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What harm will hemorrhoids do if they are not treated in time? Hemorrhoids patients pay attention to eating fruit!

And because the secretion increases, it overflows outside the anus, which not only pollutes the clothes, but also easily causes pain and eczema. For women patients, it will also lead to the attack of some gynecological diseases. It can be seen that there are many hazards of hemorrhoids. If you get hemorrhoids, you should carry out early treatment to avoid affecting your health and quality of life. [details]

70% of colorectal cancer comes from intestinal polyps. How should intestinal polyps be treated?

Generally, this treatment method is due to the high position of the polyp, which cannot be removed in the anus. The polyp can be exposed through rectal endoscopy or fiber colonoscopy, and then use tools to trap the patient for partial current resection. However, this resection method is not very safe and easy to damage other tissues and institutions, so it is generally not recommended. [details]

What harm will there be if internal hemorrhoids are not treated? 6 methods of self-treatment of hemorrhoids!

In addition to causing anemia, the internal hemorrhoids outside the anus are clamped by the sphincter, the local blood circulation is not smooth, it is easy to form thrombosis, the hemorrhoids become hard and painful, and it is difficult to return to the anus. When the hemorrhoids cannot be returned, it is also called "Incarcerated Hemorrhoids". [details]

Can intestinal polyps be cured as soon as possible

Endoscopic resection is the preferred method. Endoscopic treatment of polyps has the advantages of small damage, low cost, safety and effectiveness. At present, endoscopic treatment of intestinal polyps includes clamp biopsy, high-frequency electroresection, EMR, ESD, ligation, argon ion coagulation and so on. [details]

Why does diarrhea cause anal pain? It is more related to these three factors

Mechanical injury of anus caused by rapid defecation. When patients have diarrhea symptoms, most of their stools become liquid and discharge quickly, which may cause mechanical damage to the anus and cause buttock pain. [details]

The most common cause of hemorrhoids is how to care for hemorrhoids patients!

At ordinary times, ensuring some reasonable exercise is also very helpful for disease control. Reasonable aerobic exercise can accelerate metabolism, promote blood circulation and improve the body's immune ability. It will also be very helpful for the recovery of hemorrhoids. [details]

What should hemorrhoids patients pay attention to in their diet!

Under normal circumstances, the anal pad is loosely attached to the anal muscle. During defecation, it is mainly pushed down by downward pressure. After defecation, it retracts back into the anal canal by its own contraction. After the elastic retraction is weakened, the anal pad becomes congested and moves down to form hemorrhoids. [details]

You have colon polyps, but you don't know why?

It is generally believed that polyp formation is closely related to gene mutation and genetic factors. The current research shows that mutant genes can be inherited from parents to offspring. Men and women are equal in genetic opportunities, and there is no gender difference. [details]

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? How can women effectively prevent hemorrhoids!

Prolapse is the main feature of internal hemorrhoids in the middle and late stage. The main reason for prolapse is that the nodules of internal hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids increase, resulting in the separation of mucosa and submucosa from Anal layer. During defecation, the nodules of internal hemorrhoids can fall below the dentate line and free outside the anal canal. [details]

Under what circumstances are hemorrhoids produced

People with hemorrhoids are regardless of age. Moreover, there are no symptoms when hemorrhoids have just formed. The so-called no symptoms is that there is no uncomfortable place. It's easy to ignore it. When you ignore it, a little carelessness in life will aggravate the disease, which will affect your life. On the issue of hemorrhoids, people will have a question, under what circumstances are hemorrhoids generated? [details]

Got haemorrhoid what symptom can you have? Get haemorrhoid do not eat 5 kinds of food!

Bleeding and perianal pain during defecation. Because the perianal nervous system is more developed and sensitive, it is easy to have pain after stimulation. The general manifestations are slight pain, tingling, burning pain, swelling pain, etc. [details]

What symptoms will appear when hemorrhoids occur? Diet nursing measures for hemorrhoids patients!

Generally, it can appear in the early stage, and the bleeding is bright red. At first, it is shown that the solution is to try to bring blood to the stool when going to the toilet. With the progress of the disease, anal blood or blood spurting will appear in the stool, and the amount of bleeding will be long and red in the toilet. In the late stage of the disease, there will also be continuous bleeding mucus secretion independent of stool, which is more common in elderly patients. [details]

Several important causes of hemorrhoids postpartum hemorrhoids treatment recommended!

The posture of the human body can be standing or sitting, and the anus and rectum are located in the lower part. Gravity and heart compression. The venous reflux is blocked, and the blood reflux is blocked, resulting in blood deposition and excessive vascular pressure, resulting in protrusion. [details]

Hemorrhoids Bleeding Causes and emergency treatment!

Jet bleeding shortly after defecation can be considered as a larger internal hemorrhoid nucleus. The toilet is dyed red. It looks like there is a lot of bleeding, but it's not really big. The bleeding will stop naturally immediately. [details]

Sedentary play games hold constipation to see how to alleviate?

Patients with constipation should pay special attention. If the symptoms of constipation exceed 6 months, they will evolve into chronic constipation, and the treatment will be more troublesome after they evolve into chronic constipation. Therefore, it is very important for patients to correct bad living habits and alleviate constipation symptoms in time. [details]

How should prolapse be prevented?

Develop the habit of regular defecation to prevent dry stool. After defecation and before going to bed, you can take a hot bath to stimulate the contraction of anal sphincter, which plays a positive role in preventing rectal prolapse. [details]

The anal door is always sticky, and the Hemorrhoid Ointment is useless. What's the matter?

After anal prolapse gradually aggravates, it can cause anal prolapse except when defecating with force. It can also cause anal prolapse when slightly pressing with the abdomen, such as coughing and walking. It is often unable to retract by itself. It is necessary to hold the prolapsed tumor into the anus by hand. Mucus discharged due to frequent prolapse will often pollute underwear. [details]

Why did you get anal prolapse?

Some diseases (such as lumbosacral myelomeningocele) or injuries (including accidental and surgical injuries) cause sphincter and perirectal muscle function or nerve dysfunction. Rectal prolapse can occur when rectal support is lost and abdominal pressure is increased. [details]

Rectal prolapse dotes on the elderly and children

Rectal prolapse should be treated in time and taken seriously to avoid the development of this disease. Not all people are prone to rectal prolapse in life. What are the susceptible people of rectal prolapse? Experts explained that the elderly and children are the two groups most likely to suffer from anal prolapse. [details]

Do you remember all the six symptoms of colonic polyps

Colonic polyps is one of the most common diseases, but most people do not know the symptoms of colonic polyps. Today, I'd like to introduce the symptoms of colonic polyps. [details]

Colonic polyps this disease, this is its correct treatment

Colonic polyp is a common anorectal disease, and it is also a disease that is easy to deteriorate. Patients with severe colonic polyp may become cancerous and cause rectal cancer. Therefore, patients need to know that the treatment of colonic polyps is urgent. [details]

Precancerous lesion of colon cancer, which is adenomatous colonic polyp

Adenomatous colonic polyp is a common anorectal disease. It is a precancerous lesion of colon cancer, which is very harmful to human body. Therefore, patients with adenomatous colonic polyps need to actively receive treatment and strive for early recovery. [details]

If you want to escape the surveillance of colonic polyps, you must eat reasonably and check regularly

More and more young people in their 30s have colorectal cancer, mainly because modern people are used to the "two high and one low", that is, the diet structure of high fat, high protein and low dietary fiber, coupled with too little exercise. [details]

In addition to surgery, these treatments can also be used for perianal abscess

Fruit is an indispensable thing in our life. The same is true for friends with perianal abscess, but we must be selective in eating fruit, such as watermelon, apple, pineapple, orange, pear, etc. Because they all have the function of moistening intestines and defecating. [details]

Wait for perianal abscess to heal? You're pushing yourself into the fire!

Enhance body resistance. Eat more watermelon in summer, which can not only relieve heat, but also supplement body fluid and prevent constipation, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing perianal abscess. [details]

What harm can perianal abscess drag for a long time?

As we all know, perianal abscess is an anal disease. Our three meals a day are excreted through the anus, so there will be a lot of bacteria and bacteria near the anus. It is also easy to suffer from this disease when our systemic resistance decreases. [details]

How does perianal abscess happen

It can also lead to the occurrence of perianal abscess. Once this disease occurs, the patient's friends should go to the hospital in time to find out the cause and treat the symptoms, so as to avoid the occurrence of anal fistula caused by delay. [details]

My name is polyp. It is a close relative of cancer. It grows very slowly and hides very deep!

Pathology proves that it is benign. At the beginning, you only need to check enteroscopy once a year, and there is no recurrence for 2-3 consecutive years, indicating that this person has a low probability of polyp recurrence. Later, you can check it every 5-10 years. [details]

Intestinal polyp is the "predecessor" of colorectal cancer. How to prevent it?

Often eat foods with heavy taste, irritation, deterioration, high fat and high protein, which will greatly increase the incidence of intestinal polyps. It is suggested that the diet should be light and nutritionally balanced. [details]

What are the symptoms of canceration of intestinal polyps? Common examinations for the diagnosis of canceration of intestinal polyps

It is of great value in the diagnosis of small intestinal diseases. Enteroscopy is similar to colonoscopy. It can observe the small intestinal mucosa, and biopsy the lesion to determine the diagnosis. [details]

These symptoms of rectal cancer should be paid attention to

As one of the most hated diseases, rectal cancer has been concerned for a long time. What are the late symptoms of rectal cancer so terrible? Let's listen to what experts say. [details]

Cancer endangers colorectal cancer and should be treated like this

I believe there is no need to elaborate, but when we hear the word "cancer", we will have a sense of fear. Indeed, cancer is a very difficult disease to cure, and rectal cancer is no exception. However, if patients with rectal cancer actively participate in the treatment of rectal cancer at an early stage, I believe they also have a great chance to recover. [details]

Can rectal cancer be treated? There are a variety of treatment methods

Rectal cancer is a common intestinal malignancy. This is mostly adults aged over 45, but in recent years it has shown that the incidence rate of young people is increasing. This article mainly deals with the treatment of rectal cancer through the treatment of rectal cancer. [details]

Early detection of rectal cancer and understanding of symptoms should be in place

As the most common malignant tumor of the digestive tract, rectal cancer poses a great threat to most people's lives, but few people can find and treat it in time. Therefore, rectal cancer should be found early and the symptoms should be well understood. [details]

Patients with colon cancer should never touch these foods

Because bad eating habits are the root cause of colon cancer, after getting sick, we should also adjust our diet. Then, what are the dietary taboos of colon cancer? Let's learn from the text. [details]

Nine dietary contraindications in patients with colitis

Therefore, fiber food should be appropriately limited. Raw vegetables and fruits should be taboo during the active period of the disease, but they can be made into vegetable puree and fruit juice to reduce the intake of fiber. [details]

Colon cancer is the real pretender. It always makes you think it's hemorrhoids!

With blood in the stool, I think it's hemorrhoids again, and I don't pay attention to it. Delayed treatment. Don't think that cancer is far away from us. In fact, many well-known celebrities have left us because of intestinal cancer, [details]

4 points for attention in nursing patients with colon cancer

And there is an abnormal smell all over the body. Patients with colon cancer often have an ideological burden. Therefore, we should explain and encourage more, and help and guide patients to do artificial anal care. [details]

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids and the treatment methods of external hemorrhoids

Many patients with hemorrhoids go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine. In fact, how to treat them is mainly determined by their condition. Maybe the patients can be cured temporarily with their own medicine, but the external hemorrhoids will relapse soon. [details]

Hemorrhoids eat what food good hemorrhoids diet taboo

There are also foods that can prevent hemorrhoids, such as red bean, Sophora japonica, black sesame, Cistanche deserticola, pig large intestine, sheep large intestine, turtle meat, walnut meat, bamboo shoots, honey, etc. [details]

What food should hemorrhoids patients eat daily

There are also foods to prevent hemorrhoids, such as red beans, Sophora japonica, black sesame, Cistanche deserticola, pig and sheep large intestine, turtle meat, walnut meat, bamboo shoots, honey, etc. For example, red bean and Angelica Decoction have the function of treating hemorrhoid bleeding and prolapse. [details]

How should surgery treat hemorrhoids and anal fissure differently

Experts said that generally hemorrhoids have no symptoms or will not cause patients to be untimely, so it is OK not to deal with them. However, in case of itching, damage and bleeding, incarceration (i.e. stuck in the anal mouth, unable to retract), edema, hemorrhoids, etc., it is recommended to receive surgical treatment immediately. [details]

How should get haemorrhoid anal fissure to treat

Those who have not been cured for a long time or have formed large mixed hemorrhoids or garland hemorrhoids should be treated surgically. The purpose is to remove hemorrhoids or make them embolism or collapse by mechanical methods such as suture and ligation. Electrocoagulation or laser irradiation is also effective. [details]

What are the treatment methods of hemorrhoids and anal fissure

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common diseases in our life, and anal fissure is also one of the common diseases in our daily life. Hemorrhoids have been very disturbing, so if you add anal fissure, you can get it. [details]

Women are prone to anal fissure. It's no joke

A few minutes to 10 minutes after defecation, the pain stops or alleviates. This period is called pain interval. Then, due to the spasm and contraction of anal sphincter, the patient feels severe pain. The degree of pain varies with the size and depth of anal fissure. [details]

To understand the causes of anal fistula and effectively prevent anal fistula

Patients with anal fistula should understand the knowledge of the causes of anal fistula and the causes of recurrent anal fistula. Knowing its source can make its root broken and make changes after understanding the cause, which can greatly reduce the incidence rate of anal fistula. [details]

Do a good job in postoperative nursing of anal fistula and reduce the recurrence rate

Postoperative nursing of anal fistula directly determines the success of the operation. If the nursing is not done well, the patient will not recover well, and the condition will relapse soon. That is a failed operation experience. [details]

Patients with anal fistula should pay attention to these reasons

Anal fistula, a common anorectal disease, has many causes, including anal loss, blood infection, postoperative infection after perineal surgery and so on. Well, here is also a brief introduction to the causes of anal fistula. [details]

How much else do you know about anal fistula surgery

Thread hanging therapy and skin grafting are common anal fistula operations. Which method do you apply? You also need to go through the doctor's diagnosis and symptomatic treatment to reduce unnecessary pain and reduce the operation cost. [details]

Which of the three types of constipation are you

To solve this kind of constipation, you still need to relax your body and mind and try to relax your body. In addition, we should keep enough sleep, change lifestyle and eating habits, and then help through exercise. [details]

Anal fistula caused by abscess should pay attention to these 7 points

After the abscess around the anus and rectum is broken, the pus is discharged, the pus cavity is gradually reduced, the external ulcer and incision are also reduced, and the cavity wall forms a hard pipe wall with connective tissue hyperplasia, so it can not be closed naturally. [details]

How do old people get rid of constipation?

The daily intake of vegetables should be more than 500 grams. The ratio of fruits and vegetables to grain should be two portions of fruits and vegetables and one portion of grain. The purpose of this is to keep the food rough and its natural form, so as to stimulate the contraction of intestinal smooth muscle lacking tension, increase intestinal peristalsis and facilitate stool excretion. [details]

Hemorrhoids those things to avoid these stimulating factors induced hemorrhoids

Diseases related to infection, such as dysentery, enteritis, pinworms and other parasites, perianorectal abscess and anal fistula, can cause hemorrhoid periphlebitis or hemorrhoid vein endometritis, make hemorrhoid vein congested, dilated and induce hemorrhoids. [details]

Here is a grand introduction to the four King Kong in the anorectal world!

Perianal abscess four anorectal diseases are known as the "four King Kong" in the anorectal circle, which requires patients to be highly vigilant! Here's a grand introduction to the "four King Kong" in the anorectal world, and draw the key points. [details]

Do you know how to prepare your gut?

Fasting red or multi seeded foods such as watermelon, tomato, kiwi fruit, etc. 1-2 days before inspection. Check the previous day's lunch and dinner, eat less residue and semi liquid foods such as porridge and noodles, and do not eat vegetables, fruits and other residue rich foods and dairy products. [details]

How to judge whether you have hemorrhoids

The main symptoms of internal hemorrhoids in the middle and late stage are mainly due to the enlargement of internal hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid nuclei, which separates the mucosa and submucosa from the anal layer. During defecation, the internal hemorrhoid nodules can fall below the dentate line and free outside the anal canal. [details]

How to judge benign and malignant rectal polyps?

Ulcer: polyps generally have no ulcer. When they become malignant, they can form an ulcer. In particular, pedicled polyps generally do not cause ulcer. Once an ulcer occurs, it indicates that they have malignant changes. [details]

Bloody stool is not just getting angry!

Internal hemorrhoids are mainly characterized by blood and prolapse of hemorrhoids, while external hemorrhoids are characterized by swelling at the anal margin, accompanied by pain, swelling, pruritus and other symptoms. Mixed hemorrhoids have the above symptoms. [details]

Anorectal doctors teach you how to do anorectal health care

As we all know, diseases come from the mouth. If you can't stop talking, chrysanthemum will suffer. Drink more boiled water and light tea, eat more radishes, tomatoes, pears, lilies, tremella and other foods, and appropriately increase coarse grains, beans, vegetables, fruits and other fiber containing foods, which can supplement water to the body, increase intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, and improve or prevent the invasion of hemorrhoids. [details]

How much do you know about preoperative examination in anorectal department?

Know whether there is infection, anemia or other diseases of fluid system. If there is bacterial infection, the values of leukocytes and neutrophils will increase, indicating that there is infection and anti infection treatment is needed; If the hemoglobin value is lower than normal, it indicates anemia. Whether surgery can be performed, what kind of anemia it is and how to treat it must be determined according to the degree of anemia. [details]

Popular science, do you make stool bleeding and intestinal polyps!

Generally speaking, the most typical manifestation of intestinal polyps is bleeding. Generally, there will be bright red after defecation, and it can not be mixed with feces. Sometimes there will be a lot of mucus in feces, or there is a depression on the cylindrical fecal block. [details]

What are the suitable foods for hemorrhoids patients

Leek leek contains more crude fiber and is tough. It is not easy to be digested and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. It can increase the stool volume, promote the peristalsis of the large intestine and prevent the secret knot of the stool. Therefore, it is beneficial to those with hemorrhoids and constipation. [details]

Are you still fasting when you have diarrhea?

Bananas, bananas have the effect of constipation. Eating them will make your diarrhea more serious. There are oily food, which is not easy to digest, will cause a burden on the intestines and stomach, and is also unfavorable to patients with diarrhea. The combination of appropriate drug treatment and effective and reasonable diet is the method. [details]

How to avoid hemorrhoids? What foods should hemorrhoids patients eat

Prevention of hemorrhoids in summer, diet must be light, you can eat more coarse fiber vegetables; You can also eat some fresh fruits, such as watermelon, banana, orange, etc., to make the stool soft and easy to discharge. In addition, drink more water. [details]

How does the small abscess around the anus become anal fistula?

Complex anal fistula not only brings difficulties to treatment, but also affects the physiological function of anus. Clinically, a small number of patients may also form rectovaginal fistula, rectourethral fistula and rectovesical fistula, endangering the surrounding organs, and the anal fistula tends to become malignant, that is, the anal fistula turns into cancer. [details]

What kinds of intestinal polyps are prone to canceration?

In fact, it's a little helpless here, because the most helpless thing about intestinal polyps is that it doesn't have any symptoms most of the time. When symptoms appear, most of them already have signs of canceration. Therefore, it's unreliable to judge solely by symptoms. The safest way is to go to the hospital for physical examination regularly. [details]

Pain and bleeding during defecation. Is this hemorrhoids or anal fissure?

If the patient's anal canal itself has infectious factors, the mucosal brittleness is high and the toughness is poor. Anal fissure is very easy to occur as long as the stool is slightly hard; Second, the number of defecation increases. If the patient has repeated diarrhea and has more defecation times, the anal canal will also have inflammation, increased brittleness and easier to crack. [details]

Diarrhea alert colorectal lesions

Anorectal pain: due to the abundance of anal nerves and keen sensation, it is easy to have pain or severe pain after stimulation. For example, it can occur in defecation, after defecation or other times. [details]

There are many causes of anal pruritus - and maybe kidney disease

According to reports, anal pruritus is characterized by severe and long-lasting pruritus, especially at night or in a humid environment, which seriously affects the normal life of patients. When pruritus is serious, scratches, blood scabs, pigmentation, mossy sclerosis and even secondary infection will appear in the local skin of anus due to scratching. [details]

Spinach is a food that can reduce intestinal tumors

Nutritional composition spinach is known as "nutritional model student". It is rich in carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin K, minerals (calcium, iron, etc.), coenzyme Q10 and other nutrients. [details]

You know what? The intestines and stomach are also afraid of cold. It is very important to improve the cold resistance of the body!

Autumn is in the transitional stage of Yang elimination and Yin growth. The temperature difference between day and night is very large, and the climate is changeable, which is easy to cause the occurrence of various diseases. Coupled with a cool autumn rain and a rapid drop in temperature, people have fully appreciated the severity of the sudden cold weather. [details]

The prevalence of anorectal disease is as high as 60%. Have you been shot?

There is E. coli in human's large intestine. Under normal circumstances, this kind of bacteria does no harm to people, but if the anal canal is scratched by some hard objects, E. coli acts together with others; It will cause pyogenic infection in the anal canal. [details]

Because of a moment of forbearance, he dragged hemorrhoids into rectal cancer

Nowadays, many people work hard to earn money to support their families when they are young, day and night. They rely on their young physical strength and don't know how to adjust their body. When they reach middle age, their health is getting worse and worse. In addition, due to the physical pain caused by various water pollution, the medical expenses are a huge expense [details]

Although playing cards is fun, be careful to play hemorrhoids

Hematochezia: many patients with hematochezia think they are hemorrhoids. About 80% of rectal cancer will have bloody stool, but it is easy to be ignored by patients because of its universality. In severe cases, purulent bloody stool will appear. [details]

Stomach pain was transmitted to the family before gastric cancer was detected!

If the patient is infected with Helicobacter pylori, his breath will be very heavy, and there will be obvious peculiar smell in his mouth, and this peculiar smell is difficult to remove, which may be due to the direct production of sulfide by Helicobacter pylori infection. [details]