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Pharyngitis is not a minor disease, can not be easily ignored!

During the onset of acute laryngitis, the patient also has pharyngeal pain and foreign body sensation in the pharynx, but there is an obvious difference from acute epiglottitis. The patient's voice is hoarse, not watery. [details]

A 17-year-old girl was hit to perforation of tympanic membrane due to snoring!

In fact, snoring is a great enemy of health. Snoring causes repeated sleep apnea, resulting in severe hypoxia in the brain and blood, forming hypoxemia, and inducing hypertension, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction and angina pectoris. What is more serious is that the time of nocturnal apnea is more than 120 seconds, which is prone to sudden death in the early morning. [details]

Do you know how we heard the sound?

The human ear consists of three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. We can see with the naked eye that the part protruding from both sides of the head is the external ear, which is composed of auricle and external auditory canal; The middle ear consists of tympanic chamber, Eustachian tube, tympanic sinus and mastoid process. [details]

Should earwax be dug? Finally found the answer!

Earwax is the secretion in the ear canal. It contains oil and anti microbial enzymes, which can protect the skin of the ear canal. The secretory glands of earwax are concentrated near the entrance of the ear canal, so earwax usually accumulates around the ear canal. [details]

Jaw and sore throat may be these diseases

Acute pharyngitis is one of the common pharyngeal diseases. The main causes are hemolytic streptococcus, pneumococcus or virus infection. Acute pharyngitis is sometimes a part of acute upper respiratory tract infection, which coexists with acute tonsillitis, acute rhinitis and acute laryngitis. [details]

Symptoms and manifestations of turbinate hypertrophy

The nasal congestion is heavy and hypertrophic, which squeezes the interior of our nasal cavity, making us feel serious nasal congestion symptoms. Most of the symptoms are persistent, often open mouth for breathing, and the smell decreases [details]

Diarrhea and sore throat in winter are gastrointestinal colds

The most common causes of "gastrointestinal cold" are viral infection and allergic reaction to diet. After bacteria and viruses are implanted in the throat and become inflamed, they will be swallowed into the gastrointestinal tract along the saliva, causing gastrointestinal discomfort. [details]

What are the common symptoms of pharyngitis and sore throat

In the early stage, patients with pharyngitis will feel that there are other things in their throat. They often feel that they want to vomit. Sometimes they will feel dry, itchy, hot and accompanied by pain. The pain will increase when swallowing, and the saliva will increase, resulting in the involvement of the tissues around the pharyngeal side, resulting in obvious earache. [details]

Otitis media came again after the child caught a cold

If long-term delay or incomplete treatment, from acute to chronic, ear pus will not stop, light will affect hearing, and heavy will cause serious complications, and the consequences will be unimaginable. [details]

Occurrence of aviation otitis media

The atmospheric density at different heights is different. The closer it is to the ground, the greater the density. Therefore, the same decline rate. The closer it is to the ground, the greater the increase rate of air pressure, and the greater the probability of aviation otitis media. [details]

How to treat children with otitis media correctly

It is common to catch cold and upper respiratory tract infection. These can cause swelling and inflammation of the eustachian tube. Due to the short and narrow lumen of the eustachian tube in children, it is easier to cause inflammatory reaction, lead to eustachian tube obstruction, and then cause middle ear effusion. [details]

Be careful when your baby catches a cold in winter and is prone to otitis media

Now more and more parents will take their babies to swim. The warm room temperature and water temperature enable the baby to enjoy the fun and health brought by this sport even in winter. [details]

Pay attention to life details and skillfully deal with tinnitus

Tinnitus refers to the abnormal sound feeling produced by people without any external stimulation. According to statistics, tinnitus has become a modern popular disease, and it is young. We must be vigilant. [details]

How to prevent and treat tinnitus

Tinnitus is the result of different pathological changes of many diseases involving the auditory system. The etiology is complex. It is mainly manifested in the absence of corresponding external sound source or electrical stimulation, but subjectively there is sound sensation in the ear or intracranial. Clinically, it is not only the concomitant symptom of many diseases, but also the first symptom of some serious diseases [details]

What food is forbidden for tinnitus and deafness

Tinnitus and deafness are mainly manifested in unclear hearing. They always feel that some interfering things affect their hearing next to their ears. Severe tinnitus indicates various ear diseases and even causes transient deafness. It is necessary to diagnose the cause in time and actively treat the symptoms. After eating a lot of food, it hinders the recovery of ears and must be strictly prohibited. [details]

Tinnitus is a common ear disease

Such as external ear diseases: external auditory canal inflammation, cerumen embolism, external ear foreign bodies, acute and chronic inflammation of the middle ear, tympanic membrane perforation, otosclerosis, Meniere's syndrome and acoustic neuroma of the inner ear can cause tinnitus. [details]

What symptom does the patient that got atrophic rhinitis have?

Expiratory odor of atrophic rhinitis: due to the reproduction and growth of bacteria under the pus scab, the protein in the pus scab is corrupt and decomposed, resulting in a foul smell, which is called smelly nose. [details]

Atrophic rhinitis hazards have four categories, do not despise

Orbital subperiosteal abscess, orbital cellulitis, retrobulbar optic neuritis, extradural abscess, subdural abscess, suppurative meningitis, brain abscess, cavernous sinus thrombophlebitis and other critical emergencies. [details]

What are the culprits of atrophic rhinitis?

Primary atrophic rhinitis is a common atrophic rhinitis. The etiology of atrophic rhinitis is related to endocrine disorder, autonomic nerve disorder, bacterial (rhinobacter odoris, diphtheria like bacilli, etc.) infection, malnutrition (vitamin A, B2, D, E deficiency), genetic factors, low blood cholesterol and other factors. [details]

How does atrophic rhinitis tangle treat the most effective?

Vitamin A can protect mucosal epithelium and increase the anti infection ability of connective tissue. Vitamin B2 can promote tissue and cell metabolism. Nicotinic acid can dilate blood vessels and improve nasal mucosal blood circulation. Iron may play a role in the treatment of this disease. [details]

Can chronic rhinitis become "nasopharyngeal carcinoma"

Citizens with a family history of nasopharyngeal carcinoma or with significantly increased EB virus antibody titer need to pay special attention to the examination of nasopharynx. In addition, if there are facial features symptoms: nose bleeding, nasal congestion, tinnitus and painless tumor in the neck, it is likely to be an early signal of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. You need to go to the facial features Department of the hospital to further check the nasopharynx. [details]

What metastasis symptoms will appear in the late stage of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

It mainly refers to the mass caused by cervical lymph node metastasis. Clinically, painless mass in the neck can be the first symptom or even the only symptom. The tumor initially occurred on one side and increased rapidly, and then involved the contralateral side of the neck. All of them are the symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma metastasis in the late stage of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. [details]

Self nursing of nasopharyngeal carcinoma after radiotherapy

Before he had time to adjust his mind, he began radiotherapy. With the emergence of side effects of radiotherapy, patients may be depressed, pessimistic and lose treatment confidence. During this period, my mood was unstable from high to low. I often asked myself why I didn't do anything immoral. Why did I get this unlucky disease, feel desperate from time to time, or mentally plan my future. [details]

Formaldehyde is a human carcinogen and can cause human nasopharyngeal carcinoma

There is an upsurge of house decoration in China. Not yet. House decoration represents the improvement of people's living standards, which is a good thing, but incorrect house decoration has brought serious consequences of indoor formaldehyde pollution. [details]

This old Chinese medicine prescription specializes in tonsillitis

Many people's tonsils are suddenly inflamed, affecting their daily life. Especially younger teenagers are more likely to face this problem during the season change. Do not underestimate the acute onset of tonsillitis. If it is not handled properly, it may even endanger life. [details]

Common drugs for tonsillitis and joint marketing scheme

The tonsil is the gateway of the respiratory tract, and the bacteria and viruses of the mouth and nose invade it first. The pathogen of tonsillitis is deeply hidden, and it is very easy to form lesions. The therapeutic effect is not direct, and the lesions can not be completely removed, leaving hidden dangers [details]

You don't necessarily know the medication instructions for acute tonsillitis

And often in chronic tonsillitis on the basis of repeated acute attacks. Patients over 50 years old and under 3 ~ 4 years old are rare. Temperature changes are most common in spring and autumn. It is worth noting that acute tonsillitis is sometimes the precursor symptoms of some diseases, especially some infectious diseases, such as diphtheria, measles and scarlet fever. Attention should be paid to early detection. [details]

The tonsil is the first line of defense of human immunity

The tonsil is the first line of defense of human immunity. When a child inhales a large number of pathogenic microorganisms or has strong virulence, inflammation, that is, tonsillitis, will occur. [details]

How to do pregnant sore throat? Try a few simple methods

Drink lemon honey water to relieve sore throat. When pregnant women have sore throat and sore throat, they can drink lemon honey water. Lemon honey water can play the role of anti-inflammatory and sterilization. It has a good effect on relieving sore throat, and it is more suitable for pregnant women. [details]

How does sore throat do? What should you pay attention to at ordinary times

We need to pay special attention to the prevention of this disease in our daily life. At the same time, when we suffer from this disease, we need to pay special attention to some things that need to be paid attention to in our daily life. Positive attention can help restore a healthy body as soon as possible. [details]

Six kinds of food should be eaten for sore throat to help you quickly improve your symptoms

There are many causes of throat pain, such as virus, bacterial infection, allergic reaction, dust, cigarettes, waste gas, hot drinks or food, tooth or gum infection, which will make patients have many uncomfortable symptoms, such as pain, hoarseness, abnormal sensation of pharynx, runny nose, fever, etc., reducing the quality of daily life. [details]

What are the detection methods of otitis externa

If your eardrum is damaged or torn, your doctor may recommend you to an ENT specialist (ENT). Experts will examine the patient's middle ear to determine whether it is the main site of infection. [details]

Does cold sore throat have effect to eat ice?

The throat often causes redness, swelling, heat pain and inflammation due to virus or bacterial infection. Don't drink hot water or hot soup at this time, so as not to cause microvascular expansion and release inflammatory substances, which will aggravate the inflammation. It is recommended to drink warm boiled water or warm soup. The temperature should be close to the body temperature, preferably about 37 ℃. [details]

Why is a crab sore throat worse?

After the symptoms of throat inflammation, patients should go to the hospital for examination in time to eliminate other conditions, and then take relevant anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment under the guidance of doctors, such as levodox, cephalosporin, amoxicillin, etc. these drugs can quickly control the development of inflammation and alleviate the symptoms of patients. [details]

How is the method of dry cough without phlegm dietotherapy treated

Genetic genes susceptible to allergic cough; Tendency to produce high IgE; Adverse factors during pregnancy: diet and environment; Gender; Race; Birth weight<2.5kg等情况都会诱发干咳的发生。 [details]

What kind of food is best for swallowing saliva and sore throat?

There are many lymphoid organs (such as tonsils) in the throat area that can help our immune system function normally. In addition, the pharyngeal constrictor muscles around the throat can help swallow food. When food enters the throat, epiglottic cartilage in the throat will cover the upper end of the trachea to avoid food falling into the lungs and leading to pneumonia. [details]

What kind of soup can help relieve sore throat

Balsam pear tastes bitter and cold. It can clear the heart, remove annoyance, clear the liver and brighten the eyes; Oyster black sauce is made of dried oyster meat, which is beneficial to Yin and body fluid. Lean pork can strengthen the spleen and stomach, not only prevent the cold cutting of melon, but also make the soup more delicious. Suitable for dry mouth, thirsty, dry throat, cold or fever, or hyperlipidemia, obesity and diabetes. [details]

What is better to eat for a sore throat

When we have the symptoms of burning and sore throat in our life, we should find ways to alleviate the symptoms of the disease in time. If the symptoms have not been relieved for a long time, we should go to the hospital in time to check the cause and treat it in time. [details]

Is it really good to sleep with headphones

After using inferior earplugs for a long time, the ears usually have a sense of pain. In fact, this is the stimulation of the ear nerve caused by too much volume. If the ear nerve is stimulated for a long time, it is easy to cause hearing loss, and even tinnitus and deafness in serious cases. [details]

How should appear sore throat do just fine

There are many reasons for sore throat. When you find the symptoms of sore throat in your life, you should deal with the symptoms in time to avoid delaying the treatment of the disease. In normal life, we can drink more water to avoid abnormal throat. [details]

What to drink except medicine for sore throat

If a sore throat hurts when swallowing saliva, you can gargle with salt water, which can clean the mouth, moisturize the throat, eliminate inflammation and sterilization, reduce bacterial infection and promote the self-healing of the throat. Patients with sore throat can also be treated with lemon juice. [details]

How does a cold get better quickly? You can eat these fruits with a sore throat

It is sweet and sour in taste and cool in nature. It has the effects of generating saliva and relieving thirst, moistening lung and relieving cough, nourishing yin and reducing fire. Pear is rich in water and vitamin C. It is a good fruit to adapt to the dry climate in autumn. Pear has a good effect on dry throat, hoarseness and thick phlegm caused by upper respiratory tract infection. [details]

What medicine does mother take for sore throat during lactation

For the treatment of sore throat, antibiotics are generally not advocated, and reasonable treatment methods should be adopted under the guidance of doctors. If the doctor checks the body and evaluates the condition, and thinks that drugs can be used, the lactating mother can take drugs. [details]