high incidence rate of disease. The office workers have almost one hand's outstanding intervertebral disc. "Tyrant" can even bump into 4. The pain of lumbar disc herniation is mainly due to the compression of the surrounding nerve roots, so its treatment is mainly for the compression symptoms. It can be treated conservatively or surgically. [details]

Three drugs are commonly used to treat costochondritis, an orthopaedic disease

Orthopaedic disease chondroititis refers to the swelling and pain at the junction of the cartilage and ribs of the patient's chest and ribs. This orthopaedic disease often occurs in the working people with negative gravity on the arm, which is mainly caused by injury during labor or trauma caused by excessive force. [details]

Have you heard of internal rheumatism? What kind of disease is it

Internal rheumatism is one of the diseases of rheumatism, which is a chronic disease. Many people use cold water or often cold wind for a long time. Today we want to talk about internal rheumatism. Next, let's talk about what internal rheumatism is and how to treat it. [details]

Correct medication skills of bone tuberculosis in orthopedic diseases

You may have heard of bone tuberculosis, which is also an orthopedic disease we often say. Many patients with the disease will feel pain at the beginning. They will find that they have bone tuberculosis after going to the hospital for a thorough examination. Bone tuberculosis patients are very painful, and serious patients can't live and work normally, Active treatment of bone tuberculosis is very important. [details]

What are the Chinese patent medicines for the treatment of spinal stenosis in orthopedic diseases

What are the Chinese patent medicines for the treatment of spinal stenosis in orthopedic diseases? Some Chinese patent medicines are very effective in the treatment of spinal canal stenosis. Many patients with spinal canal stenosis prefer to use Chinese patent medicines to treat spinal canal stenosis. Spinal stenosis will bring a lot of trouble to our life. It may cause local pain, numbness of our limbs and even inability to walk. [details]

These 3 water treatment actions improve low back and knee pain

We stand on the side of the yoga mat, step the outside foot forward, then step back, and then step forward and backward with the back heel. Then step back from the other end. Repeat, left and right once, ten times as a group, which can enhance the flexibility and stability during exercise. [details]

The importance of orthopedic rehabilitation training can not be ignored

The increase of local blood provides a good blood supply basis for fracture healing. Due to the contraction activity of muscle, fretting can be generated at the fracture end. These slight abnormal activities can stimulate the fracture end to produce a large number of callus, which is conducive to healing. The longitudinal compression of the fracture end can make the fracture end in close contact and accelerate the fracture healing. [details]

Master the rehabilitation skills of knee injury and recover effectively without deviation

The rupture of the semilunar cartilage plate means that the force is concentrated on the same point and applied back and forth, resulting in the rupture of the cartilage. Because two-thirds of the inner side of the semilunar cartilage is a bloodless area and one-third of the outer side is a blood supply area, if the rupture is in the blood supply area, there is still a chance to heal or repair; If it ruptures in the bloodless area, it must be removed, but it will accelerate the degeneration of the knee joint. [details]

How does osteoarthritis do? Look at the effect of aminosugar chondroitin

Joint degeneration is irresistible, and it will wear out slowly with age. How to treat osteoarthritis? In clinical medicine, it is mostly recommended to carry out step-by-step treatment for osteoarthritis. First judge the severity of the disease, and then use specific treatment methods according to the judgment: [details]

Squatting is not a panacea for knee pain

During "static squatting", the muscles around the knee joint are isometric contraction without the sliding of muscle fibers, which plays a certain role in preventing and alleviating the occurrence of muscle atrophy. When the knee joint has not been damaged, the "static squatting" exercise can be used as a training means to prevent knee injury. [details]

Do you know the treatment of lumbar compression fracture

Lumbar compression fracture, which is a relatively rare fracture, patients often have to endure severe pain between the lumbar vertebrae, and the treatment time is also relatively long. The topic we want to talk about today is what are the treatment methods of lumbar compression fracture to help the majority of patients recover as soon as possible. [details]

Five common prescriptions for the treatment of orthopedic diseases in traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine foot soaking has the advantages of safety, no pain, no toxic side effects, low price and reliable effect. According to the experience of clinical syndrome differentiation, the foot soaking prescription is scientifically decocted and combined with plantar acupoint massage to achieve the special health care and treatment effects of skin cleaning, expanding blood vessels, reducing blood viscosity, relieving muscle spasm, calming nerves and so on. [details]

How about the effect of traditional Chinese medicine on hyperosteogeny

Hyperosteogeny, I believe many people have heard of this disease, many elderly people suffer from it. Today we will talk about the treatment of hyperosteogeny. Next, we will talk about the treatment of hyperosteogeny by traditional Chinese medicine in detail, hoping to help you understand this disease. [details]

Osteoporosis in the elderly is easy to fracture and should be actively prevented

The middle-aged and the elderly are a common population suffering from osteoporosis. If the middle-aged and the elderly suffer from osteoporosis, they are easy to fracture. Therefore, we should actively prevent. If you already have this disease, you should carefully understand what osteoporosis eats. [details]

How should I mend after breaking bones and muscles for a hundred days

In the middle of the fracture, the local swelling and congestion of the fracture have begun to subside, the patient's pain has been reduced, the appetite and gastrointestinal function have also been restored, and the bone began to enter the growth recovery period. At this time, nutrition can be supplemented appropriately. [details]

Got rheumatoid, what can you eat and what can't you eat

Rheumatoid is a common disease. Patients usually have the feeling of joint swelling and pain, which is a great inconvenience to life. Today we want to talk about what to eat and what not to eat when we get rheumatoid. I hope it will be of some help to you. [details]

Can I cure rheumatism

Many people think that suffering from rheumatism is to suffer from joint pain all year round and can't get better, but this idea is wrong. Today we are going to talk about whether rheumatism can be cured. We will give you a positive answer. [details]

Orthopedic doctors teach you how to extend your knee life by 40 years. It's very practical!

The wear of knee joint is irreparable. Climbing after the age of 50 hurts the body. In the traditional concept, climbing mountains and going up and down stairs is a good aerobic exercise, which can help us exercise the muscles of thighs and hips. At the same time, it can also exercise our cardiopulmonary function. But the fact is that many orthopedic experts in famous hospitals remind that climbing buildings and mountains is "the stupidest sport". Climbing stairs or mountains is a weight-bearing exercise. The joints below the waist should bear the weight of their own body, especially the knee. When the body climbs up the steps, the weight borne by the knee will instantly increase to about four times the normal weight. [details]

The process of fracture healing and healing should be collected and used as soon as possible!

Fractures can usually be divided into traumatic fractures and pathological fractures. Bone regeneration ability is very strong. Traumatic fractures after good reduction can be completely healed in 3 ~ 4 months or more. The proliferation of osteoblasts and the production of new bone are the basis of fracture healing. The fracture healed completely through the process of hematoma formation, fibrous and bony callus formation and callus reconstruction, so that the bone returned to normal in structure and function. [details]

5 kinds of people are prone to hyperosteogeny. What methods can be prevented

The content of mucopolysaccharide in cartilage matrix of middle-aged and elderly people decreases, matrix loss, chondroitin sulfate and fiber components increase, and cartilage toughness decreases, so they are prone to injury and degenerative changes. This is one of the people prone to knee hyperosteogeny. [details]

Don't let your knee hit by an arrow. How to exercise a healthy knee

Lie on your back with your legs straight. Bend your left leg and press it on your right leg. Then gently press your left leg to the ground with your right hand. Try to keep your shoulders on the ground and turn your head to the left, so that your spine feels rotated and your hips and hips feel deeply relaxed. [details]