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How should Baoma prevent her baby from catching a cold in winter?

The immune system is a systemic system. Cold will disturb the body's temperature regulation center, constrict blood vessels, reduce hemoglobin supply, inactivate immune factors, and take advantage of viruses and bacteria that inhale through the air or parasitize in the human body. This is the impact of cold on the human immune system. [details]

Can we avoid vaccinating children against the problem vaccine?

Pneumonia vaccine - pneumonia can cause otitis media, bacterial meningitis and even death in children under the age of 2. At present, there are 13 and 23 prices of pneumonia vaccine in China. One dose of basic immunization will be vaccinated at the age of 2, 4 and 6 months, and one dose of booster immunization will be vaccinated at the age of 12-15 months. [details]

In winter, the baby's skin is dry and itchy. It's not done right

Many mothers worry that their baby will catch a cold when taking a bath, so they adjust the room temperature and water temperature very high. Unexpectedly, too high room temperature will lead to the loss of baby's skin moisture, and too high water temperature may not only scald baby's skin, but also aggravate skin dryness, especially for children with eczema, it is not recommended to take a bath with too hot water. [details]

Don't let furniture be the murderer of children!

Children are very curious. The cabinets and drawers at home are full of all kinds of freshness for children. It is easy to take out the drugs inside and hurt themselves by mistake, such as sharp scissors. At this time, parents can install safety locks on the refrigerator, drawer and cabinet door at home to prevent the baby from turning over. [details]

The more children eat these 13 kinds of food, the more dry their stool is. Pay attention!

Children with constipation are prone to fever, bad temper, anorexia, repeated inflammation of tonsils, malnutrition, stomachache, bed wetting, repeated cough, anal fissure and many other diseases. If your children often have dry stools and constipation, see if they eat too many of the following 13 foods! [details]

There are 16 reasons why the baby suddenly doesn't eat 90%

Sometimes children's food intake and interest in food will be different. Only by providing diversified food and giving them more choices can they have more opportunities to absorb enough nutrition. [details]

I don't know. I dare not eat meat for my children at these 7 points!

In fact, although the soup will dissolve some nutrients, such as water-soluble vitamins, minerals, fat and protein, some of the protein will be broken down into amino acids, giving off a pungent smell. But most of the nutrition is still in the meat. [details]

How to make children over 1 year old eat well?

Buy food according to your age and your own situation, try to buy fresh, local food and fruit in the current season, and buy less out of season greenhouse food. Don't think expensive is good, only suitable is really good to your family. [details]

I've experienced children's wind cold and cold push twice. I'm so happy!

Because the boss has a high fever, parents should pay attention to that the child's high fever will induce convulsion, even heart failure, respiratory failure, dehydration, shock and so on. There will be many factors that parents can't control. We can't joke about the child's life and health. [details]

If the child has a fever of more than 385 degrees, pinch the old dragon's cave

When you have a fever, if your temperature exceeds 38.5 ℃, it belongs to high fever. Because the child's nervous system is not yet fully developed, it is very easy to have convulsions such as eyes turning up or strabismus, gaze, limb rigidity and spasms when he has a high fever. [details]

Why are some children with fever high and some low?

Some diseases are easy to cause high fever, such as tonsil inflammation. As soon as the child has a fever, he directly runs to 39 degrees and 40 degrees. Some children even have high fever and convulsions. Some children are more seriously infected with bacteria or viruses and are also prone to high fever. [details]

Children cough repeatedly. Don't ignore this cause

Asthma (asthma) is a chronic inflammatory disease of airway, which is involved in a variety of cells, including airway inflammatory cells, structural cells (such as eosinophils, mast cells, T lymphocytes, neutrophils, smooth muscle cells, airway epithelial cells, etc.) and cellular elements. [details]

With this method, jaundice can be measured for children at home!

More than 80% of newborns will have jaundice, which will lead to bilirubin encephalopathy, permanent damage to the nervous system and even death. If we can find the aggravation of jaundice in time and treat it in time, we can completely avoid the occurrence of bilirubin encephalopathy. Therefore, it is particularly important to actively monitor the changes of jaundice after birth. [details]

How to treat infantile jaundice? Classification of infantile jaundice

Drug therapy is also divided into traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Western medicine treatment is to supply albumin, correct metabolic acidosis, liver enzyme inducer (such as phenobarbital), and intravenous immunoglobulin. Western medicine is mainly enzyme inducible hormone or glucocorticoid, while traditional Chinese medicine is mainly Yinchenhao Decoction. [details]

How much is the jaundice index of children normal? Methods of treatment

Phenobarbital can induce glucuronosyltransferase in liver microsomes and Na-K-ATPase in hepatocytes, and promote the transport and excretion of bile. Oral phenobarbital 30 ~ 60mg, 3 ~ 4 times / D for 7 days, is effective for intrahepatic cholestasis. Evaluate or judge the efficacy of the same prednisone test. [details]

What medicine does infantile jaundice use? Mother's nursing is very important

The most direct and effective treatment for neonatal jaundice is to irradiate blue light. The effect of taking medicine is not obvious. If it is more serious, human albumin can be infused, which can reduce free unconjugated bilirubin and prevent bilirubin encephalopathy. Plasma 25ml / time intravenously or albumin LG / kg plus 25% glucose 10 ~ 20ml intravenously, 1 ~ 2 times a day. In severe cases, it can be treated by blood exchange. [details]

The seven manifestations of pediatric pneumonia are mother's golden eyes!

Pneumonia is the most common respiratory disease in children. Infants under 3 years old suffer from pneumonia more in winter and spring, and pneumonia caused by bacteria and viruses is the most common. Children's pneumonia has an acute onset, serious condition and rapid progress. It is a disease that threatens the baby's health and even life. But sometimes it is similar to the symptoms of children's cold, which is easy to be confused. [details]

Mother's biggest headache, child's pneumonia prevention strategy is here

In recent years, pneumonia caused by mycoplasma infection has also increased. In addition, chlamydia infection, fungi and so on. In winter and spring, the climate is changeable and malnutrition is prone to pneumonia. [details]

Differential diagnosis of pediatric pneumonia how to prevent pediatric pneumonia

Children like to eat sweet and salty fried food, which causes food stagnation and fever. As long as they occasionally catch a cold and keep their lungs silent, resulting in pneumonia in both lungs, enhancing the body's resistance to cold and the ability to adapt to changes in ambient temperature is the most effective way to prevent pneumonia. [details]

How long can children's pneumonia judge children's pneumonia and cold

See if it is difficult to cough and breathe. Most children with pneumonia have cough or asthma, and the degree is serious, which often causes dyspnea. Cough or asthma caused by cold and bronchitis is generally mild and will not cause dyspnea. Dyspnea is characterized by suffocation, one nose on both sides and purple lips, suggesting that the condition is serious and must not be delayed. [details]

This is the reason why children dry before defecation and thin after defecation!

The child's stool is thin in the head, which is actually related to the poor function of intestinal peristalsis. Under normal circumstances, after the food we eat is digested and absorbed, what goes into the large intestine is water and dross. To put it more popularly, it is thin feces. Every time the baby has finished defecating, a new defecation occurs. [details]

Baby diarrhea can only eat vegetarian drink thin?

For diarrhea caused by virus infection, it may also be slimy stool at the beginning, because although virus infection will lead to a large increase in intestinal fluid to form watery stool, there is also a process. At the beginning, the stool is not so thin, it will be paste stool containing indigestible food, which is very smelly at this time. [details]

The baby pulls and vomits and has a fever. Beware of infection and diarrhea!

Diarrhea in autumn usually occurs 1 ~ 3 days after infection with the virus. Most babies will have symptoms similar to colds, including drooping spirit, runny nose, fever, and even runny nose. Vomiting and diarrhea begin to appear 1-3 days after the onset. [details]

What should the baby do about diarrhea after adding complementary food?

After adding complementary foods, babies often have "diarrhea" for the first time in their life. This diarrhea is, in fact, a change in stool characteristics. It is thinner or more foam than before, and has more defecation times than before, but it often has little adverse effect on children. Some babies appear at the time of the initial addition of complementary foods, while others may not occur until one to two months after the addition. [details]

13 kinds of abnormal defecation in children. Baoma needs a pair of eyes!

If the stool is green, there is less feces and more mucus, which belongs to hungry diarrhea. In addition, some children who eat formula milk powder have dark green feces. The reason is that a certain amount of iron is added to the general formula milk powder. These iron will appear dark green after passing through the digestive tract and contacting with the air. [details]

The important popular science of children's constipation is given to baomoms!

Constipation can be caused by intestinal lesions, but also from diet, spirit, habits and other factors. For example, constipation in infancy is mostly related to improper feeding. Non breastfeeding, mainly formula milk, and did not pay attention to the addition of auxiliary foods such as cellulose rich vegetables beneficial to defecation. [details]

What does darling constipation eat? Dietotherapy effect is not small

The baby is a special group. If you don't pay more attention to the diet, it is easy to have constipation, and the baby's gastrointestinal function is relatively weak, and adult medicine can't be taken casually. What's good for the baby's constipation? The following article will give the answer. I hope you can read it carefully. [details]

How does baby constipation recuperate? The following methods are helpful

How does darling constipation do? If the baby has not defecated for several days, the emergency can temporarily use Kaisai lotion, or cut the soap into strips and stuff it into the anus. The method is simple and the effect is fast. But this method is only temporary application and can not be used frequently for a long time. How can the baby's constipation be conditioned? [details]

Remind the high incidence period of hand, foot and mouth that it will be late if it is not prevented!

HFMD virus antibody spray (anyico tetravalent enterovirus) can not only prevent, but also treat HFMD. It can effectively kill the virus on the pharyngeal mucosa and body surface, quickly eliminate herpes, reduce symptoms, promote wound healing, relieve children's pain, and block the virus from invading the body again. It is especially suitable for children under 5 years old. [details]

Mothers pay attention to children's infectious diseases, hand, foot and mouth diseases

Hand, foot and mouth disease is an infectious disease caused by enteroviruses, among which Coxsackie virus a16 and enterovirus 71 are the most common. It may happen all year round, mostly in children aged 5. Hand, foot and mouth disease spreads in a variety of ways, mainly through close contact with people. It is divided into ordinary type and severe type. [details]

Hand, foot and mouth disease is coming. My baby can't be caught!

Hand, foot and mouth disease is an infectious disease caused by enteroviruses. There are more than 20 types of enteroviruses causing hand, foot and mouth disease, among which Coxsackie virus a16 (CoxA16) and enterovirus 71 (EV71) are the most common. Most of them occur in children under 5 years old, manifested as mouth pain, anorexia, low fever, small herpes or small ulcer in hands, feet and mouth. Most children heal themselves in about a week, and a few children can cause complications such as myocarditis, pulmonary edema and aseptic meningoencephalitis. [details]

During the measles epidemic, try not to let children go to public places

The main manifestations were fever, bad wind, swelling of posterior ear and occipital lymph nodes. When children suffer from rubella, the symptoms they often show are stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, throat discomfort, pain, cough, accompanied by fever, skin rashes like small red spots on the whole body, and swollen lymph nodes behind the ears or in the back of the head. [details]

Chickenpox is a common infectious disease in infants

Therefore, the early rash scabs early, and the late rash scabs late. In the same child, rashes, papules, herpes and scab cover exist at the same time, and there are similar changes in the mucosa of mouth, nose and pharynx. Rash is often accompanied by itching, so children will be noisy and restless. [details]

Patients should be isolated until 5 days after rash

The antibody positive conversion rate of rubella attenuated live vaccine was more than 95%. 0 the vaccination objects were mainly vulnerable persons such as kindergarten, primary school children and women of childbearing age. After inoculation, there may be low fever, rash, joint pain and other reactions. People with immune deficiency, immunosuppressant and allergic diseases cannot be vaccinated. [details]

If your child has a high fever, you can take a bath with warm water

Let the children rest quietly and keep the air fresh and moist in the room. Open the window for ventilation for half an hour at noon every day. When the weather is warm, you can help your child put on clothes, go outside to bask in the sun and breathe fresh air, so as to get better faster. [details]

Children's atomization medication should be used with caution beyond the instructions

There is no atomized dosage form, and the drug concentration in the airway is too low to achieve the purpose of anti infection. The bacteria are in a sub bacteriostatic state for a long time, which will produce drug resistance. At the same time, gentamicin will stimulate epithelial cells and aggravate the inflammatory reaction of epithelial cells. [details]

Improper drug feeding is risky. Don't use these three methods again!

Note: in order to avoid choking and coughing, lift the upper body or sit in a sitting position, and don't lie flat; Don't drop it directly into the mouth, but from the corner of the mouth (between one side of the cheek and the gums). Slowly take a small dose each time according to the baby's own swallowing speed. [details]

A paediatric good medicine for the treatment of common diseases in children

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that scallion has a pungent taste and warm nature. It has the effects of publishing, dredging Yang and detoxification. It can publish and promote internal circulation, dredge Yang and activate blood circulation, disperse wind evil, calm fetus and stop bleeding. It has a good therapeutic effect on cold, wind cold and headache. Onion can also play a role in sweating, dispelling diseases and diuresis. It is very convenient and effective to use scallion as medicine to treat some common diseases in children. [details]

Do you know all these misunderstandings about children's medication?

Glucocorticoid has a wide range of clinical applications. It has the effects of anti infection, anti allergy, antimycin, anti immunity and anti-tumor, but it also has many adverse reactions: inhibiting immune function, inhibiting growth and development, etc; Long term use will cause osteoporosis, decreased immunity, necrosis of femoral head and atrophy of adrenal cortex. [details]

What is the possible cause of children's cough?

Chronic cough in children refers to that when the course of cough is more than 4 weeks, it is a common cause of pediatric treatment. Usually, the parents of children are anxious about the condition and have doubts about the use of drugs. Therefore, pediatricians need to clarify the cause in time. [details]

What if the baby is probably not as tall as me?

Since we have to work hard the day after tomorrow, the sooner the better. The nutritional problem in childhood is the key to growing tall. If the baby is in the process of over nutrition, malnutrition and unbalanced diet for a long time, the first long peak will be missed. It will be a lot of trouble to wait until after reading. [details]

Don't be careless about children's stomachache. Seven common diseases are very dangerous

It often has sudden onset, with symptoms of fever, diarrhea and vomiting. Before diarrhea, it often has paroxysmal abdominal pain, but abdominal distention is not obvious. Summer and autumn are the high incidence seasons, which mainly cause bacterial infection by paying no attention to dietary hygiene. Children must be isolated. Tableware can be boiled in boiling water for 15 minutes. Toys for children can be made of wood or plastic that is easy to disinfect. Children's sheets and bedding had better be exposed to the sun for 6 hours to disinfect. [details]

Is the transverse striation asymmetry of the thigh root a disease?

If there is limited abduction or unequal knee height, go to the hospital in time and find a surgeon for examination. B-ultrasound can be done within 6 months. After 6 months, consider X-ray examination to see if the baby has developmental hip dysplasia. [details]

Persistent indigestion can lead to weakness of the baby's spleen and stomach

In the tree of love, through the study of children's good parenting, I understand the situation when I was a child: long-term indigestion and constipation lead to weakness of the spleen and stomach, so I can't absorb enough nutrition to supply the body. [details]

How did darling cough do, treat all sorts of cough exclusively!

First of all, it should be clear that cough is not a disease. In fact, cough is only the most common respiratory symptoms. It is a protective reflex of the body. It helps to remove mucus, irritants, microorganisms and foreign bodies invading the respiratory tract. [details]

What do you need to take your baby to the hospital?

Some parents take their baby to see a doctor, especially the baby with a long history. The medical record is new, and the previous laboratory tests are not brought. However, the parents' own description of the condition and the description of the examination are vague, which not only affects the baby's current visit, but also may need to have a similar examination again. [details]

If you want your baby to suffer less from a cold, you must do it

Influenza is a systemic disease mainly involving the upper respiratory tract caused by influenza virus infection. It is highly infectious and spreads very fast. Cold is "upper respiratory tract infection", which includes acute inflammation of nasal cavity, pharynx or throat. [details]

In winter, children don't grow up and are not smart

In fact, parents must pay attention that children who play on the ground are smarter, because children sit, climb and roll on the ground, which exercises the coordination ability of brain and limbs. Children spend only a few years on the ground. When they grow up, they are not willing to let them climb on the ground. [details]

Children with rhinitis try these effective small prescriptions!

Children with rhinitis are the most uncomfortable in autumn and winter. Their nose is airtight, they can't sleep well at night, and they are dizzy during the day. There are many children who come to the clinic to see rhinitis every day. In addition to systematic treatment according to the child's constitution, some small unilateral external use is also very helpful to alleviate the symptoms of nasal congestion. [details]

The reason why the child clears his throat is clear. He can't get rid of it until he understands the treatment!

Chronic tonsillitis and tonsillar hypertrophy. Due to the stimulation of pharyngeal inflammation, the child's throat feels uncomfortable. Naturally, he will involuntarily clear his throat. For such children, parents can observe whether their children's tonsils have redness, swelling, pus spots, etc. [details]

This is the root cause of the baby's blue nose!

In fact, many traditional Chinese medicines for strengthening the spleen are added with traditional Chinese medicines for calming the liver, such as Xiaoerkang granules and xiaoerqixing tea granules, which are well known to our parents. They are added with traditional Chinese medicines such as Gouteng, cicada molting and rush grass. In this way, children can not only strengthen the spleen and stomach, but also clear away heat and annoyance after drinking. [details]

Children love to sigh. Are they worried or ill?

Children sigh. This word is actually inaccurate. It should be called long out of breath. The first common cause of this kind of children is heart problems, which are mostly related to myocardial injury and myocarditis. If you carefully ask the medical history, you will find that most children have a cold, viral enteritis and other diseases in recent one or two weeks, inducing myocardial injury or myocarditis. [details]

Your partner's children are asking you for help

For example, during the onset of severe depression, you can't engage in normal work, study, work or love at all. The parent-child relationship and husband-wife relationship are cumbersome. As for sleep, it's extravagant. [details]

What about the heat of children's inattention for three minutes?

Children with high attention are also relatively efficient, have strong self-confidence, and have long-lasting interest and desire in learning. Attention is of great significance to the development of children's intelligence and the cultivation of learning ability. [details]

Children who are left-handed need to correct how you treat this problem

In fact, the best way is to respect the left-handed nature of children. Behind the discussion of left-hand and right-hand preferences, we actually need to think about a problem: how to accept children's differences. [details]