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Why is gastroscopy essential in patients with chronic liver disease?

Patients with chronic hepatitis for a long time can damage gastric mucosa due to liver dysfunction, increased toxic metabolites and bile reflux. Therefore, the incidence of various types of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer is significantly higher than that of normal people. [details]

To prevent human infection with avian influenza, five don't't's should be done

The incubation period is usually less than 7 days, but can also be as long as 10 days. The main clinical manifestations are high fever, cough, shortness of breath, and rapid progression to severe pneumonia. The complications include acute respiratory distress syndrome, septic shock and multiple organ failure requiring intensive care. [details]

Often eat carambola to protect the liver, reduce fat and promote digestion. 6 kinds of people had better not eat it

Eliminate fatigue. Carambola is rich in sugar, vitamin C and organic acids, and the fruit juice is abundant. It can quickly supplement the water of the human body, generate saliva and quench thirst, and make the heat or alcohol poison in the human body excrete with urination to eliminate fatigue. [details]

Syphilis positive is transmitted through the toilet. Do you believe it?

The pathogen of syphilis is called "Treponema pallidum", a bit like a spiral telephone line, more like the spaghetti we eat! It is difficult to survive in vitro, and it is particularly afraid of disinfectants. All kinds of disinfectants can kill it quickly. [details]

How long is the course of treatment for hepatitis B patients?

E for patients with negative antigen, it is recommended to stop the treatment when HBsAg disappears and HBV DNA cannot be detected, and the consolidation treatment remains unchanged for 1 and a half years (after at least 3 reexamination, with an interval of 6 months each time). At present, it seems best to take medicine for a long time, and the price of medicine is getting cheaper and cheaper. [details]

What are the frequencies of chronic hepatitis B?

The patients with chronic hepatitis B should check 1 liver function, five hepatitis B and hepatitis B virus DNA every month within 3 months after treatment. After every 3 months, the patients should be followed up for at least 1 years, so as to discover the recurrence of hepatitis and the deterioration of liver function. [details]

Is infection acuteness wet wart OK to eat antibiotic?

Many patients think that the treatment of condyloma acuminatum is simple, just use some antibiotics. In fact, condyloma acuminatum, like other infectious diseases, must be treated by professional doctors. If not diagnosed and treated, it may cause a series of concurrent inflammation, bring health problems to reproductive organs, or lead to serious diseases and even cancer. [details]

This is the proper way to take your baby to see a doctor in the flu season

Wash hands frequently, use soap or hand sanitizer, wash hands with running water, and don't wipe your hands with a dirty towel. Wash hands immediately after touching respiratory secretions (e.g. after sneezing). [details]

These symptoms indicate that you may have been invaded during the flu season

Influenza is a viral infection, which is different from throat inflammation and tonsil suppuration. It should be treated with antiviral drugs. Penicillin, amoxicillin and azithromycin, which are commonly used, are drugs for bacteria and have no effect on viruses. [details]

How to effectively prevent and treat influenza in children?

Influenza is mainly transmitted through droplets such as sneezing and coughing, or through direct or indirect contact with mucous membranes such as mouth, nose and eyes. Contact with items contaminated by the virus can also cause infection. The scope and channels of influenza infection are very wide, so some people with weak resistance and immune function become high-risk people of influenza. [details]

This year, influenza virus may be more likely to attack children's nervous system

Every winter and spring, Guangdong, like most provinces in China, will enter a season of relatively high incidence of influenza. Compared with the wave of influenza B pandemic sweeping the country from 2017 to the turn of winter and spring 2018. [details]

How does the family get the flu in the season of high incidence of influenza

The main symptoms of influenza are: sudden high fever, cough, headache, muscle and joint pain, sore throat, runny nose, etc. Usually the onset is more acute, the symptoms are more serious and the duration is longer. [details]

Which hepatitis B patients do not need four cases of antiviral?

For those infected with HBV infected with HBVDNA positive but not up to the above standard of treatment, if liver elasticity is found, there is obvious liver inflammation (grade 2 or above) or fibrosis (grade 2 or above), the risk of disease progression is high, so antiviral therapy can be considered. [details]

How to know whether the baby's mother infant blocking is successful?

When the baby is just born, blood may be mixed with hepatitis B mother in the delivery process to infantile body virus particles, with the birth of newborn immunization, these virus particles will gradually disappear from the baby body. [details]

Core measures for prevention of liver cancer in patients with chronic hepatitis B

70% - 80% of patients with liver cirrhosis and liver cancer in the world develop from chronic hepatitis B, and the related death toll reaches 600000 / year. Therefore, an important measure to reduce the incidence of liver cancer is the effective treatment of hepatitis B, including immunotherapy and effective antiviral treatment. [details]

Treatment principles of chronic hepatitis B patients with triple positive Yang

Proper rest and life rules. If aminotransferase is significantly increased or even jaundice occurs, stay in bed as far as possible; If transaminase is basically normal and there are few symptoms, appropriate activities can be carried out, including Qigong, Taijiquan, etc. Don't work hard, and don't keep reading while you're in bed. [details]

Please remember these symptoms of tuberculosis and pay attention to prevention!

Tuberculosis is a respiratory infectious disease, so it is easy to spread. Tuberculosis patients spread the bacteria to the air through cough, expectoration and sneezing. Healthy people inhaled droplets with tubercle bacillus, that is, they may be infected. [details]

Precautions for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. Doing these well is helpful

Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis should see a doctor as soon as they find symptoms. If a small hospital can't cure for a long time, they should go to a superior hospital as soon as possible. After diagnosis, start regular treatment with antituberculous drugs (Western Medicine) as soon as possible. Please remember: at present, it is impossible to cure tuberculosis by traditional Chinese medicine alone. [details]

What should you pay attention to after getting tuberculosis?

The susceptible population of TB is mainly those with low immunity, such as the elderly, the basic group of patients, tumor patients and so on. However, it is worth noting that the number of TB patients in adolescents and young adults is increasing year by year. [details]

Mother child isolation? The reason is that the pregnant mother has tuberculosis?

A quiet father has a history of tuberculosis. As a close contact, she may have tuberculosis infection before pregnancy, because no corresponding screening has been made, and no timely detection has been made. [details]

The patients with urticaria are worth seeing

Because everyone's weak links are different, even if everyone has the same imbalance, they will have different diseases. For our patients with urticaria, it may be that after the imbalance of yin and Yang, the body is weak in blood, skin and immune system, so urticaria will appear. [details]

Is hand, foot and mouth peeling normal? Daily nursing of hand, foot and mouth disease

Suffering from hand, foot and mouth disease, people will have some small papules and other symptoms on their hands and feet, and the skin lesions are very large. Once the hand, foot and mouth disease is cured, peeling will occur on the hands and feet. This peeling phenomenon is normal. [details]

What are the misunderstandings in the treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease

Children's hand, foot and mouth disease is generally low or moderate fever. There is no need for special treatment. The baby can drink more water. Babies with body temperature between 37.5 ℃ and 38.5 ℃ shall be given physical cooling such as heat dissipation, drinking more warm water and taking warm water bath. [details]

What should hand, foot and mouth disease be checked by hand, foot and mouth test

Some cases may have mild elevation of alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and creatine kinase isoenzyme (CK-MB), and critically ill patients may be accompanied by elevation of troponin (cTnI) and blood glucose. C-reactive protein generally does not increase. Lactate levels increased. [details]

What symptoms will men have in the early stage of syphilis infection?

When men are infected with syphilis, they often grow in the private parts of men's lower body (penis, urethral orifice, coronal groove, etc.) and may grow in the anus. Some and a few patients grow hard chancre on the tongue or lips. [details]

Don't easily regard these old people as syphilis patients

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by Treponema pallidum. Because of the possibility of blood transmission, it is often used as a blood transfusion and preoperative examination item. In clinical practice, it is often found that there are different detection methods for syphilis. When reporting the results, patients often wonder which one to believe? [details]

Genital long pimple, be careful is condyloma acuminatum

Usually, there will be a certain incubation period after infection with condyloma acuminatum, ranging from 1 to 8 months, with an average of about 3 months. Children will be earlier, because childhood immunity is not perfect, and the infected virus is easier to replicate and reproduce in children. [details]

Can physical examination find out the diagnostic method of syphilis

Detection of IgM antibody to Treponema pallidum. The detection of IgM antibody to Treponema pallidum is a new method for the diagnosis of syphilis in recent years. IgM antibody is an immunoglobulin. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, early diagnosis and determining whether the fetus is infected with Treponema pallidum. [details]

How to distinguish non gonorrhea from gonorrhea? What do you do if you have to get drenched?

It doesn't mean that if there is a "non" word, it is not a sexually transmitted disease ~, this understanding is undesirable. Non gonorrhea is also a kind of sexually transmitted disease, and if it is not treated well, it will bring harm to yourself and your family. [details]

What do gonorrhea patients need to pay attention to

In life, I believe many people know the existence of gonorrhea. Such a problem should be solved in time. They also know that gonorrhea has a great impact on people, so people must pay attention to it after suffering from gonorrhea. [details]

Urethral mouth itch has a history of promiscuity, be careful of gonorrhea!

Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted disease, which often appears in male urethra and female vagina. The main symptoms are genital discomfort, local congestion, swelling, purulent secretion, etc. [details]

Is gonorrhea treated well? What causes gonorrhea

For gonorrhea without complications, such as gonococcal urethritis, cervicitis and proctitis, ceftriaxone, intramuscular injection and single administration; Or spectinomycin intramuscular injection, single administration; Or cefotaxime intramuscular injection, single administration. [details]

How to protect children from chickenpox during chickenpox outbreak

Chickenpox is a highly infectious eruptive acute respiratory disease caused by chickenpox zoster virus. It is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract through air droplets. It can also be infected by contacting the blister slurry in children's herpes through clothes and toys. [details]

The girl has chickenpox vaccine and suffers from chickenpox. Why?

Breakthrough chickenpox refers to the phenomenon that children who have been vaccinated with live attenuated chickenpox vaccine suffer from chickenpox again. A few children will suffer from chickenpox again within a few years after receiving chickenpox vaccine. We call it "breakthrough chickenpox". [details]

Do you still need to be vaccinated against chickenpox after suffering from chickenpox?

Chickenpox can occur all year round, but it is more common in winter and spring. Chickenpox is mainly transmitted by respiratory droplets or direct contact. It can also be transmitted through healthy people in a short distance and time. [details]

What are the common infectious diseases to prevent infectious diseases

Children with influenza and carriers without influenza virus are the main sources of infection of influenza, mainly through air droplets. Start anti influenza drug treatment under the guidance of doctors as soon as possible within 36 or 48 hours of onset, choose easily digestible and nutritious food in diet, and conduct isolation treatment. [details]

Venereal diseases are terrible! Six ways for women to prevent sexually transmitted diseases!

In the process of sexual life, the use of condoms is a safe and convenient measure to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Most sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted through direct contact during sexual intercourse. Therefore, the safe and correct use of condoms can avoid direct contact between male and female genitals. It can prevent sexually transmitted diseases for both men and women, so as to reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. [details]

Knock on the blackboard. What are the common sexually transmitted diseases and how to prevent them

Condyloma acuminatum is mainly infected through sexual intercourse. According to statistics, 64% of patients have too long foreskin. Women are mainly infected from their spouses or sexual partners. The incubation period of infection is from January to August. Most of them have no discomfort, and a few have pruritus and burning pain. At the beginning, they locally appear as small reddish papules, with a slightly sharp top, gradually increasing and tending to fuse, showing papillary, cauliflower or chicken crowns. [details]

How much do you know about the Four Misunderstandings of STD

STD is a kind of infectious disease mainly transmitted by sexual contact. Most of the patients only know gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS, and do not know about condyloma acuminatum, genital herpes, chlamydia genital tract infection, pubic lice disease, mycotic vaginitis, trichomoniasis and so on, all of which can be sexually transmitted. [details]

What are the health care measures for syphilis

Syphilis patients should prohibit sexual life, especially in the early stage. Patients who have been ill for more than two years should also avoid sex as much as possible. If they have sex, they must use condoms. If the patient has a systemic reaction, pay attention to bed rest, and pay attention to supplementary nutrition during the illness, so as to enhance their immunity. [details]

Efficacy and safety evaluation of TDF based treatment conversion to E / C / F / TAF in elderly people infected with HIV-1 (≥ 65 years old)

The global trend of AIDS is aging, while the elderly HIV/AIDS patients will be accompanied by a decline in immunity and systemic functional organ decline. The risk of suffering from other kinds of aging related complications will also increase, such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is particularly important to study the drug use in elderly patients, especially the effect of ART drugs on bone formation. [details]

World Health Organization: a case of human infection with h7n4 in China

The patient is a 68 year old female from Jiangsu Province, who has suffered from coronary heart disease and hypertension and developed symptoms on December 25, 2017. Seven days later, she was admitted to the local hospital due to severe pneumonia and discharged 21 days later. On February 12, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention tested the patient's sample as h7n4 positive. Confirmed by the national health and Family Planning Commission on February 13, 2018. [details]

Protect your child from rabies

Children may be infected with rabies by being bitten or scratched by animals. The virus can also be spread by licking infected animals from scratch or ulcer wounds in children. Rabies can also be infected by children touching their mouth or eyes with their hands stained with infected animal saliva. [details]

World Health Organization's latest recommendations on yellow fever vaccination for international tourists to Brazil

After the southern hemisphere winter in 2017, an increase in yellow fever virus activity was observed again. As of January 8, 2018, 687 animal infections in 17 states had been investigated for yellow fever. During the same period, 11 patients with yellow fever virus infection were confirmed in the laboratory, of which 4 died. As of January 8, 2018, 92 human cases had been added to the yellow fever virus infection survey in 15 states. [details]